Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies





Thankful for the tender mercies

God has passed my way

The only thing to do with them

Is pass them on their way


Simple acts of kindness

That go unadvertised

Like quiet blessings shared by men

Who look through doe-like eyes


Two such men came calling

In clean white shirts and ties

Their mission was to bless a friend

And open up his eyes


They read some sacred words

And prayed and bowed their heads

Then my friend gave thanks to them

He’d come back from the dead


Some are small and some are vast

Like sunlight or the breeze

Divine ones always Heaven sent

Will bring you to your knees


You may remember someone who

You helped along the road

Or when you had a sudden fall

Who lifted up your load


We receive them every day

And give as much away

Like breathing in the morning air

Or knowing what to say


Tender mercies rarely seen on TV or the news

But by the unseen hand of God

They’re known by how we choose





2010 David Brunoehler`


The Haircut

The Haircut



Reflected in a salon mirror

A pretty petite blonde

Instructed me to take a seat

Beside her curling wand

As I looked up I shrieked, “My hair!”

“I think I need extensions.”

She was thinking Nair

My head looked like a baby chicken

Thin sprouts standing straight up

Then she turned on little clippers

And they began to cut

From time to time she had to stop

To clean the blades from gunk

Then back iito my scalp she dug

Chunk by Chunk by chunk

By the time the last hair fell

Mouse brown upon my leg

I looked back in the mirror

“My God!” I was an egg!










2010 David Brunoehler

Driving in San Pedro



Driving in San Pedro



Jambalaya luncheon at the Ports of Call

With Hollandaise asparagus tips

Looking out I’m captivated by it all

The dockside alive with water birds and ships

As a double masted schooner passes by

A praying mantis crane lifts its cargo high

I enjoy a deep relaxing breath because I am

Driving in San Pedro with Dianne


Banjo music by a waterfall

Blends in sunny air in Ports of Call

Children dancing gayly to Peruvian drums

Boardwalk merchants flatter all who come

Wood flutes toot to the crows above

Violet Parkhurst’s artwork reveals her love

As I drink it in I’m so glad I am

Driving in San Pedro with Dianne


From the Lighthouse at Point Fermin

To Korean Friendship Bell

There are far too many sights

Too breathtaking to tell

Embanked in Ft. MacArthur’s cliffs

Our nation in good hands

I’m gratified, surrounded by

Three sides of ocean sands

So once again I’m glad I am

Driving in San Pedro with Dianne


As the sun goes down

Blue bridge lights abound

And as far as the eye can see,,,

Miles of berths form galaxies

Cruise ships slip in reeking of gin

Past empty bunkers of long gone men

Its history a mystery beyond what’s written down

And so you drive up endless hills

In hopes it’s in the town


Did you know the gulls here eat only buttered bread?

Or that free Stromboli Happy Hours batter up your head?

Praying to return to the Elks Club’s pristine view

Where welcome mats are like old hats and everyone likes you

With drinks two bucks, and deals on meals

How better could you do?

No other such, Agreed: Not much

No other locale can

I hate to go, although I know I am

Coming back again

For driving in San Pedro with Dianne



2010 David Brunoehler

You Don’t Scare Me

You Don’t Scare Me
You don’t scare me
Not one bit
Much as you mean to
I’m over it
All of your might,
Your threats and big guns,
Weapons of worry
Won’t dampen my fun
You won’t ever frighten
Me anymore
I see what’s behind your
Curtains of war
You are the coward
Whipped at wit’s end
So scared and afraid
You turn on your friends
Standing there quaking
Sounding alarms
Frightened of making
A world without arms
Full of bravado
Patriot cries
Terrorist tactics
Serious lies
You can’t even face
The day on your own
You plot and you chase
And ruin good homes
I’m not going to let you
Intimidate me
I’m brave ‘cause I’m kinder
Than you’ll ever be
And I’m free from having
To have what you’ve got
Free of pretending
To be what I’m not
Free from believing
To rise some must fall
Your last bus is leaving
Your last bluff, I call
Don’t need you to tell me
‘Bout heaven or hell
Don’t need to be better
Than anyone else
Won’t go where you lead me
Don’t want what you sell
Don’t need your approval
Won’t hear when you yell
Don’t bother wasting
My patience or time
You can’t make me want
To take what’s not mine
Get on with your own life
As best as you can
Consider me out of
Whatever you plan
Get out of my way now
I’m not in your game
Don’t stop on your way out
And I’ll do the same
As long as you harp on
The way things should be
Remember you’re barking
Up the wrong tree
So long, so called leader
Bye-bye, boogie man
Goodbye for forever
Good riddance,
C 2001 David Brunoehler

World Within

World Within
Within each WORD
Is a magic WORLD
Which Often Requires Light Dreaming
So let each Letter Ever Thought Throughout, Etch Ready,
Add Meaning to each Way Of Relaying Data
Worthy Of Readers Delight.
C 2008 David Brunoehler

With Evelyn

With Evelyn
I have seen a million human faces,
Been a billion other places
Traveled far
And traveled wide
Till no way went unturned
I have been with ladies and a few men
Seen the outside on the way in
Finding nowhere
left to hide
My bridge to there was burned
But that was that and that was then
It pales, when in comparison
To all the places I have been,
With Evelyn
I have owned a winning lotto ticket
Rode a horse and tried to kick it
Bet a buck
And lost a few
Come out with what I’ve earned
I have sewn a wild oat by the wayside
Grown a new coat: fur on rawhide
Not much luck
At being true
About high time I learn
But that was that and that was then
It pales when in comparison
To all the things that I have been
With Evelyn
Could have been a picture perfect person
Or a rather fun diversion
Could have been
Or maybe should
What good is guessing now?
Would have rather lived in far more
Given in and lost the races
Than to not
Have ever known
The things that I’ve been shown
But that was that and that was then
It pales when in comparison
To all the things I think I am
With Evelyn
C 2004 David Brunoehler

When You Know

When You Know
When you know you’re not needed
And Just in the way
When your offers aren’t heeded
What do you say?
When your gifts aren’t a present
Your help is a chore
Do you not see or resent that
You’re wanted no more?

Unconditional Guarantees

Unconditional Guarantees
A nudge under the table
A nod that tells you
Somebody else
Thinks that you’re able
The meaning in a hug
A squeeze that tells you
Somebody ‘s there
When you’ve got the bug
Unconditional guarantees
You’ll find beneath the fountain
Unconditional acts of kindness
That’s all
That’s all
That’s ever, really being counted
Feb 20 2005 David Brunoehler

To Leave My Mark

To Leave My Mark
I’ve been conjuring up poetry
To leave my mark on time
With all this pondered knowetry
It still comes down to words that rhyme
So what’s the point of all this dribble
Why put my thoughts on page
Maybe it’s just a chance to scribble
To channel love and rage.
C 2007 David Brunoehler