Acrowhims Add-Ons

Laugh — Let’s All Upchuck Gut Happiness

Laugh — Love And Understanding Get Happier

Cheer — Christmas Holiday Events – Even Rowdier

Thrill — Take Hand, Ram Into Love Loins

Thrill — Take High Road In Love Life

Thrill — Tickle Hiney, Rub In Laughing Lube

Halo — Head’s Angel Light On

Halo — Heavenly Agent Looking On

Halo — Here’s A  Light Overhead

Sing — Soul Inventing New Glory

Star — Seen To Advance Religion

Star — Someone Too Audience Related

Lamb — Lord’s Animal Manger Baby

Sample — Snatch A Modest Piece…Lick…Eat

Dance — Do A Number, Close Eyes

Euphoric — Earn Unbeatable Pat Hands, Overwhelming Riches, Imagine Coming

Bed Time — Before Every Day, Turn In My Experiences

Chuckle — Clap Hands Under Chin, Keep Looking Elsewhere

Jump — Jack Up My Pants

Skip — Shins, Knees Invite Pain


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