Somewhere Inside the Rainbow

Somewhere Inside the Rainbow

Somewhere inside the rainbow,
A new home waits for me
No pots of gold at rainbow ends
But colorful, new found friends
Stand on hand where it bends
To welcome me as I transcend
From young to old from red to blue
With each new friend I take on hue

Somewhere inside the rainbow
Not over or beyond
My former love life fades to gray
As flocks of Bluebirds fly my way
Will happiness descend on me
Or will I have to wait and see
What each new little bird will do
And if I’m true as it is blue

Somewhere inside the rainbow
I hear a lullaby
But I can’t sleep for I must keep
My aspirations way up high
Above migrations: Earth to sky
As loved ones dance and laugh and weep
I hear a voice inside me cry
Why oh why can I not fly

Somewhere inside the rainbow
I see where I belong
A far away exotic place
Where sunlight makes rainbows erase
I haven’t been here very long
Yet I do fear this rainbow’s wrong
And so with my new love I’ll go
Along with some old song I know

c 2011 David Brunoehler

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