My Best Friend: Beloved Dad

February 3, 2011



My Best Friend: Beloved Dad



Remembering all the good times had

With my best friend: Beloved Dad

The day he taught me how to swim

The trampoline at Southport gym

Driving off to Wichita

For the one man show I’m proud he saw

The Cadillac he gave to me

The tree house in the Walnut tree

My life, my body and my name

All from Dad these blessings came

All the money, all the gifts

Priceless pep talks

Lifetime lifts

Always there when times were hard

Made them good in his back yard

His clown dives could wow a crowd

High on platforms he stands proud

With two firm hands and one soft voice

He showed me how our life’s a choice

And when I made mine known he cried

But backed me up and took my side

I owe eternal gratitude

For his famous speech on attitude

As swimming seasons came and went

He’d chant, “It’s ninety-nine percent!”

Never mind the bitter cold

We all swam like we were told

So many values that I learned

Were imparted, then were earned

He handed down his handsome looks

And taught me things not found in books

Like why one seeks the middle ground

By his example it’s been found

No better friend could I have had

Than my best friend: Beloved Dad



One more thing I’ve got to say

Have one more Happy Birthday!



With love always,

Your oldest son, David


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