Acrowhims — Add-Ons

Acrowhims Add-Ons

Self – Spirit Experiencing Life Forever

Single Eternal Life Form

Since Everyone Loves Face

Separates, Expands, Lives Free

Some Ego Left Flailing

Die Dive Into Eternity

Deliver Incarnation, Exit

Dude, I’m Exhausted!”

Dance Idiotically Everywhere

Drop In Earthward

Coma Can’t Operate Much Anymore

“Come On! Move Anything!”

Cement Over My Anatomy

Crapped Out My Agreements

Heal Have Energy And Life

How Everyone Accepts Love

Happens Every-time Anyone Laughs/Loves

Hero’s Enemy…Achilles Likeness

Whim “What Have I Made?”

What Humanity Is Missing

Why Humor Is Magic

“We’re Having It Marbleized!”

Whip Hair Into Mud-pie s

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