Don’t you know how much I love you?
Am I that hard to perceive?
After all the times I’ve showed you,
Hard to fathom you might leave.
Don’t you feel the warmth that comes with
Every hug, embrace and sigh?
After all we’ve done together,
Are you saying it’s a lie?
Don’t you get it that I need you?
That’s what drew you to my side!
Didn’t you and I agree to
Take this tacit love in stride?
Don’t you tell me I don’t love you.
Or that present time brings pain
Even though we’ve lots to get through
This is nothing more than rain.
Don’t you get off feeling hungry
For affection – yours or mine —
Affection comes in many forms:
Blind and free and kind.
Don’t tell me I’m not worthy
Or that I’m not the same
No matter who or what we were
We’re both still in this game.
Now tell me that I’m talking rough
In careless little lines
I’ll tell you that it’s not enough
To levee heavy fines.


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