Better Times

Better Times

Where we’ve been,
We’ll always remember
What we’ve done,
We’ll never forget
What we have,
Are memories we’ll treasure
What’s ahead,
Is anyone’s bet

Out of all the laughter and sorrow
We’ve endured
Or caused to be so
Rest assured,
We’ll be back tomorrow
Hats in hands
To go on
With the show
So long for now means
Here we go

(You can)
Strike the set
Pull the curtain
Dim the lights
Draw the line
Through it all
We are certain
Through the longest night
Is when we shine

So, we’ll all be on call tomorrow
With new pictures,
And designs
What we don’t create we’ll borrow
Till we’re dress rehearsed for
Better times
Better times
Better times
Better times

Better not let hesitations
Get the better of us long
Better yet, make reservations
‘Cause we’re coming back
Loud and strong
Loud and strong
Loud and strong
So long for now
Here we go

* Strike the band up
Write the new score
Put it up and
Let it play
Stage the bows and
Plan the encore
Tell the critics
It’s a rave

It’s a must return engagement
Mustn’t miss it
Best in town
We were born for entertainment
Can’t wait to show you
Better times**(to 2)
Better times
Better times
Better times

Got to see us to believe us
We’re held over,
Standing room
Not a dry eye in
The sold out house
Good things always end too soon

And if the leading lady’s missing
and the leading man is drunk
Then we’ll bring back in the stand-ins
And pull their costumes from the trunk

Not a thing we haven’t thought of
to survive catastrophes
Even if the back wall crashes down
We’ll continue in the street

We are troopers right from the get-go
Triple threats you’ve gotta see
Improvise what lines we drop out
As we act, tap dance, and sing

Even if we break a leg trying
We’ll present a staged  re-bound
While we work for standing ovations
And applause, that magic sound!

(1 then 2)
(1) We’ll be back soon
(Repeat from * “Strike the band up…”)
(2) Better times are coming
(Spoken, Second time through)
How do you all remember
All those lines?
We’ll be back soon
C 2002 David Brunoehler, ASCAP


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