Bliss Acrowhim Addition

Being Lost In Selfless Service
Being Lost In Someone’s Smile
Big Lesson In Spiritual Survival
Bring Laughter Into Something Serious
Become Lucky In Scary Situation
Big Lady In Smaller Size
Bag Lady In Spring Shower
Believe Life Is Surely Sweet
Beautiful Looking In Swim Suit
By Learning Independence, Self Security
Band Leader Impresses Small School
By Last Incarnation Spirit Soars
Boring Loudmouth Is Suddenly Silent
Beat Lateness In Split Seconds
Burst Loudly Into Silly Song
Before Leaving Impact Society Somehow
Begin Living In Sensuous Serenity
Behave Like It’s Simply Situational
Being Loved Is Something Special
Breathe Life Into Someone’s Sorrow
Bask Long In Summer Sun
Bet Lucky In Super Sweepstakes
Brain Loss & I’m Still Sentient
Bum Leg Is Suddenly Swell
Blues Leave In Suede Shoes
Bathe Leech less In Savannah Swamp
Big League’s Impenetrable Short Stop
Babies Lacking Inbreeding In Social Stratosphere
Buy Soft Insoles, Silky Socks
Before Leaving Institute, Skip School
Belch Loudly Impress Some Sweat-hogs
Bread Loaf In Starving Stomach
Belly Laughs Improve Sloppy Speech
Brotherly Love Invalidates Satan’s Say-so
Behold Lights In Starry Sky
Billow Life In Sun Shine
Banter Lovingly In Strenuous Situations
Believe Life Is Still Safe
Before Losing Investment, Sell Short
Be Legendary In Somebody’s Story
Before Losing, Intend Stellar Success
Burp Like It’s Still Savory
Blast Life Into Superior Smithereens
C 2007 David Brunoehler
Boys Lounging In Short Shorts
Brazilian Lads In Scanty Swimwear
Beauty Lasts Into Sultry Seventies
Be Liked; It’s So Simple
Bring Levity Into Serious Situation
Bag Lunch Includes Several Sweets
Bad Luck Is Seldom Seen
Breathe Life In. Stop Sniveling
Bravo! Let’s Instigate Some Scandal
Be Loyal, Infidelity Sucks Soul
Ballet Leap Into Spring Singing
Barker’s Line-up Inspires Side Show
Before Leaving, Initiate Sweet Sayonara
Big Lode In Silver Stream
Best Lesson: Ignore Small Stuff

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