Hesse Quote

Quote to be included in the front of the Memorial Book for Helen Brunoehler’s funeral service:
“Suffering only hurts because you fear it.
Suffering only hurts because you complain about it.
It pursues you only because you flee from it.
You must not flee,
You must not complain,
You must not fear:
You must love.
Because you know quite well, deep within you,
that there is a single magic,
a single power,
a single salvation,
and a single happiness,
and that is called loving.
Well then, love your suffering.
Do not resist it,
do not flee from it.
Taste how sweet it is in its essence,
give yourself to it,
do not meet it with aversion.
It is only aversion that hurts,
nothing else.:
—- Herman Hesse —-


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