You Can’t Stay Blue

You Can’t Stay Blue.

A pain you can put out

A tragedy will end

And sorrow pouts

But turns about

As soon as someone

Plays the friend

But good times never end

They cannot be erased

No matter how bad times become

The happy ones won’t be replaced

We put out of our minds

The ones who were unkind

And even marching home from war

A comrade’s quip will make us roar

Go back and make a list

Of all the times you kissed

Add one for when you felt the breeze,

Fun in the sun,

Just being pleased

These special moments all are there

And they’re not going anywhere

That’s the beauty of it all

Laugh at the scab

Forget the fall

Put to the test

It will hold true

With grace, in time,

You can’t stay Blue.

Written January 27, 2011 by David Brunoehler

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