Why I’m Here

Why I’m Here





Why am I so reluctant to go?

What makes me stay on this way?

If I were in good health, I’d know

But now, like this,

I dread every day

Monotony pours coals on the pain

Depression is a fire’

It seems the more I fan out the flame

I question my desire

Could it be the love I feel from my friends

And the pull from family?

Or have I left something undone

That holds me secretly?

Whatever it is, it’s got to give

I’m sick of misery

I know it may land me a berth down below

But there’s something else I’ve got to give

And that’s why I’ve still got to live

To return the love back to my friends

Is reason enough to stay

All they ever wanted from me

Was for me to come out and play

My family has many more needs

Still waiting to be fulfilled

I’m sorry to say I walked away

And much of their love I have killed

The same is true for a lover or two,

A daughter and two wives

Unfinished business .like this is the glue

That sticks us to our lives

If I could I would mend it all in a day

For the rest of my life, I’ll try

Maybe then, if I’m successful at this

I’ll no longer need to

But most likely will have to

Give thanks for my life

And die.








C 2010 David Brunoehler

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