Writing Off Today

Writing Off Today



Haven’t got a thing to do

So I think I’ll write it down

Nothing much for me to say

So I’m writing off today

Waiting for the phone to ring

Doesn’t keep me that in touch

And seeing what the day will bring

Doesn’t get me very much

So I’m sitting by my bed

Reaching far outside my head

Just to keep some hope alive

And my fingers occupied

People talking in the hall

As they pass my open door

They don’t interest me at all

Could it be that I’m the bore

Funny thing I think it’s true

Trouble is this much I knew

So the trick has got to be

How to make the change in me

What I pay attention to

Buys me time in where I stand

So to change my point of view

Deals a brand new playing hand

Looking back on what I’ve penned

Has been helpful in a way

It has given me the time and space

To read what I would say

If I wrote away today

c 2010 David Brunoehler

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