Deep in the heart of a city in Texas
A diamond breaks free from a real pretty necklace
Before it hits the ground
Another fool hits town
In the tinsel rose of Texas

Asleep in a bar in the city called Dallas
The fool who rushed in has knocked himself out
Before he hit the ground
He took a look around
And shouted, “My kind of country –

He may wake up in Waco
Or haul down to Houston
Go to old Amarillo
Or Galveston’s shore
Though he might never say so
His heart is dead certain
What he did back in Dallas
Ain’t welcome no more

(So he tries to)

Keep far apart from his memory of Dallas
What a fool can recall can kill him with doubts
Before the truth gets found
He’ll wind up on a\mound
The grassy knoll he once made famous

–Repeat Chorus –

–Repeat First Verse —

© 2011 David Brunoehler

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