Goodnight, Mr. Wright





Haven’t seen you in a while,

But every thought of you

Still makes me smile

So when I go to bed tonight

I’ll still be sleeping to your right

And smiling as I say,

Goodnight, Mister Spencer.”

Goodnight” to Mr. Wright

The night I first moved in

Your greeting was a grin,

That grew as you drew back your curtain

We knew that our smiles were uncertain

Day by day, I listened,to caregiver(s)care you

As you begged not to be left alone

Then woke up to find that you were half blind

And facing this world all on your own

Well, not entirely,

I soon found out

When from down the hall

I heard a shout

So loud it could set off

Huge sound alarms

Instead it endeared you

As one of your charms

I really don’t know

How you got through the day

With so little to do

And so much to say

Especially to people

And things that weren’t there

That proved to me

You were special and rare

I hated to see you get wake-up calls

Only to get dressed and wheeled to the halls

Like so many others with hands in their laps

Heads lobbed on shoulders

For long wheelchair naps

You never seemed bothered

You saw nothing wrong

I guess when you’re Wright

You burst into song

Now I hear you’re headed Home

Having fought the vital fight

I won’t miss your screams and moans

But oh, those little lights

That twinkled in you eyes!

Every time you sang in the midnight hour

Or when you vanquished phantoms

With such verbal power

Mad as it made me after ten

I must admit I adore mad men

Who can entertain in their sleep and bray

While we mortals lie awake and wait and pray

For what?

That they settle down and sleep?

Or the wherewithall to withstand and keep

A man like Spence

Safe and happy through the night

Say goodnight to Mister Spencer

Goodnight to Mr. Wright

Written on January 4th, 2011 in loving memory for the Wright family by David Brunoehler


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