Oodles of Rain

Oodles of Rain

Looking at life

From a different level

Bottom rung of the

Social scale

Searching for hope

Without landing places

Hoping these words

Might be some avail

Monotonous dread

Comes with the new day

It grinds in your head

By nightfall it’s big

To put it to bed

Adds to the pitfall

Especially when

You’re sick as a pig

How did you get so

What brought it on

Are you that afraid

That so much is wrong

If lived is spelled backwards

You know what you get

Devil to pay,

Deeper in debt

So what’s worth the worry

No, really, why fret

Go up a few levels

Look what you’ll get

More motion and money

More freedoms galore

Perhaps some more comforts

But not that much more

Not that much more

Take heart,bottom dweller

Take in the full view

Relax as you suffer

Find new things to do

Every pain hides a gain

And around every rainbow

Are oodles of rain

C 2010 David Brunoehlerc

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