I have seen the angels singing
I have heard the heavens’ choir
Sing of joys that we are bringing
Through the rain and through the fire
It’s the sound of every spirit
In the song of every bird
Calling Home – I know we’re near it
And the meaning of His Word

Calling Home with love
Calling Home with love

From the peaks of every mountain
To the deepest ocean floor
Hope is springing from one fountain
And it will, forever more
It’s the glory of His goodness
In the wonder of His Love
With each story of forgiveness
Comes a hymn from up above

Calling Home with love
Calling Home with love

You can feel it in a whisper
In a re-born baby’s cry
In such moments you’ll remember
We’re connected: you and I
Go and tell it to all people
Write it down on every page
Sing it loud from every steeple
Join the anthem of our age

Calling Home with love
Calling Home with Love

○ 2010 David Brunoehler & Sean Clegg

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