Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies





Thankful for the tender mercies

God has passed my way

The only thing to do with them

Is pass them on their way


Simple acts of kindness

That go unadvertised

Like quiet blessings shared by men

Who look through doe-like eyes


Two such men came calling

In clean white shirts and ties

Their mission was to bless a friend

And open up his eyes


They read some sacred words

And prayed and bowed their heads

Then my friend gave thanks to them

He’d come back from the dead


Some are small and some are vast

Like sunlight or the breeze

Divine ones always Heaven sent

Will bring you to your knees


You may remember someone who

You helped along the road

Or when you had a sudden fall

Who lifted up your load


We receive them every day

And give as much away

Like breathing in the morning air

Or knowing what to say


Tender mercies rarely seen on TV or the news

But by the unseen hand of God

They’re known by how we choose





2010 David Brunoehler`


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