True Delight

True Delight

My guest list is dwindling
My thoughts are like kindling
For smoldering fires I will not light
No answers are commonplace
And stand-ups slap in my face
The embers inside might self ignite
No need to tell anyone
I just want to yell and run
It’s hell being stuck here, I just might
The question is where to go
And what would be my MO
Perhaps I should stay another night
That’s just how I freeze and shake
Decisions I hate to make
They throw me into an inner fight
That wrestles my self control
A threatens me heart and soul
Which worries me knowing I’m not right
While looking for what to do
I thought I would write to you
In hopes that our love can reunite
So that’s what I’m doing now
And guess what? It worked somehow.
The lights in the room just got more bright!
By turning my thoughts to you
I feel like myself anew
Just now — a rejection call – hang tight
My brother can’t come this week
Once more things are looking bleak
But talking to you – a true delight.

© 2011 David Brunoehler


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