King & Queen Spa

King & Queen Spa

“I walked in like Madame Butterfly on crack and swaggered out like John Wayne on air.”

That’s how I described my most recent massage experience with Lee at Madam Thuy’s multi-service King & Queen Spa, located at 5237 East 2nd Street, Belmont Shore in Long Beach.

As a person living with Parkinson’s disease, I am constantly looking for physical relief for the back pain, muscle stiffness and spasms that have me hospitalized and wheel chair bound for most of my days. On good days I can ambulate with a walker and an attendant close at hand.

Since noticing the sign on their front window, which advertises,”CHINESE REFLEXOLOGY MASSAGE – 60 MINUTES – $35 – ALL BY HANDS” I’ve been sold and after one session with one of their masseurs everyone who knows me comments on how well I’m walking, how relaxed I look and how calm I appear. As for me, it’s simply a blessing to find such relief My spasms are diminishing and the swelling in my feet and legs is going away. And I do walk out like John Wayne.

I can attest to the friendliness of the staff, both men and women, The comfort and beauty of the room is also worth mentioning. It’s divided into private sections by sheer drapes, comfortable recliners and a massage table in the rear.

I look forward to taking advantage of some of their other services like the Herbal Foot Bath , one of their Facials and I can’t wait to hear the Hot Stones clicking and coming my way. What more can I say?

For an appointment call 562-433-1200.

David Brunoehler


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