Tell Me A Tall One

Tell Me A Tall One

Tell me a tall one
Make me a lie
Draw down the curtains
Over my eyes
Tell me a tall one
White alibis
Make me believe some
And that I can fly
Lead me on, lover
Take me away
Be sure to cover
Tracks of the day
Keep on believin’
In what you say
I’ll be behind you
Blinded in ways
And though I can’t see what it is that you’re doin’
I can tell you what I’m seeing through and
Through the darkness of it all
It will not bring our downfall
I will stand aside tonight
Until you finally see the light
Then we’ll put to bed the secrecy
And get back to living
Tell me a tall one
Pile it way high
Include a story
I’m sure to buy
Tell me a tall one
Towering –
to the sky
Bigger the better
When you realize
You see it don’t matter
Whatever you say
I’m gonna stay here
For now and always
Go on and make up
Your next faulty line
You’ll never persuade me
My love is that blind
C 2003 David Brunoehler

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