Driving in San Pedro



Driving in San Pedro



Jambalaya luncheon at the Ports of Call

With Hollandaise asparagus tips

Looking out I’m captivated by it all

The dockside alive with water birds and ships

As a double masted schooner passes by

A praying mantis crane lifts its cargo high

I enjoy a deep relaxing breath because I am

Driving in San Pedro with Dianne


Banjo music by a waterfall

Blends in sunny air in Ports of Call

Children dancing gayly to Peruvian drums

Boardwalk merchants flatter all who come

Wood flutes toot to the crows above

Violet Parkhurst’s artwork reveals her love

As I drink it in I’m so glad I am

Driving in San Pedro with Dianne


From the Lighthouse at Point Fermin

To Korean Friendship Bell

There are far too many sights

Too breathtaking to tell

Embanked in Ft. MacArthur’s cliffs

Our nation in good hands

I’m gratified, surrounded by

Three sides of ocean sands

So once again I’m glad I am

Driving in San Pedro with Dianne


As the sun goes down

Blue bridge lights abound

And as far as the eye can see,,,

Miles of berths form galaxies

Cruise ships slip in reeking of gin

Past empty bunkers of long gone men

Its history a mystery beyond what’s written down

And so you drive up endless hills

In hopes it’s in the town


Did you know the gulls here eat only buttered bread?

Or that free Stromboli Happy Hours batter up your head?

Praying to return to the Elks Club’s pristine view

Where welcome mats are like old hats and everyone likes you

With drinks two bucks, and deals on meals

How better could you do?

No other such, Agreed: Not much

No other locale can

I hate to go, although I know I am

Coming back again

For driving in San Pedro with Dianne



2010 David Brunoehler

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