You Don’t Know Freddi Jo

You Don’t Know Freddi Jo
If you don’t see who’s leading with fires in her path
Three suns in her crown and a lioness laugh
If you can’t read who’s teaching the children of wrath
Licking life’s lessons
Like giving a bath
If you hazard a guess
Or answer too slow
Then you don’t know
Freddi Jo
If you can’t see who’s starring on every front page
Or can’t tell she’s sparring to spare some her rage
If you’re picture is blurry
You’re missing the show
And you don’t know
Freddi Jo
Now you needn’t be daring in order to win
Affections she’s sharing like grants from the wind
You need not request, ask or beg for her care
The generous lady is already there
And if you think it silly
To thank her out loud
Better think once again
The nod leaves her proud
If you fail to realize
How far she will go
Then you don’t know
You really don’t know
Freddi Jo


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