Do Pets Go to Heaven?

Do Pets Go to Heaven?

My friend, Dianne had to lose her cat.

She asked if I knew where her pet was at.

“Do pets go to Heaven?” she queried me.

I replied, “Absolutely!” with certainty.

I drew my answer

From a memory

Of my cat named Blue,

Who I still can see

If I can send him love

And feel him purr

Then eternal love

Can again occur.

If that’s not Heaven,

I don’t know what is

God will not make

What isn’t His

Just as Dianne knew

Her pet’s love was pure

Every single “mew”

Meant it would endure.

The innocence

Of this energy

Insures fast passage

Through eternity

Not only for pets,

But especially

For Blue,


Her cat

And me

c 2010 David Brunoehler.


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