God Loves

God Loves…
(Working mss for proposed picture book w/ one illustrated page per item)
By David Brunoehler
God loves Geeks
God loves Ghouls
God loves Freaks
God loves Fools
God loves Divas
God loves Dykes
And Hell’s Angels
And their Bikes
God loves Monsters
And their Moms
God loves Twerps
And Uncle Toms
God loves All Stars
Every kind:
Bright, Rock, Porn
And ones UN-shined
God loves Lowlife
Highbrows, too,
Snobs and Slobs
And Silly Sioux
God loves Con Men
Thieves and Crooks,
Beauty, Brains
And Ugly Looks
God loves Rich, Old,
Young and Poor
God loves People
And much More
God loves Bigots,
Straights and Gays
Even those who
Hate their ways
God loves Leaders
And their Sheep
And this Big Creep
God loves Spooky
God loves Kind
God loves Mean,
Deaf, Dumb,
And Blind
God loves Stupid
God loves Smart
Loves the Coward
And Brave Heart
God loves Lazy
Men on Dope
And the Crazy
And the Pope
God loves Tyrants
All who’ve reigned
Plus the Healthy
And the Pained
God loves Those Who
Cheat and Lie
Every Addict
And This Guy
God loves Drunks
And Bums and Sots
And Their Victims
God loves Lots
God loves Hookers
And their Tricks
And Hometown Hicks
God loves Clumsy,
Strong and Weak
And Those Who Leak
Friends, Fans and Foes,
Folks who pick
Their Toes and Nose
God loves those who
Help Themselves
Giants, Pygmies
Tattooed Elves
God loves Women,
Men and Morphs
Children, Teens
And Mutant Dwarfs
God loves Carnies
Cads and Slaves
Clowns, Knights
And Knaves
Kings and Queens
And all they rule
And Each Kid
At Public School
Orphans, Unwed
Ones who sire
Steadfast Warriors
Those who tire
Babes and Dudes
Mrs. Manners
Mr. Rude
Kindred Clods,
The Unrefined,
Super Slick
And those Declined
Mad, Sad, Happy
Lost in Glee
Stingy, Grabby
God loves Thee
God loves one
And all we see
So one could say
With certainty
That this includes both
Feb 25 2005 David Brunoehler
From the Filthy
To the Clean,
All the hygiene
Every one we
Haven’t seen:
Yet to be,
Or never been
God still loves them
Sight unseen
How ‘bout Hitler
He was wrong
So was Stalin
This list is long
Everyone who
Made mistakes
Judas, Cain and
Eden’s Snake
Not a one
Will God Forsake
Take a look
Who Else She’ll Take
Idi Amin, Gingis Kahn,
Iatola, Farrakhan,
Jeffrey Dhammer,
All Alkeida,
And Sadam,
Plus Osama
And George Bush
Even when the
Button’ pushed
Michael Jackson
And James Jones
Charles Manson
All have homes
So many mansions
Yet to fill
Think of all the
Sunni killed
Weekend Warriors
Pedophile priests
And OJ
Hannibal Lechter
Gruesome men
All get in
Through Inquisitions
To Salem Trials
Will end in smiles
For those who won
And those who lost
God will carry
The total cost
And when we choose
To begin again
God will blow us out
And breathe us
C 2006 David Brunoehler
Are some blessed souls
Loved more than others?
Newborns and Mothers?
Didn’t Jesus
Garner favor
For giving Grace
The Christians savor
Sure, God knew
He was a Jew
So what do righteous
People do?
Doesn’t God prefer the meek?
Pure at heart?
Shepherds’ Keep?
Promised Land
For Peacemakers,
Like the Givers
More than Takers?
How devout does
One need be?
If it’s true
Is God’s love free?
Aren’t there those
Who pass a test?
Just to know
Who God loves best?
Ask a Buddhist
Monk or Nun
Or a Mayan
‘Bout the Sun
What’s a Hindu
Gonna to do
When Swords of Islam
Run him through?
Muslim, Mormon
LRH and New Age Jocks
How confusing it must be
If God loves them
And still claims me!
After all the preachers say
If I were God, I’d run away
I’ve heard some tell
Of Better Ways
Evolved Beings
Creating days
On the other hand
I’ve heard it said
That they’re in Hell
Their God is dead
So what’s a being got to do
To know if God
Is even true?
Some say nothing
Let it be
Some insist
Nothing is free
Many folk
Fall Back on Faith
In hopes that their
Beliefs are safe
So many good men
Striving hard
Driving Devils
From their yard
All I know
From all I’ve seen
Is God is All
That’s ever been
With that in mind
I go to bed
And pray the Angels
Rest my head
And as I sleep
My soul will keep
Let God be One
And all with me
Let there be nothing
God could need
And let that be
The same for me
Loving All
For loving me
Forever One
Forever free C 1 January 2007 David Brunoehler

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