Long Beach (Revised) *

Long Beach (Revised)

Never thought I’d be singing about beautiful Long Beach
Never dreamed I could ever feel so inclined
Now I find I am bringing myself back to Long Beach
To the sands and the city that’s changing my mind

Now I’m singing every day ’bout the breezes and sunshine
How the harbor’s alive with laughter and wine
Where the dolphins and seals will play into night time
In an ocean that feels – it could turn on a dime

Never met anyone who said they’re from Long Beach
Not till I found how many resided right here
Now it seems everyone I depend on is in reach
Here at home,in a place – a place we hold dear

I am singing every day about the faces of friendship
About the strong helping hands that won”t go away
Where the friendliest smile you may see on a stranger
Or aboard on a cruise ship as she sails away

Never valued a touch as a hand held in Long Beach
Never had so much freedom to spend my free time
Reaching out,fitting in – How it goes here in Long Beach
So is this where I finally find peace of mind

I am singing every day In a chorus of solos
In a passionate way that brings harmonies
All along Long Beach Bay you can pick up the echoes
Of the spirits who beckon–beckon you stay

© 2011 David Brunoehler & Sean Clegg

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