I will rise up with the morning
I will drink in the new day
As the angels shift through sunlight
This is what I’ll hear them say:
Rise and shine you blessed being
Say goodbye to all that’s been
For today is what you’re seeing
So rejoice and live again
Rise and shine, oh brokenhearted
Sing new praise for those who’ve sinned
After all, the new day’s started
Let the light of life descend
Rise and shine your slumber’s ending
Lift your eyes and raise your head
As you listen to the birds sing
You will hear what’s being said
Lighten up, old dampened spirit
Stir the embers, free the flame
As it was in the beginning
Now will never be the same
So, start dancing, dearest spirit,
You deserve to feel this way
Through the darkest hours of fear, it
Is the perfect time to pray
And play,
As it is now, always will be
Just a way
The heralds and the angels say
Rise and shine and be resplendent
Go and give your grace away
Bless the dawn of this new day.
C 2005 David Brunoehler


2 thoughts on “RISE

  1. Mr. T! wow! You made my day with your comment on

    David you are the man – great writing as always; I am glad I can call you my friend.

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