Goodbye Fireflies

Goodbye Fireflies

When the moon is high
And autumn’s near
It’s time we wave goodbye
To fireflies
And warm night air,
Living candles
Little lanterns
Within our grasp
That flitter off,
Then disappear
Oh me, oh my
Where will they go?
Why must they fly away?
They danced – they shined
They lit our eyes
Why can’t they land
And stay?
They like surprise
It’s in their plans
You’ll see next summer
Within your hands
So never mind
Don’t fret or cry
Just wave them on their way
And as they cross
The Queen Anne’s lace
We’ll lift our eyes
And say
Though it is darker
In this place
We’ll catch you on
Some other day
So, so long little yellow lights
We see you on some other
© 2002 David Brunoehler

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