You Don’t Scare Me

You Don’t Scare Me
You don’t scare me
Not one bit
Much as you mean to
I’m over it
All of your might,
Your threats and big guns,
Weapons of worry
Won’t dampen my fun
You won’t ever frighten
Me anymore
I see what’s behind your
Curtains of war
You are the coward
Whipped at wit’s end
So scared and afraid
You turn on your friends
Standing there quaking
Sounding alarms
Frightened of making
A world without arms
Full of bravado
Patriot cries
Terrorist tactics
Serious lies
You can’t even face
The day on your own
You plot and you chase
And ruin good homes
I’m not going to let you
Intimidate me
I’m brave ‘cause I’m kinder
Than you’ll ever be
And I’m free from having
To have what you’ve got
Free of pretending
To be what I’m not
Free from believing
To rise some must fall
Your last bus is leaving
Your last bluff, I call
Don’t need you to tell me
‘Bout heaven or hell
Don’t need to be better
Than anyone else
Won’t go where you lead me
Don’t want what you sell
Don’t need your approval
Won’t hear when you yell
Don’t bother wasting
My patience or time
You can’t make me want
To take what’s not mine
Get on with your own life
As best as you can
Consider me out of
Whatever you plan
Get out of my way now
I’m not in your game
Don’t stop on your way out
And I’ll do the same
As long as you harp on
The way things should be
Remember you’re barking
Up the wrong tree
So long, so called leader
Bye-bye, boogie man
Goodbye for forever
Good riddance,
C 2001 David Brunoehler

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