Patrick’s Poem

Patrick’s Poem

I don’t know what happened to me
But something took my voice
I have the words inside my head
But what comes out is not by choice
What was once so clearly spoken
Makes it sound as if I’m broken
But that is clearly not the case
Look into my eyes
Read my face
If I could make you understand
All the things I want to say
I would raise to God one grateful hand
And with the other wipe a tear away
What you’d hear would sound like singing
For the joy my new voice would be bringing
Back to me and through to you
Once again my word would come out true
I would sing out thoughts unheard of
And go on about the new love
I’d have found deep within
Just to speak once again
I can feel it’s happened somehow
If I could only do it now.

March 1, 2011 David Brunoehler

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