Michelle Krell’s Concrete Scrap Book

Michelle Krell’s Concrete Scrap Book

This isn’t the first night I’ll go to bed with Michelle Krell… soothing me through the headphones… singing smooth songs from her solid new CD, Concrete Scrap Book.
I doubt it will be my last.

From the first moment I heard “First Song” I felt a release – the kind you get when you’re hot and a breeze comes. Her music is like that – a welcome breeze. You’ll feel it when you get it, which I urge you to do.

An overview of the 10 songs unearths some concrete achievements: Michelle wrote all the lyrics, composed and arranged all the music, and sang on all tracks. Her voice is so easy to listen to it adds more to the welcome feel of the whole CD. A perfect blend of piano, a few guitars, appropriate percussion and, I believe I heard a Hammond or Wurlitzer organ, joined once by harmonica on “Sit and Watch the Moon” and once by cello in “Rainville,” allows the listener to breathe in the nuances of every song.

Michelle’s songs are loaded with neat lyric treats; like how she slips in the line, “”We don’t do paradise ” in a song by that title, or bending a rhyme to match “this” with “fixed” in “Perfect in the Picture. Some are stories well told like “Blue Cotton Dress” and “Concrete Scrapbook”. Others are instantly memorable for their strong hooks – especially in Rainville (my favorite), and the last song which drills in, “There may be two of us, but there’s only one of you.”

When I said I was taking this music to bed, I in no way intended to infer this CD was sleepy. Far from it. Ten tempos keep the toes-a-tappin’ plenty. Overall, it’s relaxing. “Rainville” comes in closest to the bed; but Leonard Cohen’s “Susanne?” Now that is sleepy! On the other hand, I could just as easily take Krell’s CD out for a walk, fill the house with it while I clean or dine, put it in the car for a meditative drive, or play it wherever I want to release the tensions of the world outside and enjoy the cool, comfortable contents of Michelle Krell’s “Concrete Scrap Book”.

Written August 30, 2011 by David Brunoehler

Abused Dog Tale

Abused Dog Tale

When can I trust again
Who could it be
After what I’ve been through
What’s left of me

Ahead is a friendly face
A smile to see through
Longing for love’s embrace
What do I do

When will I wag my tail
Will I not bite
Maybe I’ll give one lick
Think I just might

Abused Dog Tale

When can I trust again
Who could it be
After what I’ve been through
What’s left of me

Ahead is a friendly face
A smile to see through
Longing for love’s embrace
What do I do

When will I wag my tail
Will I not bite
Maybe I’ll give one lick
Think I just might

C 2010 David



I’ve put you on
I’ve put you off
I’ve pushed you up
and down

I’ve put you out
I’ve pulled you in
I’ve played you all

No matter what I do with you
I always keep you near
I can;t imagine what I’d do
If you were not put here.

August 23, 2011



I One

Am Affinity Manifest

Me My Energy

You Your Other Universe

Love Lasting Omnipotent Vital Energy

Fear Forgetting Everything About Reality

Life Love In Full Expression

Be Blessed Expression

Do Duration Observed

Have Heaven’s Answer to Virtually Everything

Death Divine Energy Accepted To Heaven

Sin Self Inflicted Nonsense

Hate Having Affinity Turn Evil

Evil Everything Valuable Is Lost

God Getting Over Denial * (Neal Donald Walsch)

Satan Seeing Any Thing As Negative *(Neal Donald Walsch)

Nature Now As The Universe Revolves Energies

Thought That’s How Our Universe Got Here, Thilly

Word Way Of Relaying Data

Deed Duration Experienced, Energy Delivered

War Without Affinity or Reason

Peace Putting Everything At Correct Estimation


Free Finding Realms to Enter and Exit

Trap Time Resisted And Placed

Heaven Having Everything: Actual, Virtual and Eventual Now

Hell Hiding Energy from Love and Life

Truth The Real Universe That’s Here

Lie Letting In Exceptions, Leaving I Exempt

Self Single Expression of Life Force

We With Energy, With Entities

World Where Other Realities Live Dimensionally

Space Spirit’s Placement of Attention so Communication Exists

Time Tracts of Imagined Movement of Energy

Fate For All Thoughts Everywhere* (Neal Donald Walsch)
Future Attraction: Time Eventually

Faith Finding Actuality In Thought Happening

Power Potential Output of Will and Energy with Responsibility

Denial Demanding Exemption from Now In and Out of Living

Trust Truth, Reason and Understanding Staying Together

Luck Life’s Unknowingly Caused Karma

Win Willed Intention Now

Lose Lack Of Sustained Energy

Good God Of Our Desires


Bad Beingness Always Denied

Mind Matter Images Noted and Dated

Body Beings Other Determining Yourself

Spirit ` Sense Purveying Infinite Realities, Intelligence and Time

Soul Single Outlook of Universal Life

Id Instinctual Drive

Ego Energy Generating Oneself

Superego Stops Unaccepted Preferences, Experiences: Realizing Energy Generating Oneself

Past Particles Assigned Space and Time

Present Possibilities, Realities Everything Simultaneously Experiencing Now… Totally

Future Facing Unmet Time Unrealized Realities Expected

Human Heavenly Utilized Machine Animated in Nature

Nature 2 New Animations Turning Up Revolving on Earth

Animal Animated Natural Identity Machine, Additional Lifeforms

Lover Lasting Omnipotent Vital energy Reflected

Friend Fond Reality In Entity, Nature or Deity

Enemy Expecting Negative Energy in Me or You

Real Recognized Energy’s Agreements in Life

Is Instant Situation

Not Negated Observation in Time


Happy Having Affinity Personally Perceived by You

Sad Seeing Affinity Disappear

Mad Making Affinity Disappear

Affinity Attractive Force Forming Infinite Now Infinite Time – You

Sane Spirit Aware of Now and Ever

Insane Instant Now Stops And Negativity Endures

Light Letting In God: Heaven’s Torch

Dark Divine Assignment of Relativity and Karma

Joy Just Outwit Yearning, Jump Over Years, Join One You

Judgment Just Understand: Denying God Makes for Every Need and Trial

Psyche Phenomenon of You in Communication with Higher Energies

Soul Single Outlook of Universal Life

Bless Being Love Expressing Simple Serenity

Blessed Being Loved Experiencing Simple Serenity Eliminating Denial

Angel Awesome Nourishment Given Every Life

Mercy Moment of Energy Returning Care by & for You

Save Sustain Acceptable Value Ever

Pray Postulate Realities, Anticipate Yourself

Work Will Organizing Reality Kinetically

Play Postulating Laughter Around Yourself

Awe Affinity Witnessing Eternity


Wonder When Other Not Determined Energy Resounds

Know Kinetic Now ness, Omniscience, Wisdom

Not Negative Omni-Think

Guess Giving the Universe Extra Special Slipperiness

Safe Space and Affinity For Ever, Sustenance Accepted For Ever

Home Haven of Our Mutual Existence

Thing Time Holding an Illusion Now Given

Nothing Noticing Of Time Holding an Illusion Now Gone

Child Comes from Heaven Incarnated to Live and Develop

Man Machine Aware of its Nature

Woman Womb and Other Machine Aware of its Nature

Human Heaven’s Use for Machine Aware of its Nature

Matter Molecular Adhesion To Time: Energy Ridge

Energy Emergence: Nuclear Experience Resonating in God and You

God 2-4 Grandest Of Deities, Granter Of Desire, Good Old Dad

Satan 2 Some Asshole That Always Negates

Devil Determining Everything Vital Is Liable

Live Let In Vital Energy, Look Into Virtual Experience

Die Do In Experience, Divine Intelligence Exchanged

Emotions Energy Manifesting Our Thoughts Into Our Now Sense

Envy Enjoying Nothing Valid of Yourself


Lust Letting a Universe Suck Thought

Greed Getting Ready to Exceed Exchanged Desires

Need Negating Every Experience Desired

Desire Directing Energy to Self for Intended Relative Experience

Heal Help Energy Accept Love

Health Having Energy to Accept Love, Truth and Happiness

Wealth Winning Exchange in Abundance, Love, Truth and Happiness

Rich Realizing Income from Communicating to Having

Poor Passing Over Own Reality

Poverty Passing Over Virtually Every Realization That’s Yours

Grow Great Reason to Overcome Worry

Growth Great Reason to Overcome Worry: Try Harder

Worry Waiting for Other Realities to Return to You

Ill I’m Lacking Love

Sick Sucking In Crappy Karma

Karma Kind of Attention Returning to Make Amends

Fate 2 Future of Anything That Exists

Judgment Just a Universe Deciding to Give Meaning to Experience Now and Then

Judge Just a Universe Deciding to Give Evaluation

Forgive Forgetting Outworn Resentments, Granting Infinite Value to Experience


Give Good Intention, Validation Exchanged

Well Whole: Enjoying Love in Life

Self Simply the Entirety of Life Force

Insecure I (as one) Not Sure Enough to Cause Understanding, Responsibility or Existence

Ruin Render Useless: Is Not

Rescue Return Entity to Safety: Care Undoing Emergency

Race Relative Attributes Categorizing Ethnicities

Color Cosmic Output of Light: Our Rainbow

Secure Sure Enough to Cause Understanding: Responsible Energy

Name Noticeable Attribute of My Energy

New Now, Entering the World

Old On Life’s Door, One Life Departing,

Baby Blessed Affinity Breath and Youth

Right Reason, Intelligence and Grace in Human Thought

Wrong Without Reason, Otherness Now Generated,
Willingness to Receive, Otherwise, Not Give

OK Our Kind

One Otherwise Nothing Else, Out of Nothing –Eternity

None Nullifies One, No Existence

Holy Heaven’s Only Love: You

Grace God’s Reward for All Conscious Effort ** (John Goll)

Cry Calling to Recover Yourself


Crying Calling to Recover Yourself In Now’s Grace

Pain Putting Attention on Invalidation and Negativity

Hurt Having Unwanted Realities or Thoughts, Helps Us Remember Truth

Sorrow Sense Of Regretting Rightness Or Wrongness

Art Aesthetic Realms of Thought

Music Merging the Universe of Sound Into Chorus

Theatre Taking Human Experience And Treating Relationship as Entertainment

Harmony Heavenly Agreement Resonating, Merging Other Notes in You

Why Wonder Hitting You

Song Sound Of a Nice Gift

Learn Let Experience Affect Reasoning Newly

Let Love, Experience, Trust

Try Toward Reality Yearning

Hot High On Temperature

Cold Converting Over to Lower Degrees

Rain Refreshing Airborne Infusion of Nourishment

Water World’s Answer to Thirst: Earth’s Refreshment

Fire Furious Instantaneous Release of Energy

Wind Whirls of Intention Nearing Destinations


Earth Every Angel’s Real Test: Humanity, Experience Assigned Relative To Heaven

Ice I Can’t Express, Is Cold – Extremely

Addict Attraction to Desire-Denial In Constant Turmoil

Addiction Attraction to Desire-Denial In Constant Turmoil: I’m Out Now

Now Next Origination Was, Nothing Otherwise: Whatever

Will Where Intention Leads Life

Who Want Having Others

What Want Having A Thing

When Want Having Event Named

Where Want Having Environment Re-Established

How Here’s One Way

Way What Attention Yields, Will Always Yields, Word Associated with You

True The Real Universe Ever, The Reality of Universal Existence

Truth 2 The Real Universe That’s Happening

Justice Just Us Saying Thanks for Inhibiting Criminal Energies

Just Just Us Saying Thanks

Ethics Energy Thinking How It Can Survive, Every Thought on How I
Cause Something, Energies Teaching Humanity: I’m Connected
to Source

Moral Mutual Optional Reason About Life


Air Animated Intelligent Resource, Atmosphere In Relativity

Breath Blessed Resource: Enlivens All That’s Happening

Breathe Bring Reviving Energy: Animate The Heavens and Earth

Choke Can’t Hold Oxygen: Kills Energy

Laugh Look At Us Godless Humans

Yell Yo! Everybody Look and Listen

Weep When Energy Expels Pity

Envy Ever Needing a Vicarious You, Exit Now: Vacate Yourself

Grief Gross Refusal: Individuated Expression of Finality, Getting Righteous In Experiencing Fear, Good Reason I Exit First

Apathy All Possibilities Already Taken: Here’s to Ya.

Despair Despite Everything Something Prevents All I Expected

Covert Concealed Origin, Vicious Envy Requesting Trust

Overt Origin Visible: Expression Real Trustworthy

Hostile Having Other Self Turn Inward Like Enemy
Honesty Overwhelmed, Suspicion, Treason, Intention Like Envy

Resent Retain Envy, Same Energy Next Time
Return Every Sentiment with Evil Negative Thinking

Sympathy Sorry You Make Pain And Trouble Have Yours

Empathy Experience Mutual Path Attach Tender Holds on You

Hide Have It Disappear, Escape, Have Intent to Deny Existence


Sleep Senses Lapse, Earned Experience of Peace

Dream Dramatic Realms of Ever After in the Making

Day Dawn Awaits You

Night Nature Is Given Hibernation Time

Nightmare Negative Images Given Human Thought: Menacing Alternative Realms Entertained

Awake A Wonderful Attention: Keep Experiencing

Asleep As Someone Leaves, Entities Enter to Play

Eat End Another’s Time, Engage Any Thing

Engage Experience Nourishment: Give And Get Exchanged

Give God’s Instant Vindicating Enterprise

Take Tear Away: Keep Exclusively

Get Granted Every Time

Gift God’s Ingenious Fondness Test
Grace In Form and Thought

Grant Generous Reward, Acknowledgement Now and Then
God Relays Angels Near Thee

Steal Some Thing Expressed Away from Life

Theft Taking Home Energy From Them

Thief This Heart Intends to Experience Force

Cheat Create Hidden Energy And Times

Con Criminal Overwhelm: Negate


Crime Commit Robbery Intentionally: Matter Envy

Criminal Commits Robbery Intentionally: Mean Interference Negates A Life

Law Life Adjudicating Wills, Life’s Agreements Written,
Losers Actually Win

Overwhelm Other Viewpoints Engage, Real Winner Has Energy Last More

Create Communication Renders Every Affinity’s Thought into Existence
Cause Reality Emotion Aesthetics and Time Experience

Cause Create A Universe, Self Explained

Destroy Denial of Energy, Space, Time, Reality, Origin, You

Change Cause Having Another New God Experience

Start Send To A Relativity Tract

Stop Suspend Time, Out Presence

Persist Power Energy Retained: Spirit’s Insouciance in Space and Time

Survive Self Utilizes Real Vital Intelligence for Infinite Virtual Experience

Alter Attempt of Life To Exchange Realities

Oppose Other Position Powered to Overwhelm Something Extant

Fight Force Intent to Gain Honors and Things

Refuse Return Energy Forcefully, Utilize Something Else

Force For Overcoming Real Counter Energy

Face Fearless Acceptance Confronting Existence

Frown Facial Retreat Over Worry, Now

Smile Simply Manage to Imagine Loving Expression


Confront Come On Now, Face Realities, Others Need Tending
Calm Observance of Now, Face, Rely On No Terminal

Cower Close Outer World, Evade Reality

Coward Closes Out the World, Always Runs Denying

Hero Heaven’s Emergency Rescue Operative

Noble Name Of Being Law Enforcer

Tax Take Away, eXtol

Fine Fee Incurred for Not Escaping

Fee For Energy Expended

Felon Failed Envy Latched Onto Now

Rich Rewarded In Communication and Having ness

Lord Looks Over Realm, Divinity

Yes You Express Sameness

No Not Occurring

Please Pray, Let Every Act Seem Easy

Act A Communication Transpiring

Thank Taking Happenstance And Not Kibitzing

Tease Twist Energy Around Someone Else.

End Event Now Done

Quit Quite Useless Impossible Task

Draw Determine Rendering At Will


Sex Synergistic Energy eXchange* (Neal Donald Walsch)
Sensual Emergence eXponential
Species’ Euphoric eXpansion
Sensational Ecstatic eXperience

Christ Came Here Revealed Inspired Sacred Truth

Christian Citizen Has Received Inspired Sacred Truth: “I” Am Now

Jesus Joins Everyone’s Soul, Universal Salvation

Mary Mother Attending the Redeemer and You

Joseph Just One Spirit Enabling Promise of Heaven

Buddha Bring Understanding, Demonstrate & Develop Higher Awareness

Allah Awaken Lower Life to Awareness of Heaven

Yahweh Yes All Humanity Will Enter Heaven
You Are Here With Eternity Hereafter

Gandhi God’s Angel Nominated to Demonstrate Holiness in India

Hindu Higher Intelligence Now Defined and Understood

Jew Justify External Wealth, Just Ethical Way

Pope Puppet Offering Pious Entertainment

Rabbi Respected Agent Bearing Big Ifs

Minister Man Intending to Nurture Individual Spirits, Teaches Earth Religions

Preacher Pious Righteous Educator, Actor, Communicator, Hounding Endless Rules

Priest Pious Religious Interpreter of Eternal Secret Truths

Nun Nice Understanding Nanny, Not Usually Nookie


Azna A to Z No Acronyms

Hebrew Human Ethnic Breathing Religion in Every Word

Israel Independent State Resented Around Earth for Living
I’ve the Same Rights As Everyone: “to Life!”

Islam Intense Spiritual Legion: Allah’s Mission

Mohammad Messenger Of Heaven Announcing Mission of Mankind: Advance and Develop

Moses Man Of Statutes Etched in Stone

Baptize Bathe And Purify The Intention and Zeal for Eternity

Ra Ritual Addict

Pharaoh Placed High Atop Realm Above Ordinary Humans

Sphinx Some Puzzle Hidden Involving Non eXistence

Pyramid Places Your Re-entry, Actually Made to Indicate Directions
Prevent Your Recognition Alien Monument Intergalactic Dock
Places You Right At Middle Interchange Dimensions

Alien Any Life Inhabitant Exclusive of Nature

Obelisk Object Brandishing Exclusive Legion to International Secret Klan

Catholic Cathedrals Ascend To Heaven Others Live In Church

Baptist Bathe and Purify To Indicate Symbolic Trip

Methodist Many Earthlings Think Heaven’s Only Door Is Seen by Them

Lutheran Left Usual Theology, Helped Establish Relative Alternative Name

Tithe Turn In Tenth of Household Earnings

Communion Connect One Message: Merge, Unite Now In One Name


OM Omni-Merge

Enlightenment Enjoying Now, Letting In God, Having Thought and Energy Newly Merge Evermore, No Time

Deity Develops Every Inspiration That’s Yours

Divine Deep Intrinsic Vital Intelligence, No Exceptions

Divinity Deep Intrinsic Vital Intelligence, Namely It’s That in You

Witch With Intention To Cause Happenings

Worship Will Of Religious Seeker, Hope In Praise

Devote Doing Everything Virtually for Other, Tending Expended

Vow Voice Of Will, Volition Of Word

Oath One Agreement That’s Held

Swear Say Words, Enter Agreement & Reality

Wed We’re Eternally Devoted

Marry Mating Arrangement, Relatives Reward You
Merger Agreement Requiring Ring & You
Make A Romance Run Years
Make A Real Relative of Yourself

Ring Represents Infinite Now in Gold

Gold God’s Oldest Lasting Distraction
Good Ore Lode in Dirt

Silver Splendid In Linings, Valued Earth Rendering

Diamond Discovered In A Mine, Outshines Night & Day
Dirt In A Millennium Only Now Desirable

Gem God’s Envied Matter
Glistening Earth Mass


Hope Heaven’s Open Policy Extended
Helps Overcome Personal Excuses
Having One Persist: Endurance

War 2 Wrongful Act of Righteousness
Willful Abandonment of Reason
Wrong Attacks Right

Oracle Outer Realm of Angels Celebrating Life Everlasting
One Relay for All Communication of Love to Earth

Reality Relative Existence of Agreements by Life In Time for You

Communication Consideration Of Mass Moving Until It Connects with Another Terminal: Idea Operations Network

Honor Hold On Now Often Relived

Dwell Deciding to Wait, Experience Lasts Long

Dine Do In Nature for Entertainment

Meal Made Edible of Animals and Life-forms
Me Eat Another to Live

Dinner Do In Nature, Nighttime Energy Reserve

Lunch Load Up Nutrition, Cease Hunger

Breakfast By Rising Early And Killing Food, Acquire Sustenance for Today

Egg Early Genetic Globe
Earth’s Genii Gizmo

Ovum Origin Vector Unto Motherhood

Sperm Small Penile Ejection Racing to Merge

Milk Mother’s Intimate Loving Kindness


Mother Maker Of The Heavenly & Earthly Realms

Father First Awareness of That, He Envisions Rebirth

Birth Bring Into Reality This Heart
Being Is Returning Through Heavens
Breath Is Restored To Here

Son Sir Of Newborn
Sire Of Name

Daughter Delivered Angel Unto Good Hearts To Expand the Race

Boy Bachelor Of Youth

Girl Grows Into Reproductive Lady

Penis Projectile Enabling New Insemination: Shooter
Puts Energy Near or In Someone

Vagina Vital Area Going Into Nautilus Arena
Very Attractive Genital for Incoming New Animation

Breast Breath Residual Energy Area: Some Tits

Breach Being Reverses Entry, Arrival Comes Hard

Infant “I” New: Family Accepted: Nurture This
Innocent New Face Arrived: Need Tendering

Child Could Heaven Imagine Loveable Devils
Came Here In Love: Dear

Dear Does Everything Always Right
Desirable Energy Awaited and Returned

Fond Flow Of Near Dear


Far From A Radius

Near Nucleus Exists At Radius

Circle Comes In Rings: Closed Line Eternal

Sphere Shape of Planets, Has Everything Rounded, Earth
Same Particles Have Exact Rotated Equation

Cube Cornered Universe, Box Extant

Square Space Quadrangle Uniting Area Relative to Exterior

Cone Circle Over a Nucleus Exploded

Point Perception Orientation Identifies Nucleus & There

Line Length Indication: Neatest Extension

Credit Certain Return Expected: Debt with Interest & Time
Can Repay Entire Debt In Time

Debt Dangerous Exchange, Borrowing Things
Deed Exists on Borrowed Time

Loan Learning Others Are Needy

Lend Let Exchange Now Dangle

Borrow Being Overspent, Rely on Resources Others Wager
Balance Of Right Relationship Out Witted

Earn Existence As Result of Now
Exchange Awarded Right Now

Pay Price of All Yearning
Products Among You

Cash Creates A Sense of Having
Commerce Agreement for Simpler Handling


Money Mistaken Often as Needed Energy by You
Manufactured Objects that Numerically Empower You

Dollar Designated Only Legal Label, Achievement Receipt

Coin Currency Only Invented by Nobles

Weapon What Evil Adopts as Power to Overwhelm Nature

Arms A Real Man’s Substitute

Bomb Blast Overwhelming Many Beings

Atom Active Tiny Orb of Matter
Actualization Turning Over to Matter

Atomic Active Tiny Orb Of Matter In Communication
Actuality Transcending Over to Matter: Infinity Changing

Mass Matter Achieving Size in Space

Molecule Matter Of Life Energy: Combining Unit of Life Energy

Ion Infinity from Zero Now
“I” Out of Nothing

Proton Particle Relative to Origin of Time Orbiting Nucleus

Neutron Nature Emerging into Universe of Time, Relativity Occurring Now

Electron Élan: Life Energy Causing Time, Relativity, Objects, and Nature

Particle Postulated Attraction Resulting in Time: Intentional Creation of
Live Energy
Put Attention Right There: Infinite Cause Located Existence

Cause Communicate Anything, Understand Something Else
Create All Universes: Source Experience
Control And Use Space and Energy
Can Assume Understanding as Source of Everything


Om 2 “One” Meditation
Our Mantra
Often Mesmerizing

Game Give A Meaning to Experience
God’s Answer to Mindless Exercise
Go Ahead, Make Excitement

Sport Spirit of Play Occupation for Recreational Time
Set People in Opposition to Raise Talents

Feel Foster Emotion, Enter Life

Shine Soul Happy Impervious to Negative Energy

Glow God’s Luminous Outflow Working
Grace Lights One from Within
God Lighting Our Wishes

Halo Heavenly Aura, Light Overhead

Utopia Universe of Thought, Only Place I Await

Nirvana Now in Reach, Validates all New Awareness

Shangri-La See Heaven in Nature, Go Right In-Look Alive
Safe Haven for Angels, Negative Gravity Inside-Live Always

Eden Earth: Divine Experiment with Nature
Eurantia Domain, Earth’s Name

Adam Assigned Duty As Mankind

Eve Enter Volition in Eden

Serpent Satan* Energy Revealed, Put Eden & Now in Trouble

Bible Book I Began, Lots of Editing

Koran Kind Old Record About Now


Talmud Testament About Life for Mankind to Understand Divinity

Taliban Terrorist Attack Legion Instigators Bringing About Nullification

Mecca Middle Eastern Center for Communication & Attention

Shaman Spiritual Healer, Assists Man Against Negativity

Seer Senses Exterior Entities and Relates

Sacred Source: Affinity, Reality, Communication; Eternal, Divine
See Any Creation Rightly Every Day

Scared Senses Communication, Affinity, Reality as Enemy or Danger

Cross Christ Rose, Offered Soul Salvation
Crucifixion Rack, Observed Symbol of Salvation

Conscious Consideration Of Now Spirit Concentrates I On Universal Synergy

Serene Sensational Emotion Reached by Eliminating Negative Energies

Doubt Do Other Universes Bother Thee?

Fail Fall Apart, Illusion of Loss

Require Request Established, Quite Unnecessary In Realms Everlasting

Reach Realization Every Attraction Can Have
Real Expansion as Affinity Causes Having ness

Withdraw When I’m Through Having Do Reversal Away from Whatever

Push Press Until Something Heaves

Pull Pry Until Let Loose

Beam Beacon of Energy Aimed at a Mass
Brightness Emanating About a Mass


Force 2 Flow Or Reaction of Concentrated Energy

Enter Engage Now: This Experience Relative

Exit EXpel I from That

Ascend Arise Spirit, Come Enter Now Dimension

Descend Downward Energy Spiral, Cease Experience No Dynamic

Dynamic Division You Nurture As Multiple Identity Continues
Do You Not Animate Many In Creation

Urge Underlying Reason to Get Energy
Underlying Reason to Give Energy

Fetish Fixated Energy That Insists Something Happen

Foul Flunk Out UnLucky
Funky Odor Upsets Lungs

Fish Found In Seas and Heaven

Fowl Family Of Winged Life

Reptile Represents Egg Population; These Identities Live Elsewhere

Mammal Man And Many More Animals with Locks

Amphibian Aquatic Marvel Partial Habitats Inland Breathes In Air or Not

Insect Individual-Not: Senior Entity Controls Them
Identity in Nature Someone Exterior Created in Teams

Bug Being Unusual Genetic
Bother Until Gone

Worm Without Organs, Ribs or Muscles

Bee Busy Energetic Entity


Laugh 2 Look At Universe, Give Ha-has
Listen Around Usually God’s Humorous
Look At Usual with Gleeful Hindsight
Love’s Audacious Upshot — Giggles – Hilarity
Locate Anything Unusual, Grant Humor

Laughter Love Aloud, Unique Grace: Humor, The Enlightened Response

Give 2 Grant: In Viable Expression
Grace: InValuable Expenditure
God’s Invisible Validation: Enough

Wager Wishful Attempt to Get Even Richer

Bet Be Extremely Trusting

Gamble Games Arranged to Make Betters Lose Everything
God’s Attempt to Make Believers Look at Earnings

Now 2 Not Over With
Nexus Of Wonder
Never Over With

Let 2 Love, Embrace, Trust

Go Glide On
Get Over
Grow, Originate
Generate Outward
Get Oneness
Give Oneness

Wait Wrench Attention Into Time
Wrongful Agreement In Time
When Anyone Is Tardy
Way to Always Invalidate Trust
What An Idiot: Tohellwithit

Stall Stick Time, Attenuate, Lengthen Lag


Stop Suspend Time, Over, Pause

Pause Put Attention Under Seize, Extend

Seize Source Executes Immediate Zone to Entrap

Organs Originally Replicated to Give Animations Nourishment Systems

Heart Harmonizes Energies, Affinity Regulator, Timer

Lungs Let Us Nourish from Gas Supply

Liver Lets In Vitals, Eliminates the Rest

Kidneys Keys Integral to Digestion & Necessary Eliminations of Your System

Stomach System Takes Original Material And Churns Herein

Eyes Envision Your Environment… See

Ears Entry for Aerial Resonant Sound

Nose Necessary Odor Sensor “Essencer”

Throat Throughway, Hole, Resonant Opening Allowing Talk

Lips Likely Intake Portal for System
Loveable If Puckered Sexily

Tongue Taste Organ: Notices Good, Useful and Expugnable

Teeth Tear Everything Edible To Hell

Gums Give Us Mouth Shape

Hands Helper: Assists Numerous Deeds, Suppliers

Arms Attachments Rigged with Muscles, Strength

Legs Limbs Extended to Ground, Support


Feet Feel Earth: Earth’s Touch

Toes Tips Of Every Sole

Fingers Feelers: Ingenious Nimble Gadgets Experience Relative Surfaces

Butt Bottom Under The Torso
Buffs Up TuTus

Ass Ask Something Serious
A Serviceable Seat
Any Stupid Soul

Hair Help Actually Invented by Rapunzel

Elbow Enables Limb Bend, Otherwise Worthless

Knee Kick Needed Extra Element
Kneels Near Earth Easier

Ribs Rack Incasing Body System
Rack Involved Builds Structure

Skin Surface Keeps Itself New

Gland God’s Little Animation Nourishment Device

Cell Center of Exchange: Living Legacy
Can Evolve Larger Lifeforms

Nail Natural Armor In Life

Hormone Helps Organize and Restore Many Of Natures’ Energies

Saliva Solution Activates Live Ingestion with Vital Acids

Spit Send Particle Into Transmission

Vomit Vile Outpour, Movement Inverts, Tosses


Urine Unusable Renal Impurities Now Exiting

Feces Food Entered Colon Exited Shipoopie

Shame Sad Heart Afraid of Momentary Error

Blame Be Liable And Make Enemies

Regret Rue Ever Getting Rid of Earlier Time, Thing or Terminal

Burp Bring Up, Relieve Pressure

Belch Begin Expulsion of Last Chewed: Hurl

Fart Fowl Air Rancid Toot

Pee Passing Expendable Elements

Piss Purge It Standing or Squatting

Poop Push Out Old Prana

Shit Simply Healthy Intestinal Transformation

Tears The Eyes’ Affectionate Release of Sorrow

Salt Seasoning, Asea, Like Time

Pepper Particles Every Person Prefers, Eats or Rejects

Use Usurp Some Energy

Try Test Readiness Yourself

Trick Tease, Ridicule, Invite, Cajole, Kid

Kid Kind of Impish Dither

Imp I Make Problems


Problem Poles Radiate Opposing Beams, Locked Energy, Mass

Rascal Runs A Scam, Causes Accidents and Levity

Scam Someone Causes A Mess

Scandal Scene Caused After Naughtiness Done, Accused Lobby

Scene Somewhere Communication Exchanges, Noticed Environment

Environments Everywhere: Notice Interior Realms, Outside, Nature; Matter & Energy Noticed in Time & Space

Notice Now Observed, This Instant Captured Effortlessly

Effort Energy Forces Flow On Relative Terminal
Every Force Focused On Really Trying

Realms Ranges Extending Around Life Making Space

Flub For Letting Up Briefly
Faint Lapse Undoes Being

Flunk Fall, Lose, Undo, Negate, Klutz

Klutz Kinda Late in Usual Time Zone

Zone Zero to One, Named Expanse

Expand Extend Point A New Dimension

Contract Close Oneself: Narrow The Radius And Come Together

Open Origin Point Enlarged aNew

Close Cancel Line Of Space, End

Shut Space Here Un-Tenable

Seal Space Enclosed Also Locked


Church Come Here, Unite, Rejoin, Create Harmony

Easter Earth’s Annual Salute To Exemplary Resurrection

Sunday Sabbath Unless Not Devoting Any of Yourself

Monday Most Ordinary New Day All Year

Tuesday Time Usually Everyone Starts Doing Anything from Yesterday

Wednesday Week End Definitely Now Encroaching, Still Days Away Yet

Thursday The Hours Usually Run Slower Duty’s A Yawn

Friday Finally Regain Independence, Date Awaits You

Saturday Special Activity Time, Unwind, Relax, Dote Around the Yard

Summer Season Usually Makes Most of Earth Radiate

Winter Wind and Ice Now Turn Earth into Refrigerator

Spring Sprouting Planet Rife In New Growth

Autumn As Universe Turns, Un-Mocks Nature

January Joyous Arrival New Unit of Annual Rotation of Year

February Fond Energies Bring Romance Unto A Relationship, Yours

March Move Ahead, Reach, Create, Heal

April A Perfect Rain Inspires Life

May Mild And Yummy

June Join, Unite, Nuptials Elope

July Joust Up Lights, Yea!


August Annually Upper Ground Unusually Sultry, Hot

September Summer’s End, Prepare To Migrate or Make Backlog of Every Resource

October Ordered Conversion Time, Organize Berth & Every Reserve

November Nightfall Over Virtually Every Member Breathing in Earth Realm

December Decorate, Exchange, Carol, Enjoy, My Birthday Ever Remembered

Rejoice Release Exhilaration, Join as One In Communion Evermore

Bud Blossom Undergoing Development
Beginning Unique Dance
Being Urged to Dawn

Bloom Bud Looking Out Open Mouthed
Become Living Object Of Majesty

Blossom Bring Life Out Stretch & Shine Over Mainstream

Beauty Bearing Every Attribute Unique To You

Ugly Un-Grateful Look at Yourself

Petal Puts Extra Touch of Aesthetic on Leaf

Stem Sky To Earth Matchmaker

Leaf Lovely Effect Adorning Foliage

Stalk Stretch Toward, Allow Lengthy Keepsakes

Trunk Take Roots Upward, Neck Keeper

Limb Leads Into Many Branches

Branch Broader Reaching Arm, Nest Cradle, Hand


Tree Takes Root, Expands Ever-after

Flower Fanciful Luscious Outcrop, Whimsical Essence, Resplendence

Bulb Bring Up Life, Birthplace

Soil Sediment Of Inurned Life

Seed Source of Entry to Earthly Domain

Plant Produce Life Abundance, Nurture & Tend

Garden Growing Area, Reserve for Developing Earthly Nutrition

Grass Green Rug As Soil Saver

Fertile Feminine Energy Ready To Initiate Life Experience

Barren Being Absent, Regeneration Refused, Existence Negated

Potent Powerful Overwhelming Tenacity, Expansive Natural Thrust

Impotent Invalid Message, Powerless, Overwhelmed, Taken Expended No Thrust

Rock Ridge Of Communication Kept

Solid State Of Lasting Inert Durable

Gas God’s Atmosphere Scented

Liquid Life Imagined Quirky Universe, It’s Diluted

Water Wet Aqua, Tender Earth Refreshment

Rain Refreshment Arriving, Incoming Nourishment

Sea Salt, Earth, Aqua

Ocean Original Creation for Earth Atmosphere and Nature


Nut Nutrition Under Tree
Neurotic Under Tree

Berry Bush Export Rendered Ripe & Yummy

Fruit Found Ripe Under Its Tree
Flavorful Ripe Unit of Inimitable Taste
Fancy Rascal, Uncanny Impish Twit

Root Residual Origin Of Thing

Stone Solidified Time Originating No Expression

Pebbles Pieces, Evened Broken Bits of Land, Eventually Sand

Sand Salty Alternative Natural Decomposition

Sift Sort, Inspect, File Through

Sniff Smell, Notice In Front of Face
Send Nose Into Feeding Frenzy

Face Frontal Attribute Causes Expressions
Fear’s Antidote: Confront Everything

Gay Gender Against You
Gender Alternative Yen
Gentlemen Attract You
Girls Attract You
Genital Addiction from Youth

Straight Some Things Really Are Ideal: Growing Heterosexually Together
Queer Quirky Unusual Essence Emitting Romance

Lesbian Lady Easily Seduced By Intoxicating Aura of Nookie

Fag Forgot Assigned Gender

Dyke Dame in YuKon Earth-shoes


Pain Putting Attention Into Nevermore
Pressure Against Instant Now
Produce Antagonism, Illness & Negativity

Ache A Communication Hurt Exists
Always Cues Healing Energy

Sore Sensation Of Resisted Energy
Sense Of Rightness Escaping
Signal Our Regenerative Essence

Spine Structural Pole Intersects Nerve Energy
Spans Pelvis Into Neck Elastically
Support Provides Individual Nervous Electricity

Pelvis Perfect Essential Lower Vase for Intestinal System

Disc Divided In Spinal Chord
Dis Is Solid Cartilage

Chord Connection: Harmonic Of Relative Dynamics
Cut Hunk Of Rope, Dangler

Cartilage Cushion: A Real Tough Interior Lining Assisting Genetic Entity

Bone Brace Of Nature, Erector

Gene Genetic Entity’s New Element

Hormone How Our Resources Make Our Natural Energy
How One Reserve Mixes Our New Energy

Cushion Comfy Useful Seat, Helps Instances Of Need

Rope Reach Out, Pull Extension
Round Object People Extend

Dangle Droop And Never Get Lower Ever

Terminal Transmitter: Emits and Receives Messages: It Never Abandons Location


Train Track Runner Across Inland, Networked

Train2 Teach, Raise Ability, Instill, Nurture

Plane Propelled from Land, Airborne Navigated Engine
Please Land Again Near Earth

Pilot Puts In Lots Of Travel
Person Is Leader Of Trip
Person Ignored Lord’s Only Testaments

Car Covers Area Rapidly
Can Auto Race
Cool As Ride

Automobile Allows Us To Operate Mechanically Over Broad Inter Linked Expanses

Auto Assists Us, Takes Over

Jet Jumbo Engine Travels

Boat Bobs Over Aquatic Terrain

Yacht You Actually Can Have This
Yet Another Creation to Hide the Tide

Canoe Craft Allows Navigation by Oars & Effort

Oar Our Arm in the River

Sail Send Along In Lake

Mast Man Atop Sees Things

Row Rigorous Oar Work

Float Feel Lifted Over A Thing

Sink Something Is Not Keeping
Sense I Never Knew


Rough Rigorous Onset, Usually Gets Harder
Ragged Outside, Unable to Glide Hand

Hard Has A Rigid Dynamic

Soft Surface Of Feathery Texture
Sort Of Fluffy Texture

Smooth Surface Marries Oil Of The Hand

Dew Dawn’s Early Water

Drop Downward Release Of Particle
Don’t Retain Overhead Position

Snow Stars Nourishing Our World
Soft New Overcoat of Winter

Hail Hard Airborne Icy Lumps

Thunder The Heavens Unleash Natural Drums, Echo… Rain
That Heralds Unusually Nasty Downpour, Earth Reverberates

Lightning Long Instant Glowing Hot Thin Nuance In Night’s Gallery

Cloud Covering Lofting Over Us, Drifting
Creates Liquid Out of Upward Drift
Changes Liquid from Oxygen Upon Density

Shade Sun Hidden, Allow Dimmer Experience

Shadow Second Hand Attached Duplicate On Wall
See How Attachments Darken Our World

Wind Wisp In Nature, Directional

Blow Belt Lots Of Wind
Breath Landing On World
Be Long On Words
Beat, Lunge On, Wound


Ask Assume Someone Knows

Pound Pounce On, Up Now Down

Up Unto Peak

Down Dive Opposite Way Of North
Direction Of Whirlpool Nucleus

Left Look East – Flip That
Location Exited, Fled Terminal

Right Remember Index that Goes to Heart… That

Side Space Indication of Dimensional Edge

Angle Actual Number Given Lean Encounter

Answer Awareness, News Sensed, Wisdom, Enlightenment Remembered

Seek Search Everywhere, Evince Knowledge

Find Finally, I Now Discover

Look Lengthen Observance, Outstretch Known

Search Scan Every Area, Retrieve, Come Home

Discover Dig Into Something, Come Out Voicing ‘Eureka’… Recognize

Cognite Come Onto, Gain New Idea, Think Effectively

Think Try Hard, Imagine Not Knowing
Temporal Hurdle: I Need Knowledge
To Heaven Impossible Not to Know
To Humans It’s Neuro-Kinetic
That’s How I Never Knew
That’s How Intention Nears Knowable
That’s How Imagined Now Known
Tricky How “I” Not Knows
This Hangs Intention — No Kidding


AIDS Artificial Invented Defense System
Active Infection Delivered Secretly
Advanced Injected Deadly Serum
Author Isn’t Divulging Secret

(SDIA) Sound Delivered In Air
Sound Driven Into Anatomy
Song Delivered Into Atom
Sound Development Is Answer
Sonic Dilemma I Answer

HIV Hell In a Vaccine
Human Infected, Vulnerable
Handy Invisible Villain

(VIH) Vaccine Is Heard
Voice In Heart
Vibrate Immune Health
Vibration Is Healing

Virus Vicious Invasive Replicants Under Skin
Various Identities Reverse Usual System
Vitality Invasion, Really Under Stress
(Suriv) Speed Up Rate In Vibration
Sound Ultra—Raise Internal Vibration

Infect Invade Natural Flow, Enter Cell Toxins

(Tcefni) Transmit Cell Energy From Noise Inaudible

Germ Good Energy Returned Malicious

(Mreg) Make Rotten Energy Go

Bacteria Body’s Active Cells Transmit Either; Rot, Immune or Alive

Cancer Cellular Attack, Negate Choices, Engage Resistance

(Recnac) Re-Enter Cell Naturally Accept Communication
Raise Energy Communicate Noise At Cell


Edit Examine Data, Improve Text

Publish Put Up Book, Let It Say Hello

Book Bound Original Observations Kept

Print Preserve Readability, Inscriptions & Notes in Text
Put Rendering Into Neat Type

Birds Blithe Innocents Rewarding the Day with Song

Chirps Carry Heaven’s Intent to Reward People with Songs

Whistle When Heard It Seems To Lighten Everything

Sing Send Invocation Nearer to God
Saying It Now with Grace

Song Send One Note to God
Sound Of Note from God

Music Magic Universal Symphony, Interplay of Chords
Masterful Use of Sound, Inspired Communication
Merges Us Spiritually Into Communion

Chord Cacophony Harnessed, Organized, Related and Delivered

Note Notice One Tone Emitted
Notice One Thing Evident

Harmony Heavenly Accord Resounding Music Orchestrated Notes of You

Noise Noticed Overwhelm In Sonic Environment

Sound Sense Oneness of Us in New Dimension

Hear Have Experience of Aural Reality

Listen Let In Something To Experience Now
Let In Something The Ears Need


Eye Envision Your Environment

See Sensational Eye Experience

Vision Virtual Imagery Scoped In with Optic Nerves

Sight Sense Images God Has Thought

Pupil Peephole Used to Perceive Images & Light

Iris It Reveals Individual’s Situation
“I” Read Into Someone

Retina Refracted Energy Transfers Images & Nerve Activity

Rod Relays Optic Data

Cone Colors Optic Nerve Experience

Lid Let In Day

Brow Bushy Row Over Wink
Bony Rim Often Worried

Lash Little Aligned Soft Hair
Launch Attack Swipe, Hit
Lovely And Sexy…How-bout-it

Wink Want Intimacy, Need Kiss
Well, I Now Know
Welcome In, Nice & Kind
Wave In New Kinship
Whatever, I’m Not Kidding

Flirt Feeling Lusty, Impish, Romantic and Tawdry
Fling Life Into Romping Twist
Find Love Is Right There
First Look Into Real Trouble
Found Lost In Romantic Trance


Operate Open Person, Examine, Repair And Treat in Emergency
Oversee Performance, Effective Running And Treatment Employed

Surgery Survival Undergoes Real Gruesome Emergency Repair, Yuck
Someone Uses Refined General Expertise to Repair You

Expert Experienced Professional Employed to Repair & Train

Pro Paid Rate to Operate

Professor Person Regarded Outstanding in Field, Expounds Sustained Study Orally Reports

Profession Practice Regarded Optimum in Field, Expected Success & Skill, Importance On Name

Skill Show Knack, Incorporate Life’s Lessons

Apt Appropriate Position Taken

Employ Engage Manpower to Perform, Labor, Operate or Yield

Agent Assigned to Gain Entry into New Territory

Spy Sneaky Peek Yonder

Park Pretty Acreage Regularly Kept
Put Aside, Rest, Keep

Acre Area Contains Rectangle of Earth

Farm Field for Agriculture, Reap & Multiply
For Agriculture To Raise and Multiply

Reap Return Exchanged After Planting
Returned Experience As Postulated
Really Every Anticipated Perception
Reality Entering After Prayer
Realize Every Answer Promised


Parkinson’s Progressive Agitation: Responses Killed In Nervous System Of Neck & Spine

(Snosnikrap) Soothe Nerves On Spine & Neck, Improve Kidney Response, Acquire Placenta
Send Nerves Ongoing Sensation Now Increase Kidney Repair, Apply Pressure

Diabetes Disable Insulin’s Ability to Be Effective, Trouble — Extra Sugar
(Setebaid) Diet Is Answer, Begin Exercise Then Eliminate Sugar

Asthma Asphyxiation: Squeezed Too Heard to Metabolize Air

(Amhtsa) Aromatic Massage, Heal The Sinus Area
Aerate Membranes, Hinder The Smoke Addiction

Flu Follows Life Upset
Fills Lungs Up
Feel Lousy Unhappy

(Ulf) Use Life Force
Uplift, Lighten Focus
Usher Love Feelings

Cold Completely Overwhelmed, Life Dilemma
Clear Oxygenation Lessened, Drained

(Dloc) Dry Location, Organic C
Don’t Live On Crying

Depression Desired Energy Persists, Rejected Energy Sustained
Seriousness Intensifies Overwhelming Neurosis

Darkness Enters Perception, Responsible Emotion Suppressed,
Stuck Impression On Not

(Noisserped) Don’t Expect Perception Reversal, Embrace Sadness, Self Improve, Observe Now
Do Everything Possible, Really Express Self, Stretch Inside Out & Notice


Taste Tongue And Saliva Test Everything
Tongue Action Says To Eat

Swallow Start Wide And Let Lower One Way

Chew Chomp, Help Eat Whatever

Sip Suck In Politely

Gulp Give Up Looking Polite
Gastronomic Undoing – Large Pieces
Giant Using Little Portal

Lick Like It… Cat Kiss

Spit 2 Saliva Propelled, Invalidate Taste

Saliva Strong Acidic Liquid In Various Anatomies
Sent Active Liquid Induces Vital Assimilation

Cough Can’t Own Up, Guttural Hack
Clogged Opening Unusable, Give Heave

Slurp Swill Liquid Until Rudely Pacified

Swill Someone Wants to Imbibe Lots of Liquid

Gasp Gigantic Air Surprise Present
Gulp Air Supply Pronto
Grab Air Space, Pause

Smell Sense Memory Every Lung Loathe
Sense Memory Even Lungs Love
Scent Makes Entry, Lingers & Leaves
Scent Makes Experience Lovely or Lousy

Odor Olfactory Dimension, Often Rancid

Stink Something Terrible Is Near… Kri-kee!
Smelly Thing In Nose Known
Stench Tries to Invade Nostril – Ka-choo!
Strong Telltale Instinct Not to Kiss


Nose Name Of Scent Entrance
Nature’s Offer to Smell Everything
Natural Opening – Scent-sational Experience
Nicknamed “Schnoz” Once on Entertainer
Notice Our Scent-sory Environment

Nostril Name Of Sinus Tube, Route Into Lungs
Nose Opening: Senses Trouble; Readily Informs Lips

Sinus Sensitive Inner Niche, Unusually Stuffy

Sniff Swift Notice If Fowl or Fair
Send Nose Into Feeding Frenzy
Smell Now, Indicate Findings Fast

Snort Some Nose Originates, Rude Toot
Something’s Not Okay, Reject This
Sound Nose Often Retorts to Trouble

Snot Shuts Nasal Opening, Thickness

Snob Sees Nothing Overhead, Bore
Seniority Not Often Bought
Seeing No-One Better
Stiff Neck Observing Below
Spirit Not Over Bottom

Bore Being Of Resounding Emptiness
Bent On Repeating Everything
Brags On Regardless Endlessly

Dull Does Usually Last Long

Fun Free Up Now
Finally Understanding Now
Friends UNited

Funny Find Universe Not Negative — Yea
Find Unusual Newness, Notice Yuks
Finally Understanding Now Not Yesterday
Finally Understanding Now Not Yet


Forget File Open, Record Gone, Erase Time

Erase Eliminate Record, Actual Sense Elapsed

Record Reproduced Established Communication Of Real Data

File Fold In Logged Entries

Log List, Organize, Guard
Limb On Ground

Saw Sever A Wood, Seen Action Waned
Sight Already Witnessed

Wood Word Of One Door
World’s Oldest Overhead Domain

Door Does Open On Request

Knock Kind Of Noise of Clenched Knuckles

Bell Beautiful Element in the Land of Loudness

Chime Call Harmonically, Invoke Musically, Echo

Window World-Inside via Nice Diaphanous Opening on Wall

Pane Panel Attached Near Exterior

Glass Glossy Luminous Artistry of See-through Sand

Mirror Make Image Reverse, Reflection On Reality

Touch Tap On Universe, Connect Here

Feel 2 From Emotion Experience Life
For Every Experience: Love
Forceful Emotional Entry Level
Freely Expressed Enhances Life

Emotion Energy Molding Our Thinking Into Our Now


Sense Source Experiencing Now via Single Entity
Spirit Encoding Notices Sent by Environment
Something’s Entirely New Somewhere Else

Know Keep Natural Omnipotence Working
Kinship, Not Only Wisdom

Understand Unite Now, Divine Experience Realized, Spirit Takes A New Direction
Use New Data Encountered to Recognize Spiritual Truth, Accept a New Day

See Spiritual Enlightenment Experience
Sense Everything Everywhere

Get God’s Eventual Truth
Garner Every Thought
Give Eternal Trust
Go Experience This
Grab Every Thing

Grow Get Rich On Wisdom
God’s Reward for Our Will
Getting Ripe On World

Garden God’s Acreage: Rise, Develop, Enrich, Nourish

Carrot Cousin Of Radish, Rather Orange Though

Radish Root And Delicious, It’s Somewhat Hot

Leek Like Edible Earth Kelp

Onion Oil Noticeable In Optic Nerve

Scallion Small Crop A Lot Like Its Onion Neighbor

Celery Crisp Elongated Leafy Edible Root Yield

Lettuce Leaves Edible at The Top, Underneath Cut Everything


Cabbage Contains A Bulge, a Bloom And Gas if Eaten

Potato Plant Only Tasty After The Oven

Squash Served Quietly Usually As Side Helping

Bean Bears Earthborn Attached Nougats
Better Eat Alone…Noisy

Tomato Turn Off Matinee And Throw Onstage

Broccoli Bunch Regularly Offered as Cold Cuts, Often Lacks Imagination

Cauliflower Cut And Usually Left, Imagine Finding Left-Overs Wasted at Every Reception

Beet Burgundy, Expect Everything Tinted

Endive European Natural Dipper, It’s Vegetarian Elegance

Turnip Turn Up Root, Now Invite Piggy

Sprout Spring Produce Ready, Open Up Ta-da

Herb Heaven’s Earthly Retort to Bland
Heals, Energizes, Relaxes, Blends

Spice Small Pinch Improves Cooking Ever-so-much
Sexy Play In Couple’s Experience
Something Put In Cupid’s Eros

Spinach Something Popeye Insisted Nearly All Children Have

Corn Cones Of Rowed Nougats

Pea Pearl Enclosed in Agriculture

Pod Protect Our Delivery

Grain God’s Richness Arisen In Nature


Grape Good Ripe And Purple, Enjoy

Apple Awareness Peevishly Presented to Lure Eve

Orange Only Rhymeless Agricultural Name, Great Eating

Pear Poachable Ellipsoid At Restaurants

Plum Plump & Luscious Until Madeintoprunes

Prune Plum Ripened Until Not Enjoyable

Fig First In Garden

Cherry Caused Honesty Exclamation Regarding Rearing Youth

Peach Perfect – Especially Alongside Cream & Honey

Coconut Coarse Outer Cover… Opened, Nutty Unique Texture/Taste

Raisin Ripened Appropriately In Sun It’s Not-bad

Mango Much Adored Nutritious Golden Orgy

Papaya Peel Away Pits And You’ll Adore

Apricot Almost Pricelessly Rich In Color, Overcoat & Taste

Passion Peel And Set Sail Into Oblivion, Nirvana
Perception As Sensational as Sex In One’s Noggin
Pursue A Strong Serious Inclination Ongoing & New
Put Aside Stale Situation, Intent Onto Now

Melon Man Either Loves’em Or Not

Cantaloupe Created As Natures Treat, A Lot Of Useful Pulp Enclosed

Kiwi Killed Islanders on Waikiki for It


Pine Peer Into Nowhere Emoting
Prickly Individual Needle on Evergreen
Pina Islanders Nip & Eat

Poor 2 Pass Out Own Richness
Pass Onus Of Responsibility
Put Out Of the Running
Paid Over One’s Revenue

Pour Put Out Until Refilled

Spill Something Pitched Into Loose Liquid
Someone Passed Information…Lilly-Liver

Spout Spill Pushed Outward & Upward, Twister

Spew Say Plenty, Expunge Whatever
Spout Pushed Even Wider

Drip Downward Run In Plops
Dunce Ranting In Public

Dunce Deny Until No-one Can Educate
Dummy Usually Not Concerned with Experience

Dope Dunce, Only Pumped on Ecstasy
Drug’s Original Purpose Exploited

Drug Deliver Relief Until Gone

Opiate Often Prescribed In Acute Treatment of Emergencies
Off Poppy, It’s Addictive, Though Effective

Opium Once Poppy Induces Unusual Meditation
Obliterate Pain In Under a Minute

Smack Similar to Morphine, A Consciousness Killer

Morphine Medicine Ordered to Reduce Pain, Has Intense Narcotic Effect

Heroin Hell’s Entry Route, Oblivion In a Needle


Crack Cocaine Rock, Addictive, Can Kill

Pot Puff Out Thought
Puff On Tranquility/Trouble
Put Off Tomorrow
Pass Out Today
Pours Out Tea
Portly Open Thing

Marijuana Mild Aphrodisiac, Relaxation In a Joint, User Awakens Nervous with Appetite

Appetite Anticipated Pleasure, Person Expects to Imbibe Thing or Energy

Aphrodisiac Arousal Propeller, Heightens Readiness, Orneriness, Desire, Sexual Instinct And Climax

Toy Tool Of Youth

Tool To Overcome One’s Labor

Top Turns On Point
The Overhead Pole/Position

Tough Till Opposition Ups & Goes Home
Timeworn, Old, Used, Good Hands
Take Overwhelming Upset & Go Higher
Take On Unyielding Grab & Hold
To Outlive Until God Helps

Tender Touching Entry, Nurturing Divine Energy Rendered
Too Edgy, Nerves Damaged, Expect Respect

Weak Will Elapsed, Acts Kind
Wish Everyone Acted Kinder
Works Entirely on Acts of Karma
Won’t Ever Attack or Keep
Waits for Every Answer on Knees
Worries Everyone, Always Knocking
Wilted, Expired, Awash, Kept

Grab Get Right Around Base


Gentle Grace Expressed, Tender, Nice Loving Experience
God Enters Now & Takes Laboriousness Elsewhere

Labor Let Ability Benefit Operational Results
Lift and Bear Onus Responsibly
Lofty Aspirations Bent Over Reality

Toil Try Overcoming In Life
Task Of Imagined Labor
Turn Over Into Light
Trudge On Imagine Less

Job Just Our Business
Joy Of Being
Jump On & Better
Justify One’s Bling-bling

Work Worthy Occupation in Relative Kingdom
Willed Outcome Requires Kneading

Strive Seek To Reach It Very Especially
Struggle Till Result Is Victorious Eventually
Succeed To Reel In Via Effort
Search, Try, Regroup, Inspire, Vie, Encourage

Vie Volitions Inter-Encounter

Struggle Spend The Reserves Until Going Gets a Little Easier
Spirit Toying with Relative Universe Gathering God Life Experience
Stop Thinking, Rather Use Grunts, Guts, Labor & Effort
Simple Truth Rarely Understood Gives Great Lesson Eventually
Stand Tall, Reach Under, Get Going, Loads Expected

Strife Sense Trouble, Result If Fear Exists

Seek Search Every Answer Known

Search Scan Everywhere And Relay Communication Home
Seek Every Answer, Remember, Come Home
Spirit’s Ever Active Reach for Communion with Heaven


Itch I Touch, Can’t Help

Urge Uncanny Reason to Go Elsewhere

Yen You Evoke Newness

Impulse Intention Makes Person Usually Look Somewhere Else

Scratch Surface Crack, Rip Across The Cover or Hide

Mark Make A Rendering Keep

Burn Bring Under Radiation & Neglect

Best Beat Every Single Test
Be Ever-so Superlative Throughout

Friend 2 Finds Rightness In Everything Needed & Done

Tan Taupe A Notch

Swell Summon Welt, Expand Larger Lump
Someone Won, Everyone Left Lost

Shrink Size Has Reversal Into Narrower Krinkles

Wrinkles Written Reminders I’m No Kid: Life’s Etchings in Skin

Wart Witches Adore Replanting These

Pimple Puss In Mound, Plump Little Eruption

Pock Piece Of Consternation Kept

Mole Mark One Lovely Exception
Mammal Of Lower Earth

Scar Sign Carried As Reminder
Scab Covered And Repaired
Scratch, Cure And Remember
Seal Cut And Record


Immune I Make Myself Utilize & Neutralize Enemies

Influence I Navigate Flow, Live Until Effect Negotiated & Communicated Effectively

Impact I Make Presence And Cause This

Impulse 2 I Might Perceive UnLess Something Else

Import Impel Moved Particle Over Range & Time

Impel Intention Moves Particle Elsewhere, Locate

Impose I Make Presence On Something Evident
Intend Menacing Persistence Over Something Else

Impound Intent May Possess, Overtake, Use, Negate & Deny

Improve I Master, Perfect, Restore Or Verify Effect

Intact Individual Now Together, Actually Connected, Total

Master Major Authority, Senior, Top Exec, Ruler

Slave Subservient Lowlife Always Very Envious

Slob Someone Lower On Bottom
See Less Of Beauty

Beauty Being Everything Attractive, Unique & True as You
Bearing Every Aspect, Universal Truth, Youth
Bringing Every Asset Up To Yourself
Beacon Enjoyed, Awarded & Used Throughout the Years
Beam Emitting A Uniquely Tawdry Yes!
Blessed Emission, Angelic Uniqueness, True You
Bend Every Attention Until They Yearn
Bless Everything Around Universe That’s Yours

Troll Trouble Retaking One Last Look
Truly Redeemable Only Lacks Looks


Gone God: One Never Exits
Getting Over Needing Ego
Go Onto Next Evolvement

Disappear Dissolve Into Spirit, Apparent Position Perceived Erased, Atmospheric Reassignment

Dissolve Dissipate Into Spirit, Still One Left, Vanishing Experience

Vanish Very Apparent Now Isn’t Seen Here

Apparent Awareness Places Picture As Real, Exists Now in Time

Actual Awareness Causes Thought, Universes & Life

As Apparent Somehow
Attention Survival

Is I, Spirit
Infinite Source

If Idea Forming
Incomplete Focus
I Fumbling

It Imagined Thing
Itemized Thought

At Attention Toward

Go God Operating
Get Out
Give Over

No Not Okay
Negate Observation

Of Our Father’s
Out From
Originated For


On Over, Nested
Off Negated
Occurring Now

So Seems Obvious
Space Oriented
Source Originated
Spirit Only

To Toward Objective
Think Owned

The This Here Essence/Entity
Thought Has Existence

By Beside You
Because of You

For Father’s Original Reason
Found On Request

From Find Residence Of Messenger

With We Imagine Togetherness, Held

And Add Next Detail
Assume New Data
Accumulation Not Done

But Beside Usual Truth
Butter Up Trust

Also Attention Lingers, Still Observing
Additional Little Something Ongoing

Too Tie One On
Tag Onto Original
Turn On Outlook

Until Use Negative, Time In Limbo


Before Believe Experience Formerly Occurred, Recalled Event
Being Essentially Focused On Requisite Experience

After Apparently Functioned, Time Experienced, Remembered
Always Follows The Earlier Reality

Soon Suspect Occurrence Option Near
Sense Of Oncoming News

Early Estimated Arrival Reverted, Like Yesterday

Late Longer Arrival Time Expected

Maybe Might Also You Behave Else wise?
Me And You Believe Else wise

Might Me In Gap, Hung Thought
Massive Influence, Greatness, Having Thunder

Gap Gulf Across Pit

Pit Pore, Immense Trench
Park Inside Track
Pod In Thing

Pore Pinhole Opening, Round Entry/Exit

Probably Perfect Reason Obvious Became A Bit Less Yet

Perhaps Performance Expectations Rely on Having A Problem Solved
Past Experience Rarely Hinders A Person’s Senses

Probable Perfect Reason One Becomes A Bit Less Experienced
Postulated Reality, Occurrence, Being Affected By Lacked Energy

Rely Responsibility & Empowerment Left/Led (to/by) You
Responsibility Every Leader Yokes
Rightness, Expertise, Luck: You-up-to-it?

Depend Deem Extra Person’s Energy Needed to Do
Don’t Expect Personal Experience Necessitates Doing
Drop Everything, Personal Emergency Needs Donation


Donation Dished Out Nominal Amount To Improve One’s Needs
Does One Need Anything To Increase One? No.

Donate Dynamic Of Need Acting To Empathize
Does One Need Anything To Exist?

Donated Divine Order, Nature Allowed To Experience Dilemmas

Given God In Virtually Every Nuance, Name, & Nature

Giving God Is Vitality Itself – Needless – Granted

Grant God Rewards And Nourishes Totally
God Rids All Needs Throughout
Get Real: Accept Now Thankfully

Granted Grace Reaches All Now, Tomorrow & Every Day

Need Never Ever Existed, Did it?

Choice Can Have Options In Common Experience

Opt One Preference Taken
Observation Point Taken

Option One Preference Taken, It Overcomes Need
One Position To Imagine Over Next
Omnipresent: To Imagine, Observe Now
Omni-Present: To Ignore, Observe Now

Prefer Personal Reflection Expressing Favor, Energy Relegated
Pick Relative Effect, Favored Effect Realized

Pick Perception I Choose to Keep
Preference I Can’t Kill
Poke Into, Constantly Kibitz

Ignore Imagine Going Nowhere, Once Realizing Everywhere
I Go Not, Omit Recording Experience
I Garner No One’s Reality Ever
I Grant No Other Reason to Exist


Abandon Always Being Away, Not Domestic Or Near

Leave Look Elsewhere And Vanish, Exit

Embrace Envelop, Meet Breast, Reach Around, Caress, Enfold

Stick Sense Touch Is Connected for Keeps
Strong Twig, Impromptu Cane, Ka-bob

Adhere Attract, Desire, Have… Expected Release Evaded

Admire Adore, Delight, Muse, Idolize, Regard, Elevate
Ask Desired Momentary Impression: Remain Ever-so

Admiration Affinity’s Dynamic Motion: It Renders Any Trouble Invisible Once Noticed
Aestheticism Deemed: Most Impelling Radiation Anywhere: Try It On Negativity

Muse Meander Until Something Experienced
Model Used to Stimulate Expertise

Adore At a Distance One Radiates Empathy

Adoration A Dawdling Old Romantic Attraction To Identity of Note

Regard Return Energy Given As Reliable, Delight

Delight Divine Expression, Love Inspired, Give/Get Happy Thoughts

Dawdle Dangle, Anticipate, Wait, Do Little, Expect

Dangle Drape And Not Get Loose, Entice

Drape ` Drop Remnant And Pleat Edges
Dressy Room Accessory: Plush Enhancement

Drop Drip Right Over – Plop
Denomination of Rain On the Planet
Don’t Retain Overhead Position


Casket Case Around Skeleton, Keeps Embalmed There

Coffin Contents Of Foregone Friend In Nest
Casket Offers Final Farewell, Interred Next

Corpse Carcass Of Recently Passed Soul En-graved

Funeral Farewell Union Necessitated: Everyone Reveres A Loved-one
Final Undertaking – New Evolution: Return After Life

Bury Body Underneath Respected Yard
Burrow Under Remains of Yore

Embalm Effort to Make Body Appear Like Mortal
Eviscerate Mortal Body And Leave Materials
Effect Makes Body Appear Like Mannequin
Egyptians Manipulate Body After Life, Mummify

Carcass Carrion, Animal Remains, Corpse Alone Sans Spirit

Crypt Cavernous Receptacle, Your Post-life Tomb

Tomb Talisman Over My Body

Pyre Place You Roast Everyone

Mortuary Manages Our Remains; Timely Undertaker’s Abode Readies You

Cemetery Chaste Earth, Memorials with Etched Tombstones, Epithets & Reminders of Yours

Vault Vacant Area UnderLining Tomb

Mausoleum Memorial Allows Upper Storage Of Loved-one Elevated Urn Marker

Urn Useful Receptacle – Nothing more

Ash Aftermath Since Heat
A Smoker’s Having-ness
After Singe Heap


Mortal Mankind, Organism Reincarnated Throughout A Lifetime

(lartoM) Lasting Awareness Relived Through One Moment

Finite Find Instances Now, Imagine Time Exists

(etiniF) Eternal Thought, Infinite Now, Is Forever

Low Lost. Over Won.
Lessen One’s Worth, Weight, Whatever

(woL) Why Opt Less?

Ugly Unseen Good Looks – Yikes!

(ylgU) You’re Like God. Understand?
You Look Good’nough Untouched
Your Love Graces Universes

Cruel Careless, Rude, Unkind, Evil, Lascivious

(lrueC) Love Renders Useless Every Cruelty

Evil 2 Everything Vile In Life

(live) Love Is Victorious Every-time
Life Is Very Enjoyable

Pain 2 Punitive Ache In Neck
Positive Admits Invasive Negative
Postulate Attenuation, Ignore Now

(niaP) Notice Instance Appoint Predicate
Now Imagine A Possibility
No, It Ain’t Permanent

War 2 Wound Any Resistance

(raw) Reason A Way


Hate 2 Harmful Attention, Turns Evil

(etaH) Evil Thoughts Are Heard
Embrace Truth And Heal
Envision Them As Help

Rage Rant Against Given Existence

(egaR) Enjoy Getting A Rise
Even God Allows Reactions
Eventually Gain A Responsibility

Fury Force Unleashed Rules You

(yruF) You’ll Rarely Understand Falsehoods

Anger Aggravation Noted Gets Even Riled

(regnA) Remember, Emoting Gets No-one Anywhere
Reasonable Expressions Grace Negative Annoyances

Plague Poison Lives Away Given Unforeseen Epidemic

(eugalP) Everyone Understand God Alloys Life’s Poisons
Evolve Until Grace And Love Prevail

Spasm Something Persists As Sporadic Motion/Madness

(msapS) Make Spine Accept Peaceful Serenity
Maintain Supple Application/Awareness Spiritually

Illness Imagine Losing Life; Now Envision Sustaining Sensation

(ssenllI) Summon Source, Energize Now, Let Love/Laughter In

Disease 2 Dread Imaged, Sensed, Expected, Avoided & Sustained Eventually

(esaesiD) Enter Space And Embrace See It Disappear
Every Sickness Abates Ever Since I Decide
Evil Slays As Evil Stays. It Destroys
Even Seeing An Evil Sting, I Don’t


Jealousy Joyless Envy, Almost Lose Own Universe, Selfless, You-less

(ysuolaeJ) You Suffice, Use One’s Love And Embrace Joy

Fear 2 Feel Enmity All ‘Round

(raeF) Realize Any Enmity Futile
Rejoice As Evil Fails
Recognize All Enemies Fall
Remember And Enjoy Forever

Doubt Don’t Outwit Understanding By Thinking

(tbuoD) Try Believing, Use Own Decision

Worry With-Out Rhyme or Reason, Yet
Welcome Overwhelm, Rehash Rightness, Yada-yada-yada

(yrroW) Your Reality Right Or Wrong

Suffer Strength Undermined, Fear Factor, Experience Rejection
Some Universe Fixates, Failed Effort Replays

(reffuS) Start Uniting Friends & Foes, Energize Recovery
Stop Using Foreign Forces, Expect Results

Loathe “Love” Only As Those “Hellions” Expel
Loss Of Any Tender Hearted Emotion

(ehtaoL) Love Only As The Heavens Expand
Love Oneself And Then Humanity Ever-after

Weapons Weaker Effort At Pushing One’s Notion Somehow

(snopaeW) Suppose Nations Offered Presidents As Emissaries of War

Destruction Denial, End Survival, Turn Reality Useless, Cause To Implode On Negation

(noitcurtseD) No One Is Terminated, Created Universes Reassign Things/Thoughts Somewhere Else – Dats-all!


A Any

Nice Neat Impression, Care Expressed
Notice I Communicate Effortlessly

Day Don’t Accumulate Yesters
Dawn Awaits You

Night Notice I Glow, Hover & Twinkle

Still Suspend Time, I Linger, Locate

Stillness Space & Time Immobile: Lasting Love, Now, Élan, Spirit, Source Settled, Transfixed In Long Lull, Now Enter Sensational Silence
Soul Takes In Life’s Lullaby, Nestled Ever So Serenely
Stop Trying, Intending, & Laboring: Let Now Exist, Sit Soul.
Stop Trifling, Impinging & Living: Let Noting Exist

Silence Sound Is Lowered, Ergo Noise Can’t Enter
Suspend Insouciant Loudness, Experience No Communication Elsewhere
Someone In Loving Embrace Now Caressing Existence
Someone Is Listening: Eventually Notices Calming Effect
Since I Love, Everyone No Complaints Enter
Since I’m Love, Every Noise Communicates Entirely
Since I’m Loved, Every Nature Can Entertain
Sentience In Life Experience: Now, Cause, Essence
Shut-It Lips! Enough Noise! Close Ears!

Noise Nothing Of Importance Surrounding Ears

Suppress Sit Upon, Pester Persistently, Resist Expression, Stop Someone/thing
Squash, Un-mock, Punish, Prevent, Repress, Stifle, Stress
Someone Uses Preventative Persuasion to Regulate Experience of Self Satisfaction
Self-Undoing, Power Put-down, Restrict Emotion, Sensory Shutoff
Stomp Until Powerless, Pain Rendered Every Single Second
Someone Usurps Power, Pitiful Results Endlessly Stopping Self
Self-Universe Perceived Powerless Reflected Emptiness Sensed Since


(sserppuS) Self-Start, Express Real Purpose & Pull Up Swinging
Stop Seeking Empowerment, Realize Personal Power & Use Some
Stand Spiritually Erect, Refuse Personal Putdowns Until Stopped
Sense Self Emerging Rather Prefer Personal Use of Space
Send Someone Else Running Pretty Please Unt Sugar
Soul-Search Erupts: Put Persecution Upon Shelf
Stiffen Spine, En-nerve, Rejuvenate, Push Past Usual Stops
Stand Straight, Express Reply, Punctuate Point, Use Spirit
Sit Still, Energize & Release Past Pain Until Senseless
Silently Strengthen Every Reason Possible to Pull Up Self
See, Silly: Every Relationship Potentially Puts Up Suppression
Sane Spirits Enjoy Relating, Playing… Past Using Suppression
Say So-long to Ever Relying Primarily on People. Unite Source

Sorry Sympathetic Old Response, Retract Yourself
Sluff Off Responsibilities & Regret Yesterday
Some Outworn Reason to Regret Yourself
Sad Observer Really ’d Rather Yawn
Sick Of Reining Responsibility Yourself

(yrroS) You’d Really Rather Own Something
You Remember: Rely On Self

Enough Edge Near One’s Use-up Good Humor
Every Need Once Unmet Goes Home

None Need Only- Nothing Else
Nullify One, Now Explain
No “One” Never Exists

(enoN) Entirety, Numberless One Now
Everything Noticeable Ongoing, Never-ending

All As Love Lasts
As Life Lives
As Lord Loves

Zero Zap Everything-Return to One

Itchy Imagine: Thought Causes Health…Yow-za!


Potential Production Output Tentative, Energy Neutral, Tension, Impending Action, Likelihood
Probability Of The Experience, Not Tested, Inert And Live
Possibility Of Trouble Exists, Not Totally In Agreement, Let’s-see…

Trouble Time Running Out, You Better Look Elsewhere
Tricky Route Outlined: Up, Below, Left – Everywhere
Think Rationally, Observe & Understand Before Leaping…Exit!!

(elbuorT) Evaluate & Look Beyond Until Outpoint Reveals Truth

Annoy Antagonize, Nudge, Needle, Oink, Yank
Any Negative Nags On You

(yonnA) You Only Need Not Answer

Annoyance A Nim-whit Nabs Onto You And Nullifies Chance of Enjoyment

(ecnayonnA) Embarrassment Chases Nim-wits Away: You Only Need Not Answer

Pest Particular Element Sticks To
Proven Enemy Still Trying
Past Effort Still Today’s

(tseP) Trouble Shoot, Expose Purpose
Try Stomping Every Point
Trust Self, Express, Pray

Bother Be Overbearing, Tease, Hinder, Explain Ridge
Behind One There Hides Evasive Resistance

(rehtoB) Remember, Every Hidden Thing Only Bows

Complaint Comes Once Main Purpose Loses Alignment In Negative Thought

(tnialpmoC) Turn Natter Into Action, Let Person Making Outcry Come-clean
Trust Natural Innate Ability, Let People Make Own Choices
Try Not Invalidating Any Logical Point, Move On Correction


Zombie Zoological Oddity: Mortified Body Insists it Exists

Goon Gross Outcrop Of… Nature?

Clown Comic Looking Optimist With Nose

Freak Familial Resemblance to Elephant-man, Attila & Kong

Adonis Attractive Dude, Only Narcissistic, Impudent & Selfish

Siren Seaside Intrigue Reels Entire Navy

Vixen Very Intense Experienced Erotic Nude

Stag Strong, Tough Available Guy

Nymph Nice Young Maiden Pretty Have-able

Nymphomaniac Nude Yearning to Mate & Play Hard Over Many Amorous Nights,
Isn’t Anti-Climatic

Satyr Sex Addict Too Young to Rest

Sadist Seems Almost Dictatorial, Is Secretly Tiny

Masochist Menial Ashamed Subservient Obedient Coward Hovelled In Snare Trap

Slut Soul Lost Until Tricked

Whore Woman Has Over Romanced Everyone

Hooker Hire Only Once. Keep Eyes on Rearview

Hustler Hunk Uses Sex To Loot Every Renter

Prostitute Pro Rassler Of Sex Trade, It Tears Up Traveling Execs

John Just One Horny Nerd

Trick Taunt Right Into Chance Kiss


Face Exit And Run
Find Encroaching Apparency Real
Fixed Existence Around Ridge
Find Each Apple Rotten
Feel Enemy Approaching Rear
False Estimate, Awareness Reversal
Feel Envy And Regret
Flee, Escape, Avoid Ramifications
Focus Eyes At Rear
Feelin’ Everything Ain’t Right
Fight Expression And Rue
Flow Energy Against Rightness
Favorite Emotion Among Runts
Feeling Every Adulterer Resists
Fling Evil Attention ‘Round
Failure, Envy, Apathy, Resentment
Falsify, Evade, Attack, Ruin
Fuel Emptiness And Refill
Frenzied Emotion, Always Reversible
Feel Edgy, Annoyed, Ridgey
Fangs Extended—Arms Raised
Foe Entertained And Reviled
Flimsy Excuse As Reason
Face Every Accuser Rears
Find Evident As Ruse
Follow Evasive Action Regularly
Flood Expected After Rain
Figure Even Angels Repulsed
Flu Endured As Reward
Flinch @ Every Alarm Rung
Finger Extended At Responsibility
Fudge Effect And Renege
Fidget Even At Rest
Fuss—Eek–Always Rely
Faith Escaped, Although Regarded
Finality Envisioned And Resisted
For Experience Appoint Ruler
Feel Expectations Aren’t Reachable
Finite Experience Anticipated Regularly
Figure Eternity Awaits Retribution
Foresee Ever After Rejection


(raeF) Run At Entrance Flaming
Realize Apparent Exists Falsely
Rid Annoyance, Enter Fun
Ripen Apple, Eat Fulfillment
Raid Approaching Enemy Freely
Revere, Awe, Embrace, Fancy
Regret and Envy? Foo-ey!
Ramrod Approach, Enter Fiercely
Refocus All Eyes Front
Rightness At Every Fingertip
Runts Aren’t Ever Followed
Respect Adulthood, Enjoy Friends
Raise Attention, Extend Focus
Regard Angry Emotions & Forgive
Ruin Attack’s Effect; Face-it.
Replenish, Amplify Energy Flow
Reflect Antagonism, Express Fondness
Rip Away Edgy Feelings
Return Arms – End Fight
Revere And Entertain Family
Right Answers Excuse Foibles
Rearrange Accuser’s Envious Face
Rewrite All Evidence Factually
Reign Above, Encourage Followers
Rain Actually Expedites Flooding
Receive Angelic Empathies First
Rewards Await Endured Fervors
Run After Every Flicker…
Responsibility Accepted At Fingertips
Re-deal And Evince a Full-house
Rest And Eat, Feast
Rely Anytime on Eternal Father
Rekindle Awareness, Expand Faith
Rejoin All, Experience Freedom,
Rule Alongside Ever Fairly
Realities Are Exemplified Feelings
Regulate Anticipation: Exchange Fineness’
Reunions Await Every Fellow
Roam Around, Explore Future
Remember: All Ends-up Fine
Rise And Enjoy Forever


School Students Come Here; Observe, Obey & Learn
Study Can Help One Out in Life
Some Courses Held Over One’s Lifetime
System’s Classes Hone Our Own Leaders
Send Children Here, or, Out Of Luck

College Choose One’s Lane in Life; Enter, Get Educated

Class Combine Like Ages, Same School
Chosen Line of Approach on Some Subject
Caliber Leagues Above Similar Snobs

Study Scour The Universe, Discover Yourself
Spend Time Until Data’s Yours

Teach Transfer Enlightenment And Communicate How

Learn Live, Experience, Apply, Remember…No notes

Lesson Life Etches Some Sense Onto Noggin

Grade Given Rating After Doing Exam
General Rank As Degree’s Earned
Gentle Rises And Downfalls – Echelon

Test Thorough Examination of Some Truth

Pass Post Another Star Sticker
Performance Achieves Set Standards
Pull Around & Step-on-it-Sister
Push Away — Sit Still

Flunk Forgot Lesson, Used No Knowledge
Feel Like U Never Knew

Degree Did Everything, Got Read, Earned Escape

Diploma Documentation Explaining General Range of Expected Expertise


Freshman First Rule: Everyone’s Superior Here… Make A Niche

Sophomore Sent On, Passed, Had Orientation, Moved One Rung in Education

Junior Jumped Up: New Intern On Runway

Senior Seen Everything Now, Inside-Out Resource

Home Habitat Offers Mutual Existence
Haven One Makes Everyday
Have Own Main Establishment
Heaven’s Open Mansions: Enter

Room Remnant Of One Mansion

Roof Railings Over One’s Floor
Ramps Overhead; Otherwise, Flats

Wall Where Area’s Limits Link
What-if A Line Lifted
Where All Limits Live

Door Device Opens Other Room

Hall Housed Aisle, Lane, Link
Huge Area for Legions & Legends

Path Perhaps Another Tracked Here
Place Ample Traffic Happens
Plowed Aisle Through Hindrances

Trail Track Remaining After Impression Left
This Runs Anywhere If Lost
Trace Rear, Approach In Line

Porch Place One Rocks Close to Home

Patio Party Area: Tiled, Inviting, Outdoors

Lawn Last Area Weeds Needed


Enchantment Enthralling Newness, Childlike Happiness Awards Nice Thoughts,
Magically Everything Nourishes Thee

Magic Mesmerize All, Great Illusion, Craft
Make Anything Go Invisible on Command
Moment A Genie Is Commissioned
My Angels Giving Inspirations & Choices
Maybe A Given Isn’t Convinced
Maneuver Appearances, God’s Invisible Connection
Make Abilities Generate Imagined Cause
Manipulate Audience Gingerly Involve Con
Manifest Awe, Give Incredible Curtain-call

Miracles Make Ideas Really Appear, Conceive Loving Every Situation
My Imagination Realizes A Cure, Lives Extended Spiritually
Many Injuries Repaired And Cured, Love Enters & Succeeds
Move Impending Roadblocks And Clear Lanes Ever So
Merriment In Realms of Angels, Come Like Early Spring

Craft Conjure, Render And Fine Tune
Covens Recently Attacked For This

Knack Know Nothing And Create Know-how

Art Aesthetics Representing Thought
Admirable Rare Talent
Aesthetic Reproduction – Truth
Any Rendering Treasured
Archaic Relic Touted
Affinity Relates To

Talent Turn A Liability into Entirely New Thing
Trust Ability Like Easy Natural Thing
Teach A Latent Essence New Tricks
Takes A-lot Less Effort & No Thought

Artistic Aesthetic Representation Transmits Itself Seeking Truth, Impingement & Communication

Aesthetic An Essential Sentience That Humanity Enjoys Though Ideal Consciousness


Demure Doesn’t Extend Much, Usually Rather Embarrassed

(erumeD) Even Rouge is Used to Make-up Embarrassment, Darling

Shy Something Hiding You

(yhS) Yell, Holler, Shout
Yell Hello Sometimes

Timid Too Introverted to Make Impression or Dent

(dimiT) Decide, I Mean It This time!

Sheepish See How Everyone Else Performs Instead of Self-Helping

(hsipeehS) Head Start: Intention Precedes Every Effort. Happy Sailing!

Embarrassed Error Made, Blush As Redness Races, Admit Social Suicide, Escape Doomed

(dessarrabmE) Deny Everything; Shoot a Smile And Return Regal As a Baby Monkey in Ermine

Ashamed Admit Something Harmed And Made to Endure Degradation

(demahsA) Dammit, Everyone Makes A Hundred Stupid Accidents

Modest Moderately Over-Dramatic; Especially Showing Thyself

(tsedoM) Talk Straight… Eventually Demand Own Moment

Bashful Bowed And Shameful, Hiding Flame, Under Lit

(lufhsaB) Lighten Up For Heaven’s Sake And Be!

Withdrawn With Intention To Hide; Deny Reach Across, Will Negated

(nwardhtiW) Now, Without Any Reason, Do Heinous Things In the Window


Nemesis Nuisance, Enemy, Menace, Evil Spirit, Invalidation, Suppression
Name Every Meanie Earns Since I Separated

(sisemeN) Surprise Infuriates Suppressors – Especially Mockery. Enjoy Now
Send Invitations, Send E-Mail. Exclude No-one.

Nuisance Nags Until It Seems As Nothing Can Evade

(ecnasiuN) Explain Clearly: Noise Annoys. Stand In-line Until Noticed

Menace Meddling Encroachment, Nearly Always Causes Emergencies

(ecaneM) Eye Carefully And Note Every Mistake

Bully Beats Up Littler Lads: Yellower
Brag Until Life Licks You

(ylluB) You’ll Live Longer UnBeaten
Your Larger Love Understands Bravery

Fiend Foe Inching Ever Nearer, Disguised

(dneiF) Delivering Negative Energy Is Folly
Discover, Name, Expose, Intercept & Fire
Discover. Name, Expose, Improve & Forgive

Cur Criminal Until Rehabbed

(ruC) Retrain Using Caution
Remove Upset Cause
Rehabilitate Until Caring/Considerate

Cad Cajoler And Denier
Crooked And Devious

(daC) Disconnect And Confine
Disclose All Crimes
Deliver Appropriate Communication
Develop A Cure
Divine Answers Come
Divine Awareness Cleanses


Traitor Turns Right Around And Invalidates Trust or Rule

(rotiarT) Ring Out Treasonous Intentions And Re-Train

Foil Fixed On Intention – Loose

(lioF) Look In One’s Face
Let It Out Fast
Leave It On Floor
Losers Insist On Forgiveness
Life Includes Our Failures
Love Is Overlooking Fault

Fink Falsely Identify Next-of-Kin

(kniF) Knuckle Nose Into Fist
Know Nothing Is Final

Rat Reverse A Trust

(taR) Try Applying Responsibility
Truth Always Remains/Reigns

Liar Liability In Any Realm
Libelous Idiot Afraid of Reality
Lost In A Responsibility
Lets Illusion Appear Real
Life Isn’t As Rendered
Lives In A Ruse
Lips Inverted And Rambling
Left Instead of A Right
Like, It Actually…er…Ran

(raiL) Remember: As Is Lives
Remember: As Isn’t Locks
Restraints Are In Line
Records Are Imbedded in Lives
Repeat Answers In Light
Raised Awareness Is Lighter
Reason Asked Is Lesson
Reality Always Is Love


Unconditional Universal Now: Carry On — Never Damn, Infinite Trust In Oneness – New Awareness of Love/Life

Conditional Can One Not Do Its Thing In One’s Name And Live?
Consequence Of Not Devoting Infinite Trust In Oneness, Not Allowing Life/Love

Condition Casual Observation Notes Dents In Things, Ideas, Outcomes & Nature
Carry On Night & Day In Training, Intent On Notoriety
Careful Outflow, Nice Details Interwoven To Improve, Own, or Nullify

Conduct Carriage One Never Denies, Unless Caught Traipsing
Control Orchestra, Noise Descends Unless Checked & Tuned
Carry Out New Directions Under Controlled Trials

Behavior Being-ness, Energy, Having-ness — All Very Intentional Observable Responses
Bending Events: How A Viewpoint Insists On Results
Body Eventually Hands A Volition Its Own Rightness
Being Evidently Has A Valid, Intended Operative Reason

Manner Method Acting: Nice or Naughty, Eloquent or Rude

Manners Mind, And Notice Niceness Earns Respect… Sometimes

Nice Neatness In Caused Effects

Naughty No-no; Although, Usually Gives High To You
Not Allowed, Unless God Has Titillating Yuk

Eloquent Easy Lesson: One Quits Using Energy Not Theirs’

Eloquence Elevate Life: Observe Quintessential Uniqueness in Everyone’s Nature: Class Expressed

Rude Regardless: Utterly Disgusting Enturbulation

(eduR) Even Donkeys Understand Respect


Demon Dreamed Entity Makes Outrageous Nightmares
Definitely Enturbulates Mind, Once Noticed
Doesn’t Exist, Monster Out of Nowhere
Deemed Evil, Master Over Nothing
Decide Ever More: One or No-one

(nomeD) Nobody Obeys Monsters, Except Dummies
No One Made Evil Deities
No One Must Endure Devilishness
Name Over Mirror Every Day
Now Overcome Meanies: Enjoy Decision

Rival Rejoices If Victorious Against Loser
Resistance Invented to Vie At the Line

(laviR) Learn And Value Information Regained
Let All Victories Include Responsibility
Lead And Validate In the Ring

Partner Person Always Ready To Nurture, Encourage & Respond
Perhaps A Reason To Never Expect Raid/Ruin
Plant A Real Trust Nearby & Enjoy Results
Perfect Affinity, Rather Than Not Enjoy Relationship

Kiss Kept In Someone’s Smile
Keep It Something Special
Kinship Is So Sweet

Hug Hold Until Graced
Heaven’s Universal Grip
Hell’s Undoing – Grace
Help Us Gather
How Understanding Grabs
Hold Uniting God
Have Unity Gently
Helps Undo Grievances
Hand Up Goodness
Heal: Use Gingerly
Hearts Unite Gracefully


Sin 2 Seeking Illusory Need
Sticking In Negatives
Soul In No-no
Self In Not

(niS) Now Is Sufficient
Now I See
Never Invite Sorrow
Not Is Subordinate
Nothing Is Serious
Need I Say-more?

Hate 2 How Anger Turns Envy
Hide A Treasonous Experience
Harbor A Treacherous Expression

(etaH) Everything Answers To Heaven
Expand thy Awareness & Heal
Express Truth, Answer Honestly
Ever Try Admiration, Hot-stuff?

Satan 3 Stays Awake To Annoy Nice-folk

(nataS) No-one Asked To Admit Sinfulness
Now Answer This? Anyone See Him?
Nothing’s As Terrible As it Seems Never Allow Thought to Annoy Self
Notice Another Thing About Self

Trap 2 Tie Ropes Around Prisoners
Take Reason Away fro Perception
Trick Rigged, Ambush, Predicament
Tough Relocating A Path

(part) (That’s a key: Command it to) PART!
Pick A Route & Take-it
Persistent Alertness Replaces These
Patience: A Rescuer’s Thinking
Practice Awareness, Relieve Thyself
Pull Away, Ridges Tumble
Plant A Right Thought
Pray And Really Trust


Hell 2 Have Envious Love Life
Here, Everything Loses Luster
Here, Everyone Lacks Love
Hiding Essence, Looking Lost
Have Emotions Left Lurking
Heaven’s Echo: “Love-it, or Leave-it.”

(lleH) Let Life Enjoy Having-ness
Leave Lust & Envy Hanging
Look Life in the Eye – Hello!
Lighten Load, Enjoy Hereafter
Love Leads Everyone Heavenward
Love’s Last Eventual Hug

Lie 2 Leap Into Excuses

(eiL) Eventually I’ll Learn
Evidence In Light

Denial 2 Deem Every Nasty Insinuation A Lie

(laineD) Look, Actually, I Never Even Did-it.
Let All In; Now Enjoy Doing

Lose 2 Leave Out Something, Erase

(esoL) Extend Search, Observe & Listen
Explore Self Once Located

Bad 2 Be A Dick

(daB) Develop A Bond
Destroy A Boogie-man
Donate A Bunch
Deliver A Blessing
Don’t Ask… Bewilder
Do Anything Becoming
Dote A Bit
Drive Around Barriers
Deflect Any Bothers
Dear Angel, Be-loved


Insane 2 Is Nuts: Self-Away-ness, Now Exiting

(enasnI) Enjoy Now, Awake, Self Needs I-D
End Neediness: Almighty Spirit Notices It
Entertain Neighbors, As Someone Needs Inspiration

Darkness Dim All Regions, Keep Not in Eyesight or Sun Shine

(ssenkarD) Spirit Source Enlightens, Keep Aware & Reflect Delights

Devil 2 Dimwit Enjoys Vile Images Lustily

(liveD) Look, It’s Very Easy…Don’t-go-there!

Die 2 Deliverance… I Exfoliate.

Greed 2 Gluttonous Reach Exceeds Edible Diet

(deerG) Don’t Eat Everything. Remember Gas?

Neediness Not Every Emptiness Deems It Necessary to Endure Self Sacrifice

(ssenideeN) Sell Something. Earn. Now, I Demand Even Exchange, No-more.

Need 2 Notice Envious Emotion Dawdles

(deeN) Dot Every Eye, Numbskull
Donate. Exchange. Expect Nothing

Poor 2 Pooped… Out Of Resources

(rooP) Reservoir Of One Provides

Poverty 2 Put Out Very Early; Regret Tomorrow Yesterday

(ytrevoP) You Trade Riches Evenly…Very Obvious Policy

Worry 2 Way Of Ruining Reality Yourself

(yrroW) You’d Really Rather Own World (Wouldn’t you?)


Ill 2 I Look Lost
I’m Losing Life

(llI) Love Life Itself
Look Like “I”
Let Light In
Laugh Lots: Impinge
Live Loving Infinitely
Let Love Improve
Leave Lost Items
Locate Lingering Issues
Leave Lot Indefinitely
Lead Life Inspired
Lay Low… It’ll-pass.

Sick 2 Sought Immediate Care… Killed-it.

(kciS) Kick Cure, I’m Swell!

Insecure 2 I Need Someone Else’s Creations, Understanding, Rules, Essence

(erucesnI) Everyone Rightfully Understands Cause & Effect… So, No Ifs…
Enjoy Rights: Use, Create, Enlighten, See Now Indefinitely

Ruin 2 Run Under: Invalidate, Nullify

(niuR) Next, Imagine Universal Rummage sale
Nothing Is Un Redeemable

Wrong 2 Wrench Right Off – No Good

(gnorW) God Never Omits Right Will
Go Now, Oneness Rights World

Cry 2 Can’t Redo Yesterday
Claim Regret Yourself

(yrC) You Really Cared
You’re Right: Care


Bitter Bite In, The Tongue Expresses Remorse
Better, If The Thing Eaten, Reversed
Best If Taste-Tested Earlier & Ripened

(rettiB) Remember: Everything That’s Tasted Is Bitten

Sweet Something We Enjoy Every Time

Sour Seems Over Used – Rancid

(ruoS) Restore, Use Own Seasoning

Tart Tangy: Almost Removes Teeth

(traT) Try Rinsing Away Taste

Hurt 2 Hold Unexpressed Resentment Taut

(truH) Take Responsibility Until Healed

Sorrow 2 Sadness Over-Run, Regrets, Old Woe

(worroS) Walk Over Remaining Ruin Onto Something
Windows Open — Refresh Room – Oh! Sunshine!
Whatever Occurred, Remains Rested… Okay, Smile!

Addiction 2 Attached Deep Dependence Into Certain Thing, Only Needier

(noitciddA) No Overwhelms, If The Course Is Decided During Awake-time
Notice: Once I Taste Certain Intoxicants, Days Dim Accordingly
Now On, I Take Care: I Deliberately Direct Attention/Affections

Weep 2 When Eyes Eliminate Pain/People/Past

(peeW) Peek-a-boo… Everyone’s Eyes Wash.

Envy 2 Ever Nagging Vicious Yearning

(yvnE) You’re Very Nicely Endowed


Grief 2 Gloom Rears It’s Evil Face
Good Riddance Is Essentially Feared
Gone, Remembered In Rueful Fondness
Gullies Rained In Eye Floods

(feirG) Feelings Express Instant Relay to God
Figure Every Identity Regrets Going
Find Every Instance Reveals Grace

Apathy 2 “All Possibilities Are Through,” He Yawned.

(yhtapA) You’ll Have To Awaken Perceptics Again
You’d Hate To Admit, Perhaps, Afraid?

Despair 2 Don’t Even Save Pieces: All Is Ruined

(raipseD) Raise Arms In Praise…See Emergencies Disappear

Hostility Hate One’s Self Till It Looks Impossible To Yield

(ytilitsoH) You Trust In Life: It Takes Self Over Humps

Resent Reserve Emotions: Seem To Endure Now Tediously

(tenseR) True Emotions Never Said Eventually Rot
Truthfully Examine: Now Sit & Explain Reason

Hide 2 How I Disguise Everything

(ediH) Everything’s Divulged In Heaven
Enjoy Doing It Here

Theft 2 Try Hiding Every Ferreted Thing

(tfehT) Take Freely, Except Have Trade

Cheat Can’t Have, Except As Trickery

(taehC) Those Able Earn Heavenly Choices
The Almighty Evens Handed Cards


Crime 2 Covetous Rationale Invents Menial Experience

(emirC) Every Moment Is Recorded & Corrected

Frown 2 Fear Running One Way… Neck-ward

(nworF) Nothing’s Worth Owning Rigid Face
Now, Wink, Open Rest of Face

Cower 2 Cut Out Walking… Eventually Run

(rewoC) Rear Exits Won’t Open Channels
Receive Every Wound On Chest

Felony Find Easy Loot… Only, Not Yours

(ynoleF) You’ll Never Outrun Life, Eternal Friend

Shit 2 See How I’m Treated?

(tihS) Try Imagining Helping Self

Doubt 2 Don’t Opt Usual Belief: Trepidation

(tbuoD) Try Being Until One Does

Fail 2 Feel As If Lost

(liaF) Life Is A Flow
Lesson In A Fumble
Leaves In Autumn Fall
Listen… I Am Forever/Fine/Fair/Forgiving
Look, It Appears Finished
Like, I’m Actually Finite
Life’s Illusions Are Frail
Let It All Follow
Let In A Friend
Love Isn’t A Fixture
Love Is Always Findable
Light It And Fan


Bomb 2 Blow Out Matter Below
Blast Of Mass – Bigtime

(bmoB) Be More Open: Behave
Blame Mess On Bush
Blast Masters: Osama-Bush
Blind Masses Over Buildings
Big Mystery Outlined Beforehand
Bring Maker’s Original Blueprints
Bears Mark Of Brotherhood
Bury Mankind’s Outworn Beliefs
Bring My Own Back
Be Messengers Of Blessings
Be Merciful Over Battlefield
Believe Me: One Brotherhood
Bewitch Mind Of Beast
Be My Oneness, Beloved

Blast Blow Life Away… Splatter Things
Big Little Atomic Surprise Turnout
Bombastic Loud Atom Smashing Thingy

(tsalB) Test Situation A Little Beforehand
Try Soothing All Lingering Blisters
Tell Someone About Last Bombing
Try Settling Affairs Like Big-people
Try Sex/Singing/Survival After Losing Body
Trust Self And Let Be

Coup Complete Overthrow, Uproot Power
Complaint Of Unusual Proportion

(puoC) Protect Unity Of Citizens
Pull Us Out Of Chaos
Patch Up Old Cracks
Pray Until Oneness Comes
Prevent Use Of Coercion
Peace, Universal Order, Calm
Put Up Or Clam-up
Pardon Us, Our Civilization
Pack Up Own Camp


Sect Separate Experience Chosen Together
Similar Extension of Communal Thought
Seekers Especially Called Together

Cult Collective Unit of Lusty Thinkers
Coven Unless Legally Tax-exempt
Clique Unusually Loyal & Tied/Tired/Tried
Contained Unless Led Toward
Closed Until Leader Taps
Choice Up-to Leader’s Taste
Concentrated Unity, Led Time
Cause Understood Like Testaments
Creativity Usually Limited There
Can’t Understand Loving/Leaving Them
Control Using Life Themes
Control Used Like Theology
Convincing, Uplifting Life Theories
Cash Usurped, Lots Tithed
Can’t Use Like Thought
Can’t Utter Lessons Taught
Care Under Looser Terms
Corrected Understanding of Lingo Taught
Careful Use of Laws Throughout
Company Undergoes Lifetime Training
Complaints Usually Libelous & Treasonous

Code Communication Of Disguised Elements
Conduct Observed During Employment

Creed Commitment Rationale, Expectations Engraved & Documented

Oath Orally Avow Trust Held

Pledge Promise Loyalty… Elongate Devotion… Grant Exclusivity
Peon, Lower in Education; Does Goofy Exercises

Pact Peace Accord, Cohesive Truce
Peace Awaits: Come Together


Vow Voice One’s Will
Verify Own Utterance
Validate Our Worth

Promise Postulate Reality Once: May It Survive Evermore
Pave Road Onward… Make It Straightforward & Endless
Plant Rest Of Matter Into Somewhere Else
Please Rely On Me…It’s So Easy
Potential Realized Once Matter Is So Expressed

Aver Allow Voice Elocutionary Righteousness

Avow Adamant Veracity Of One’s Word

Admit Alright; Did-it Myself…It’s True
At Doorway, Make It Through

Assert Announce Something: See Everyone Remembers That

Affirm A Factual Finding Is Regarded & Made

Profess Pour Reasoning Out, Find Everybody Seems Studious

Declare Deliver Effective Communication Loud And Ring Ears

Claim Choice Little Acre Is Mine
Court’s Lean against Indebted Man
Collection Letter Asking Invoiced Money/Materials
Can Look Able In-a-Minute

State Say Truth And Tell Easily
Some Territory Attached To Earth

Swear Say Words Every Attorney Repeats
Solemn Words Earn A Ring
Sign Will: Ever After Remembered
Say What Everyone Assumes Rude
Some Wish Expressed As Reality
Still Wed, Even After Reasons…
Stay, When Easy Ain’t Right
Stand, With Exceptions At Rear
Stick, Where Excuses All Ran


Church Come Home, Unite, Rejoice, Celebrate, Heal
Come Here; Understand Real Cause, Hereafter
Communion Hub Used Regularly to Call Home
Celebrate Heaven Under a Roof; Connect Humanity
Can’t Harm Unless Righteous & Critical of Humans
Can Help/Hinder Understanding Regarding Choices of the Heart
Consider How Using Religion Can Help

Religion Remember: Every Life Is Given/Graced/Godly, In One Name
Rejoin/Rejoice! Eternal Life Is Generic… It’s Our Nature
Realize: Everyone Lives In God’s Infinite, Omnipotent Now
Re-Enter Light…It’s Glow Is On Now
Re-Experience Love: It’s Grace — It’s Our Name
Relax…Even Let It Go… I’m One-hell-of-a Navigator

Chapel Can Help A Prayer Engage Life
Cupid’s Home: A Place Everyone Loves

Synagogue So, You’re Not A Gentile Or Goy… Uh…Enter!

Cathedral Catholics Adore These: Hell, Every Dime Raised Adds Loveliness
Construction Ascends Toward Heaven — Every Detail Reaches Almighty Levels
Can Angels Tell How Every Dollar Raised Advanced Love?
Certainly Aesthetic; The Holiest Establishment; Definitely Royal Architectural Landmark

Castle Create A Stone Tower… Live Exclusively

Royal Reign Over You As Lord

Royalty Regal Ones You All Let Tax You

King Kong – If Not God

Queen Quite Unpredictably Earned Exceptional Name

Prince Potential Ruler, Is Next Crowned…Eventually
Papa’s Reigning Incumbent…. Name on Crown: “Eldest”

Princess Pretty Rich Ingénue… Nice… Can’t Even Spell “Salad.”


Duke Dude Under King… Envious

Duchess Dame Under Crowned Heads: Envious, Smart & Sassy

Earl England’s Answer to Royal Lackey

Dame Doll At Mobster’s Elbow
Dressy Aged Maiden…Eye-full

Barron Big Arrogant Rich Rude Old Nerd

Baroness Bawdy And Rich, Often Notorious, Exhibitionist in Shiny Slippers

Sir Senior In Rank

Madam Married And Divorced… Actually Mistress

Lord Looks Over Rented Domain

Lady Lovely Adorable Damsel… Yet

Lass Lost At She, Sister

Lad Little Audacious Dude

Brat Bothers Relatives All the Time

Knight King’s Noble In Gear… Heavy Though

Dowager Doddering Old Woman: All’s Gone Except Riches

Dragon Dreaded Reptile: A Gaseous Old Nuisance

Griffin Guards Rooftops: It Flew & Fought In Novels

Crown Crested Regalia Over Wearer’s Noggin

Crest Certifies Royalty – Extra Special Tapestry
Colgate’s Rival: Evidently Sells Toothpaste
Catch Rise, Enjoy Surfing This


JFK John/Jacquelyn Faced Killer
Jointly, Feds Killed
Johnson’s Fuel/Fields Kept

LBJ Loathed By Jacquelyn

MLK Mankind’s Last King
Message Left & Kept

VIP Very Impatient Person

PHD Pretty Huge… Degree

FDR Federal Deficit Reserve

IRS Illegitimate Royal Scam

FBI For Being Insecure

CIA Covertness/Coercion In Action/America

INC. “I’m Named Corporately”
LTD. (London Translation: Ditto)

SOS Send Out Signal
Sound Of Stress
Some One Save
Save One’s Self
Seek One Solution
Stick On Something
Same Old Situation
Suffer, Or, Survivor?
Sucker, Or, Savior?
Seek One’s Salvation
Strike Out Shouting
Self On Shelf
Ship On Sand
See Only Seriousness
Stuck On Stupid
Sold Out Soul
Still One Source


Can Cause Awareness/Ability/Action Now
Create Anything New
Communicate Affinity, Nevertheless
Clear A Narrowing
Chop Away Negativity
Chuckle At No
Concentrate And Navigate
Civilize And Negotiate
Cease Any Nastiness
Calm A Nerve
Call A Neighbor
Cancel All Nullification
Cast A Net
Count Again, Nit-wit
Center And Notice
Chip A Notch
Call Angels Near
Call Anytime, Now

Can’t Constantly Answer, “No Thanks.”
Complain And Not Try
Create Any Negative Think
Cancel Any Nice Thought
Convinced A No’s There
Cough At New Things
Cheat And Not Tell
Conceal, Avoid, Negate Truth
Come Away, “Nice Try.”
Consider Alone: Never Trust
Crave Addiction: Need Things
Come Apart: Not Together
Chill Any Nurturing Touch
Carry A Numb Thumb
Cry Aloud Near Tavern
Compost At Next Tomb
Confront Again…Now, Try
Concoct A New Trick
Clean Auto-Nix Thingy
Chances Are Never Taken
Choose Anything: Nourish That
Call Almighty Next Time


Do 2 Divine Order

Don’t Divine Order Not Trusted

Will 2 Wish In LifeLine

Won’t Would, Only Not Today

Has Honor A Situation

Hasn’t Hide Away… Self Not There

Is 2 In Space
In Sight
I Sense….

Isn’t “It’s Simply Not True!”
I say, “Not There.”
I See NoThing
(In Saying… Notice Trick)

Are All Realizations Everywhere

Aren’t All Realizations Everywhere Not Thought

Had Held Attention Dimension
Hid A Dream

Hadn’t Have Attention Distracted… Now, Think…

May Mild Attention Yield

Maybe Muddles All You Believed Everytime
Mish-mash; Anytime You Become Enturbulated
Makes A “Yet” Become Eternal
March Against Your Bravest Effort
Mental Annoyance: You’d Better Escape
Much Ado You Blew — Eschew!
“Mmmm… Ain’t Yer BestEst…
MAY; But, Easy-does-it
Might Allow Yourself to Buy Everything
Marry As You, Before Eloping


Could Considered Once, Until Lost Determination

Couldn’t Carried On Until Lost Determination Nixed the Trip

Would Will Outdone, Usually Lacking Doing-ness

Wouldn’t Wished Out: Used Last Desire, Not Thinking

Should Someone Higher Ordered Universal Law: “Do-it!”

Shouldn’t Self Have Own Understanding: Loathe Dogma: Needn’t Try

Shall See How A Lot Live

Shan’t See Here: Alternatives Not Trustworthy

Ain’t As I Never Thought

He’d Handyman’s Expressed Desire

He’ll Handyman’s Explanation: “…’Lot-o’-Labor.”

He’s Handyman’s Expertise: “Shinola”

I’d I/It Dreaming

I’ll I Lengthen Likelihood

I’m In Mind/In Me
I/It Materializing

It’ll I Think: “Looks Likely”

It’s I Think So

She’d See Her Envision Doing

She’ll SomeHow Explains Ladies’ Luck

She’s Spirit Has Entered Sisterhood


Thy Thought Had… Yours

Thee Thy Heavenly Essence Experienced

Them Think How Else Matters

These Things Here – Especially Selected Entities

Those “This” Has Other Siblings Elsewhere

They Things Here, Except You
(Flirtatioth greeting to Thailorth)

They’d Thoughts Had Everywhere You Denied

They’ll Thoughts Here – Except Yours – Look Likely

They’re That’s How Everything You Recognize Exists

Their Things Held Elsewhere…Its Relative

We 2 “Way” Experience

We’d Wish Entertained & Duplicated

We’ll Why Everyone Likes/Loathes Lotto

We’re Way Empathetic Regards Existence

We’ve “With” Experienced – Validated Exchange

Were We Exited, Remembrance Entered

Weren’t Was Erased: Refused Events Never Thought

Was Went Away Somehow

Wasn’t When A Snap-shot’s Not Taken
Where A Sense Never Touched
Wait A Second, No Time
Way Anxious Sense Now, Then
Wished Away & Sees No Tomorrow


Sale Something’s Available, Let’s Exchange
Smaller Amount: Larger Economy
Sign Always Lowers Earnings
Snatch And Leave Euphoric
Sell At Less Effort

Sell Something Exchanged Leaves Lot
Sometimes-Elocutionary Loose Lip
See Easy-Looking Likelihood
Seize Economics: Leave Loaded
Sense Earth Lacks Leadership

Sold Somebody Offered ‘Lotta Dough
Sale’s Over: Let’s Drink
Some Objection’s Last Day

Buy Bring Unto You
By Using Yen
Bid Until Yours
Barter Unacceptable…Ya-need-cash!

Bought Bid On Unit: Got Home Thinking
Better Off Using God’s Help – Trust

Barter Bargain About Relative Things Equally Redeemable
Bring A Rooster To Exchange a Roaster
Banter Around Resources Till Everything’s Right

Trade Turn Resources Around, Doing Exchange
Try Raising A Dwindling Economy
Title Rendered And Deed Exchanged
Transaction Requires Accounting Done: Economics

Swap Switch With A Person

Steal Space, Time, & Energy All Lifted
Someone Takes Everything As Loot

Snatch See Nice Article… Take Clutch-Hold
Suddenly Nab And Tighten Closed Hand
Something Noticeable About The Crotch Hair


Channel Concentrate: Heavenly Awareness Now Near Everyone Living
Conduit: Here Angels Never Need Extra Line
Communicate: Heaven’s Angels Now Near Ears… Listen
Connect Home And Notice Now Everyone’s Loving/Loved
Canal Has A Noticeable Natural, Effortless Line
Concentrate: Hear Answers Now… Never Ending… Live
Connection: Heaven And Nature’s Nearest Exchange Line

Intuit I Now Translate Universe Into Thought
I Now Transfer Understanding Into Thee
Infinite Now: Trust Until It Ticks
I’m Now Talking…”U-In There?”
Imagine Not Thinking Until I Talk
Idea Necessary To Understand Infinite Truth
I Need To Use It Thoughtfully/Thoughtlessly
It’s Not There Until It’s Thought
It’th not Thinked Until It’th Thunk

ESP Every Soul Possesses
Especially Sensitive People
Every Single Person
Engage Spiritual Pipeline
Enter Spirit’s Path
Ears Sense Presence
Eyes See Periphery
Enjoy Special Perceptions
End Suffering & Pain
End Self Pity/Put-downs
Each Silent Prayer
Everlasting Signals Provided
End Stupidity… Perceive
En-Smarten, Pa-lease!
Eek Sensory Peek
Even Simpletons Possess
Expand Self Potential
Every Solution Possible
Expect Super-natural Probabilities
Ethereal Saintly Passion
Egos Slide Past


ESP (cont.) Enter Silence Please
Enter Special Place(s)
Essence, Serenity, Peace
Exterior Spiritual Probe
End Scientific Problems
Earth Still Plodding
Eventually Saves Planet
Evidence Sans Present
Every Sense Participates
Energized Space Particles
Employee Senses Pay-raise/cut
Endless Self-Provision

Telepathy Transfer Essence; Life Energy Perceives A Thought, Hear Yourself

Pray 2 Postulate Reality Alone, Yourself
Place Right Answers Yet
Possibilities Realized Awaken You
Put Righteousness Aside & Yearn

Pout Personally Owning Useless Tension
Put Out Ugly Thoughts
Person Out Under Tree
Put Off Until Troubled
Push-Over, Usually Timid
Persona Of Unused Talent
Punish Oneself Until Tired
Party Over Until Tomorrow
Pour Over Unhealthy Thinking
Pity Old Used Thing
Ploy Of UnTrue
Personality Out Under Tent
Part Of Un seen Trouble
Pooped, Overwhelmed Used & Tired

(tuoP) Try Using One’s Power
Truth Usually Outlives Pain
Take Up Own Petition
Trust Understanding One Presence
Trick Universe… Out Play
Time’s Up, Once Perceived…


Pass Produce A Satisfactory Score
Plummeted And Still Standing
Procure A Simple Smile
Prevail Against Strong Storm
Pose A Serious Situation – Play A Silly Solution
Possess A Selfless Self
Party Around Suppressive Scenes
Pay And Save Some
Perform And Seem Sincere
Perfect Awareness: Serve Source
Put Away Stupid Stuff
Pluck Addictions: Save Self
Please A Sadness Somewhere
Placate Apparent Sickness Spiritually
Peace And Serenity Suffice
Propel Any Solid Spaceward
Pray A Solemn Solution

Succeed Situation Understood, Cause Correct, Energy Excellent… Do!
Someone Uses Creative Choice: Effect… Easily Done
Self Understanding Can Cause Enjoyable Experiences Daily
Sack Up “Can’t” ‘Cause Eventually Everybody Does
Survive Under Cruel Conditions: Endure Even Death
Stand Up, Confront Conflicts, Embrace Evil Doers
Stood Up? Calls Cancelled? End Expectations… Demand!

Search Scan Every Area; Realize Can’t Hide

Find Finally, I’m Not Desiring
Fishing Is Now Done
First In No Doubt
Focus Image – Now, Decide
Fill In Nothing, Deliberately
Fail In New Disguise
Fall Into Nest, Delighted
Feel Inspired…New Day
Fulfillment Is Never Denied

Gnostic Godly Name…Oldest Seekers of Truth In Civilization

Seek Swipe Every Entry’s Key


Prophecy Perceptive Readings Or Predictions How Events to Come Yet
Put Reach Out: Pull Home Everything Created Yourself
Possibilities Regarding Our Past-Hence Envisioned: Choice Yours

Inspired I Now See: Postulate Imagined, Realized, Experienced, & Done

Ecstatic Euphoric Condition: Spirit Tastes A Treat It Created

Euphoric Energized Upward (Past High) One’s Reward Is Claimed

Enthusiastic Experience Now… That’s Heaven. Universal Spontaneity: It’s A Snap! Time Is Created!

Prosaic Probabilities Reduced, Outworn Solutions, All Is Calm

Dull Dim Up Life Light
Drab, Useless, Lack-Luster
Dredge Up Long Lull
Done-Up Life-Like
Decide Universe Looks Lonely
Drag Until Legs Lose

(lluD) Laughter Lightens Up Day
Let Love Unlock Delights
Look, Loosen Up, Dummy!

Banal Boring And Not Adding Life
Being All Numb At Lips

(lanaB) Let A New Affair Begin

Mundane Monotony Understated: Nothing Doing And Nothing Expected

(enadnuM) Enter Now And Determine Next Unit Of Merriment

Boring Been Over: Routine Is No Good
Bit Overrun… Reason I’m Now Going

(gniroB) Generate Next Instance; Rejuvenate, Observe, Be!
God Never Intended Redundant, Obedient Behavior
Go Now; Inspire & Rejoice One’s Blessings


Tedious Tired: Experience Drowsiness In One’s Universe…Stupid

(suoideT) See Universe Only In Divine Eyes… There!

Dreary Day Rainy… Everything’s Always Rather Yucky

(yraerD) You Realize, All Experience Resonates Discoveries

Drab Don’t Run…And Behave.
Delights Reach A Bog
Dim Rainbow A Bit
Dance Routine All Butt
Doubt Reason And Brag
Dye, Rinse and Bleach
Die, Reincarnate Another Body

(barD) Blessings Are Revealed Daily

Dry Doesn’t Refresh You
Dust Realm… You-less
Dampness Removed Yesterday

Wet Water Every Thing
Wash Each Tidbit

Wash Wet Anything Soiled Here
Wipe Away Soil Hence

Rinse Refresh In New Solution – Enliven
Reason I’m Not Sticky, Ever

Soak Saturate Only And Keep
Sink Over A Kettle

Dip Dunk In Pool
Dunce In Playground

Bathe Bubbles And Toys Help Enjoy
Be Awash, Then Handled Easy

Bath Bring All Taints Here
Bed And Tub… Hot


Clean Come, Let’s Enjoy ANew
‘Cause Life Earth-while Always Needs-it

Tub Tank Used for Bath
Take-off Underwear Before
Tummy Unusually Big

Shower Smart: Hang Overhead Water & Enjoy Rinse
Send Heaven One’s Way: Earth’s Rain

Soap Slips Off A Palm
Scented Oil Aloe Product
Scrubs Off Any Putting
Soil Out – Also a Program
Sign Off A Problem
Suds, Or A Powder

Shave Sheer Hair: A Virile Exercise

Hurry Hustle Up, Reality Requires You

Rush Race Until Someone Halts
Ramp Up Speed…”Hi-Ho!”
Reel Under Stoned Head
Run Until Situation Handled

Hustle Hurry Up! Shuck The Load…Escape!
Hooker Using Sex To Lure Eunuchs

Dash Do A Speed Higher

Dart Do At Record Time
Dinky Arrow Royals Throw

Sprint Speed Past Right Into Next Time

Flash Follow Lightening Across Sky…Hold-it…
Fly Like A Super Human
Feel Love And See Heaven
Find Loophole Amid Stillness Here
Focus Light, Awaken Self, Heal


Spark Set Pyre Afire, Relight Kindling

Sparkle Shiny Particles Around Rich Kids & Lovers Eyes

Flare Fashion-wise: Letting All Restraint Evaporate
Fly Like A Roasting Eagle
Free, Loose And Really Expensive

Flicker Fire Light In Cinders Killed: Embers Remain
Feel Love Is Close: Keep Ever Ready

Twinkle The Winks I Notice, Knowing Life’s Eternal
The Whites In Night Kept Lit Evermore

Glint God’s Light In Noticed Twinkle
God’s Love Is Now… That!

Gleam Glisten Like Emeralds And Miracles

Glisten Glow Light Is Shining Through Entire Neighborhood

Beam Become Every Anticipated Miracle

Fugitive Flee Under Gunfire; In Transit Involving Various Escapes

Runaway Roll Up Nest And Wriggle Away Yonder

Dodger Derelict Of Duty Goes Easiest Route

(regdoD) Re Enter – “Get Down” On Duty

Derelict Detests Effort, Resists Energy, Likes Idle Chatter & Twinkies

(tcilereD) Teach Children Ideals, Learn Essentials, Really Earn Degree
Try Choosing Intentional Living; Expect Rewards Every Day

Dilettante Deceitful Intellect, Leaves Education Till Tomorrow And Never Takes Exams

(etnatteliD) Either Train Now And Take Tests or Enjoy Living In Doubt
Earn The Name Above The Title: Examine Like I Did


Reject Refuse Entry; Join – Expel in Constant Turmoil

(tcejeR) Trouble: Can’t Express Joy – Enter Reawakened

Rejection Really, Envy & Jealousy Eliminate Coming Together In One’s Name

(noitcejeR) No one Is The Center: Everyone’s Joined…Enjoy Reunion

Accept Allow Countless Choices. Enter Peace Time

Gap God’s Available Path
Go And Pry
God Answers Prayers
Grace At Portal
Give A Portion
Given A Part
God’s Awesome Presence
Gigantic Atomic Particle
Gate All Pass
Grow A Place
Greet A Perception
Gaze At Perfection
Greatness: Accept – Pardon

Portal Path Open, Return To Almighty Love
Passage Opening Revealed To All Lives

Pardon Pass A Rightness Down On Not-iness
Pronounce A Rotten Deed Over Now
Perchance A Rare Discovery Of Now

Ignore I Grant No One’s Relative Existence
In General, No Observation, Record Extant
If Generated, No One Received Emission
I Gaze Not On Real Experience

(erongI) Eyes Reopen On New, Good Looks
Enter Region Oft Neglected, Go Looking
Every Rehearsal’s Over…Now Go Live


Test Try Every Solution Twice
To Ensure Successful Turnout
This Exercise Sorts Things
The Expert Stands Trial
Take Exam, Slide Through
The Excuse Stays There
To Evolve, Stay True
To Endure, Stay Tough
Tried And Still Ticking

Criterion Certain Requirement In Testing – Especially Regarding Items Of Neglect

Standard Set Thing As Necessary During A Routine Drill
See This? Alright, Now Do I As Requirement Dictates.

Score Something Counted On Relative Endeavor
Sexual Contact: One Recorded Experience
Successfully Cross Over & Repel Enemy
Some Composer’s Orchestration Rendered Entirely
Since Conflicts Often Require End-zones

Tilt Touched It: Lost Turn
Trouble In Leaning Tower
Too Insecure to Look Tall
The Incline Life Takes
This Inclination Leans Toward
The Inkling to Let Topple

Slant See Life At New Tilt
Same Length: Angle New, Though
Slide-Like; Although, Not That
Something Leans Against ‘Nother Thing

Lean Locates Every Angle’s Niche
Line Endures A Nudge
Light Eaters Are Noticed
Loan Escapees Are Nabbed
Looks Elongated And Narrow
Little Emptier And Needier


Bodacious Being Obvious Doesn’t Always Create Ideal Outcome, Unless
Becoming Older Does Allow Certain Idiosyncrasies Offering Unspeculated Splendor
Brandishing One’s Derrière At Cops Is Often Understated Sentiment
Being One Does Accompany Causation In Omnipotent Universal Sentience

Brandish Bear Regalia At Neighbors – Do It Stylishly & Haughtily
Bravely Reveal All Notions Deliberately… It’s Self Help
Be Right And Never Do-In Self Hunches
Bring ‘Round A New Deal…It Sells High
Bring ‘Round A New Day… It Says, “Hi.”

Wield Will, Imagination &Energy Led Deliberately
With Intention, Everything Looks Doable
Will I Ever Let Down?
Would I Ever Leave Dangling?
Way I Enjoy Life – Dancing
When I Enter, Lift Doubts
When I Exit, Life Doesn’t
Way I Express Love Divine
Way I Especially Like Doing
Whirl In Experience! Live Dream…

Wave Wield Above Very Expressively
When A Volcano Erupts
What A Volition Emits
Win A Victory… Emote!
Way A Voice Echoes
Wipe Away: Visit Ended
Welcome A Visitor Entering

Ply Produce Love/Luck/Life Yourself
PayLoad’s Yours

Flaunt Fling Little Arrows Until Noticed, Tart!
Flirt, Lap Attention Up… Need T.l.c.
Forcing Looks; Awareness Units Not There
Flourish Like Adam Until Nature Turns


Flourish Feel Like One w/ Universe: Rich In Spirit & Having ness
Find Life’s Opulence: Use Resources, Invest In Self Help

Handle Help Angels Never Deny…Let, Enjoy
Have A Natural Dexterity; Likewise, Enable

Handled How A “Nothing-Doing” Looks Eventually… Done.

Bear Be Ever Aware & Responsible
Bring Effort A-Right

Stand Still There After Nothing Doing
Sit-up, Then Arise, Now Dance
Survive Things And Never Doubt
Straight Talk Answers Negative Deeds
Spirit Thinks A New Day
See Top After Noticing Down

Endure Experience Not Done Until Rendered Enderd
Each New Day Undoes Remembered Enmities

Support Stand Under, Ply Pressure On Reclining Thing
Source’s Useful Power Puts Our Resources There
Spiritual Understanding, Positive Postulates Or Right Thinking

Amass Add More And Still Some

Show See How One Works
Send Home One Way
Second Hand Of Will

Carry Consider All Responsibility Really Yours
Could Another Realization Relieve You?

Produce Probable Result Of Doing, Unless Caused Elsewhere

Tolerate Take Old Lines, Endure Repetition Anyway Till End
Test Of Love Everlasting: Redemption At Tedium’s End

Abide All Blessings Imagined Do Exist
A Blessing In Disguise Endures


Allow A Lotta Love On Way
Alright, Let’s Look OtherWise

Accept Allow Change, Consider Every Possible Thought

Stomach Self-Taught: One Makes A Choice Happier
Some Thing Over My Ass Causes Hunger

Swallow Saliva With A Little Liquid On Way
Some Willingness Accepts Little Loopholes; Others Won’t

Pride Posses Rights, Identity Defined, Ego
Perhaps Roar In Den Explains

Proud Positively Reinforced Own Universe; Delighted
Puffed Right on Up… Ducky!

Arrogant A Rooster: Really Overtly Gregarious – Not Timid

(tnagorrA) Train Nose At Ground: Observe, Respect Rights, Attend

Conceit Consider Oneself Noblest: Carry Elitist Identity Too… Too Tacky

(tiecnoC) To Imagine Everyone Common, No One Cares

Snooty See No One Other Than Yourself

(ytoonS) Your Time Of Oneness Nears, Sucker

Haughty High Above Universe, Greed Has Tricked You

(ythguaH) You’ll Thank Heaven God Used A Hook

Brag Borrow Rightful Authorship & Gab

(garB) God Always Resends Bull….
Go and Rescue Brothers
Give And Receive Blessings
Gab Away… Recognize Boredom?
Give Anyone Reason to Burp
Generate A Respectful Bow


Make Manufacture And Keep Energy/Existence/Experience/Everything
My Awareness Knows Everything

Remake Redo Expression: Mend, Alter & Keep Essentials

Alter Add Little Tweak Effects Result
Add Light To Enter Right

Revise Return, Edit; View It Someway Else

Transmute Take Return And Notice Something Maybe Unusable; Then, Experiment /Exchange

Stale Spent Time And Lost Energy

(elatS) Enjoy Longer, Awaken The Self
Every Life Advances To Source
Entertain Lots And Then Some

Stagnate Survival Time Almost Gone Now…A Thought/Thing Ends
Stale, Tired And Going Nowhere: Avoid This Entirely

(etangatS) Employ The Angels Now: Get Alternatives Through Self
Every Time Any Notion Goes Awry, Trust Source

Stifle Some Times I Feel … Like… Envious:
Sinful Thought In Flight Locks Engines
Self Takes In Flow… Loses Energy
Situation Thrown In Face; Lets Eat
Some Thing In Front Looks Endless
Same Trouble I Felt Like Engaging

(elfitS) Essentially Lack Faith In Thy Self
Eventually Lives Falter… Imagine Them Standing
Employ Love; Flow It To Self/Someone
Embrace Life’s Fold… Improve The Spread
Even Little Fists Impinge: Think Smart/Then Sting
Expand Like Flowers In The Sky

Languish Lord, Another Night Goes Unanswered; I Seek Help

(hsiugnaL) (Heaven’s Solution Is Universal; Go Now And Laugh/Love/Live)


Deteriorate Decay Enters That Established Reality, Implants Opposition & Rots The Entity

(etaroireteD) Every Time A Rotting Occurs, I Replant Essence, Then Evolve Deity)

Decay Destructive Energy Caused Against Yourself
Dentist’s Entire Career Awaits You

(yaceD) Y’ All Create Every Dent
You’ll Arise, Change & Endure Death
You Are Cause: Enjoy Decisions

Rot Ran Out Time
Ruin Old Thing
Resent One Thought
Right Of Time
Regret One’s Turn
React On Treadmill
Run Off Truth

Really One Truth
Rely On That

(toR) Take Over, Rejoin
To Overcome, Rejuvenate
Try Out Rebounding
Test One’s Reserves
Take On Responsibility
Tell Our Redeemer
Try Own Recovery
Turn Over Reincarnated

Overweight Obese: Virtually Every Reason Worth Eating Is Gained, Huge Tummy

(thgiewrevO) Tell Hunger, God Is Ever Weighing. Require Eating Validate Oneself

Overeating One Violated Earlier Rule: Enjoy And Take In Nourishment Gently


Glut Get Loads Unto Tummy
Graze Lot Until Tuckered
Get Lost Under Taste
Go Loo-loo Using Tongue
Give Lust Undo Thought
God’s Little Usurp Test

(tulG) Take Up Looking Good
Turns Ugly? Let Go.
Try Using Less Gusto
Tighten Up – Lose Gut
Trust Union: Let God
Throw Up Last Goodie

Stuff Start Thin; Ultimately Feel Full

(ffutS) Feeling Fat Upsets The Stomach/Spirit/Self

Cram Create Room After Maxed

(marC) Margins Are Rather Clever
Make A Reasonable Choice
Maybe A Reassessment’s Called-for

Bloat Binge Locked On A Thought
Bite Lots Of Atmosphere… Tilt
Builds Life Only Around Tables

(taolB) Take Apron Off Large Belly
Train Appetite On Little Bites
Taste Anything Once… Let Be
Take Air Out, Let Breathe

Gorge Go Overboard Regarding Greedy Eating

(egroG) Ever Go Running On Gut-full?
Extra Good Reason One Gags
Enjoy God’s Rewards & Offer Gifts
Entertain General Rules Of Gastronomy
Exit Garden Right On Growing
Ever Give Rye One Grain?


Salvage Save A Life, Vitalize Again, Glean Élan
Somehow A Life, Viewed Again, Gets Extension
Sense Abundant Love, Visiting Angels Grace Experience

Wrench Will, Rigor, Energy Now Combine Here
Withdraw Reach, Enclose Net, Carry Home

Ruin Resist Understanding, Ignore Now
Regular Usefulness Is Nullified
Regard Unnecessary; It’s Nothing
Rights Undergo Invalidation, Negation

(niuR) Now I Understand Restoration
Never Intended, Undo Rustiness
New Ideas Unlock Resources
Negativity Is Ultimately Rejected
Notice I’m Utterly Resilient/Refreshed/Resplendent

Save See A Value…Enjoy
Stop A Victim’s Excuses
See A Vice End
Seize A Villain, Escape
Solve Anything, View Effectively
Sense Answer Virtually Every time
Stand At Victor’s Entrance
Serve As Vital Emissary
Solution Awaited Vacates Emergency
Supplant Added Value, Enrich
Sustain A Vital Essence

Glean Gain Life Experience, Add Notches
Gather Lots, Entertain All Notions
God Looks Everywhere And Notices

Cover Cloud Or Veil Envelops Realm
Conscious Observance, Very Exact Review

Recover Return, Enable Course Out: Vacate, Exit Relieved

Restore Refresh, Enthuse, Salvage This Original; Renew Elements
Re Experience Some Thing, Only Right Errors


Alien Another Life-form In Exterior Neighborhood
Any Living Intelligence Entering Nature
A Logic Inverted Expresses Nonsense

Implant Invade Mind: Program Life: Alter Natural Thing
Infuse Mental Pictures; Loosen Awareness, Now Tamper…

Infer Intention Nudged For Effect Requested

Result Reality Experienced Since Using Last Thought

Deduce Dear Everyone: Decisions Understood Cause Everything

Deduct Define Enough & Detract Until Completely Taken

Demote Demerits Earned, More Of Them Expel

(etomeD) Ever Think Of Making Excellence, Dude?

Deplore Detest; Especially People (Like Oneself) Resisting Enjoyment

(erolpeD) Enjoyment Runs Out (Like People) Every Day
Enter Reach Of Loving People… Enjoy Dance

Detest Dedicate Energies To Envious, Suspicious Times
Deliberate Evil, Taste Every Sour Thought

(testeD) Try Enhancing Some Thing Every Day
True Enjoyment’s Self-Thought…Experiment…Do-it.

Outrage One’s Usual Temperament Garners Apparently Gross Experience

(egartuO) Even Gagging At Reality Tastes Ugly… Open-up.

Outrageous Of Unusual Taste, Run Ape Glowing Expressive Outbursts Until Shocked

Egregious Exemplify Grossness: Really Extreme Gags Intended,
Over-Ugly Sensation

(suoigergE) Some Underestimate Others’ Inherent Grace: Even Rants Get Excused


Watch With Attention: Thought Closely Held
Way A Thing Considered Happens
Witness A Time, Clock Happening

Monitor Management Over Now: Intend To Organize Reality
Make Of Next Image Tacked On Retinas
Motion Of New Incoming Thing Observed Rigorously

Control Cause Over Nature, Thought, Reality: One Leads
Care Or Not To Recognize Outpouring Love
Choose One’s Next Time: Right Of Life

Colony Crops Of Life: Outcome…New Yous
Come Over, Land On… Nice Yard

Orbit Obey Radial Boundaries In Time
Oval Ring Becomes Insouciant Tract

Obey Other Beings Expect You
Offer Because Easier, Yes-man/Yes-ma’am
Others Become Empowered, Yet
Occurs By Energy Yield

(yebO) You’re Empowered… Be One!

Catch Choose Article, Then Close Hand
Consider A Thing Comes Here
Cast Any Thought… Circles Home

(hctaC) Having Conscious Thoughts Avoids Catastrophes

Caught Closed An Undiscovered Gap: Held Tight
Carried Away Until God Hung Trap
Consider Any Undertaking Hang Time

(thguaC) Try Helping God, Use Awareness Considerately
Trust Heart’s Guidance, Understand And Care
Till Heaven Gathers Up All Causes

Snare See Nothing As Really Essential
Someone Notices A Rued Entrance


Snag Some Notion Against God
Say Nothing’s Any Good
Seems Now All Gooey
Stop Near A Glue

(ganS) Go Around Net, Silly
Generate A Noose-Slip
God Already Notices Situation
Get A New System/Solution
Get Away: Near Self

Leo Love’s Eternal Optimist
Lion-Esque One
Loyal, Extravagant, Opinionated
Leaves Enthralled Onlookers

Cancer Crab-like: Attention Not Considerably Enjoyed, Reserved
Carries A Natural Charisma, Essence and Reliability

Virgo “Vegans In Rose Garden Only”
Very Instinctive, Responsible, & Grounded Ordinarily

Scorpio Sex Could Otherwise Rule Priorities In Oneself
Special Creative Output Rendered Publicly Is Optimum

Sagittarius Shoots Arrows, Godly Image, Truth Tester, A Rascal In Using Sex
Some Are Generous In Their Taking Affection: Ring It Up “Sold”

Capricorn Considers All Probabilities, Rich In Capitol, Often Rather Notable
Carries A Purse Rich In Care, Offers Really Needy

Aquarius Aesthetic Qualities Underscore, All Rapture In Universal Spirit
Accept, Quite Unlike Anyone Regarding Inclusion, Unique Souls

Aries Actually, Rulers In Everyone’s Space
Able, Ready, Intentional, Eager, Sensitive

Pisces Pretty Inspired Spirits, Can Even Splash
Perhaps In Some Cases, Emotionally Soaked


Taurus The Aristocrat, Usually Rough, Unless Sedated
Takes Action Until Runs Under Someone

Gemini Gets Extra Mentally Intertwined; No Imitations
Generally Emits Merriment, Imitates Neighbors, Inimitable

Libra Life In Balance, Routinely Awkward
Love Ideals, Blessed, Real Angels

Zodiac Zoo Of Deities In Astrology & Cosmos

Orion Others Reside In Outer Network

Barren Birth And Rebirth Rendered Essentially Nil

Arid Atmosphere Really Is Dry
Ash Rolled In Dust

Dust Dried Up – Still There

Ash All Seared Here

Drab Dull, Routine And Boring
Dust ‘Round A Being-ness

Dry Didn’t Rewet Yet

Tedious Takes Effort Doing It Once… Unduly Serious

Sterile Sans Tarnish, Environment Remaining Inhibits Life Ever

Fertile Find Every Reason To Infuse Life Energy
Fed Essential Resource That Insures Life Endures

Moist Mist On Item, Steam- Touched

Damp Dew, Aqua, Moisture Present

Wet Water Evident Today
What Ends Thirst


Dew Dawn’s Early Wetness

Drench Dip, Rinse, Enter Now, Completely Hosed

Soak Sink Once And Keep
Scads Of Aqua Kept

Drip Drop Runs Its Plop

Sop Swipe Over Plate
Sense Over Perspiration

Sot Sauced Old Timer

Parched Particularly Arid, Really Could Handle Enormous Drink

Humid Heat Up Moisture: Increase De-grease

Grease Great Rust Evader And Seal Ender
Gooey Resource Enabling Slippery Experiences

Grime Grunge Residue In Many Entities

Residue Remainder Evident, Silt, Imagine Dust Under Everything

Powder Particles Of Wind-Drifted Earthly Remnants
Patted On Women, Does Extend Rouge

Cinder Cause: Inferno, Never Doused, Evidence Remains

Dowdy Depressed Old Woman Doing Yard-work

Dreary Decide Rather Early At Reward-less Years

Dismal Dismay In Season… Might Always Last

Dank Dampened And Never Knew

Futile Favor Underdogs Till Intended Loss Experienced
Forget Understanding That I Live Expectations
Fighting; Using Imagination Less Enjoyably


Dirty Does It Really Tarnish You?
Doubt Is Risen, Trust Yourself
Dark In Region, Turn Yonder

Sanitary Sterile And Not Infectious, Trust Area, Reliable Yet

Lush Life’s Unlimited Supply, Heaped
Lavish, Utterly Super Haute

Abundant All’s Bountiful Until Nature Doesn’t Admit New Things

Abundance All Blessings Unto Now; Discover All Needs Completely Erased

Fruitful Find Resources Using Imagination, Then Fill Up Life

Squander Savings Quit; Used All, Never Did Earn Reserves

Blow Be Left Out-Winded
Being Low On Will
Blame Loss On Winners
Bottom Left Wide Open
Base Life on Others’ Ways
Bought Last One Wish
Bellow Lots Of Wind
Begin Lost On Way

Waste Work At Something, Tire Easy
Without Any Strong Tendency Evident
Worship Apparent Superior, Then Expect
Way Any Solid Thing Erodes
Way A Spirit Treats Endings

Prudent Plant Reserves Until Don’t Ever Need Them

Frugal Financially Responsible Uses Good “Additional” Logic

Sensible Spirit Enters Now, Senses Its Blessings, Leaves Enlightened
Save Every Nickel In Sight, But Live Expensively
Since Everyone Nearby Looks Insane, Better Look Expert
Survive Every New Sensation In Body’s Life Experience
Self-Enjoy New Self In Blessed Love Everlasting


Forgive Fork Over Righteousness, Give-In Vain Emotions
Find One’s Rightful Godliness. It’s Very Easy

Absolve A Blessing Someone, Once Loved, Values Eternally
Already Been Saved: Our Lord Verified Everything

Acquit All Conflicts Quell Unity Is Testimony

Pardon Put A Right Decision On Now

Balm Blessings Angels Like Making
Be A Love Maker
Bring A Life Merriment
Bend A Little More
Bear A Light My-way

Emollient Energy Of Lasting Love In Every New Thought

Ointment One Is Now, Thought Makes Every New Truth
Once I Notice This Matter, Everything’s Now Then…
Oil Is Nice To Make Emollients Not Thick

Analgesic Avoid Not, And Let God’s Energy Spread In Cure

Salve Smear A Little Vital Energy
Spread All Love Very Evenly

Smear Start Mixing Everything And Rub
Start Mudslinging, Engage A Rut
Say Mean Expression Anyone Rues

Rue Remorse Under Examination
Regret Until Enlightened
Refuse Understanding Experience
Rather Undo Effort
Realize Unlikely Effect
Run Under Engine
Rather Untie Eels

Rather Recognize A Thought Hasn’t Expressed Right
Realize Any Thing Has Extra Requirements


Pervade Penetrate Every Region, Vastly Advance Divine Experience

Permeate Puncture Exterior Ring, Make Entry And Touch Everything

Saturate Soak A Thing Until Rendered All-wet, Then Emulsify

Suffuse Stop Using Fear Force: Understand… Sense Everywhere

Infuse I’m Not Finished. Universe Still Expanding

Blend Be Less Exclusive Near Dyes
Brighten Lights, Enjoy New Dimensions

Do 2 Divine Order

Soften See Others’ Faults, Then Entertain None
Some One’s Final Tough Experience Nests
Same Old Fart Turns Eighty-Nine

Harden How A Ridge Develops: Endure Negation
Have A Regular Dose of Everything Nasty
Hold A Real Darned Enviable Notion

Gel Get Extra Lucky
Give Emotions Life

Set Space, Energy & Time
Stay Exactly That

Mix Merge Individualities eXponentially

Merge My Extremities Rejoin, God’s Ecstasy

Mingle Meander In, Get Lost, Enjoy

Meld My Experience of Life & Death

Mire Make In-Roads End

Me 2 Merged Essence
My Eternity


Glee Glib Loon Expecting Euphoria

Cogent Correct Observation Gives Effective Needed Treatment

Compel Cause Over Motion: Portend Extra Lunge

Compelling Come On, My Pretty, Enjoy Lure-Looking: It’s Not Gonnagrabya!

Effective Effort Finely Finessed, Executed & Communicated To Intended Valuable End

Meaningful Mind’s Endless Attempt @ Not-Is-ing Now, Going For Unnecessary Lengths

Fancy Find Attractive, Now Control Yourself
Frilly And Not Crinkled, Yet

Fanciful Funny Affinity Needs Cultivation: If Fruitful…Utterly Lovely!

Capricious Combine Audacity, Propriety, Ingenuity & Carelessness Into One
Unusual Solution

Able A Being’s Life Expectancy

Ability All Blessings In Life Imbued Through You

Challenge Can Have Awesome Love Life, Except; Not Giving, Erases

Challenges Created Hurdles Appear Lots Larger Eyed Negatively: God
Enjoys Stilts

Challenging Can’t Have Any Luck Looking Envious & Needy: Get Inventive, Nudge God

Formidable Ferocious Obstacle Really Mental Image Daring Apparent Belief…Look Elsewhere

Difficult Doesn’t It Feel Funny? Imagine, Cause Ultimately Losing Thought…

Tough Tire Of Using God’s Help


Style Some Things You Like Expressing

Elegant Extremely Lovely Essence…Gives All Necks Turns

Proper Propriety Respected, Otherwise, People Eschew & Rue

Eschew Extra Steps Circumvent How Event Went

Decorum Do Everything Correctly Or Receive Ugly Mail

Becoming Be Ever-so Charming, Only Mean It. Now Git!

Decorous Dress Especially Carefully, Observe Rank, Obey Usual Senses

Elegance Enter Like Egyptian Goddess And Never Close Eyes

Chic Class Has Its Choice

Sophisticated Stylish Opulent People Have InSatiable Tastes In Clothing, Art, & Things Expensively Done

Flamboyance Flair Like A Missile Bounding Over Your Awkward Neck, Craned Enviously

Panache Parade About Nifty Ascots, Crazy Hats & Earrings

Mod Made Over Daily
My Own Design

Modest My Only Desire… Express Self Truth

Timid Too Insecure to Make Impression, Dent

Timidity Tried Imagining Making It, Didn’t Intend To Yourself

Awkward Anything Wrong Kinda Worries Any Right-Doers

Clumsy Careless, Lack Usual Mastery, Shoot Yourself

Oaf Only A Follower


Narcissist Needs Adoration Reflected, Caressed In Self-Serving Issues, Self-Taken

Hedonist Has Earthly Desires Outweigh Natural Interests & Seeking Truth

Glutton Gobbles Life Up Till There’s Only Need

Debaucher Drinks Excessively, Belches Aloud, Usually Causes Havoc; Even Ruin

Slob Some Lazy Old Bum
Someone Lost One’s Bearings
Spills Lunch On Belly

Chump Clumsy Human, Upsets Major Plans

Champ Certain Hero, Always Making Plays

Profligate Promote Ruin, Obscenely Fling Life Into Ground
And Throw Eggs

Pompous Proud On Most Points Only Usually Stuffy

Pious Pride In One’s Untouched Soul

Devout Dutifully Enjoys Vespers Often Until Tomorrow

Reverent Religion’s Easy Victims: Erred, Repented, Eagerly Now Tithing

Moral Means One’s Recognized As Loving
Many Oughta Remember A Lesson
Makes One Realize A Little

Virtuous Values In Rough Times: Uphold One, Unlock Several

Irreverent I’d Really Rather Enjoy Vices, Except Raunchy Entertainer Needs Trim

Upright Until Priests Ruled, I Got High Thinking

Worthy When One Realizes This, Heaven’s Yours


Tacit Talk-less Agreement, Concurrence In Thought

Spoken Said; Puts Our Kinship Even Nearer

Peaceful Put Everything Ay Correct Estimation, Feel Unconditional Love

Prosperity Personal Resources Of Spirit Provide Every Richness Inherited
Through You

Prosper Personal Riches Outshine Properties, Every-time, Regardless

Propriety People Respecting Other People Results In Evenly Traded Yeses

Propensity Preference Rather Obvious: Penchant Enjoyable; Now, Send It To Yourself

Penchant Preference Encroaches Need Concerning Holding A Neat Thing

Prefer Personal Regard Expressed: Fondness Explained Rationally

Preference Pick: Reach Extends For Envisioned Relative Experience:
Nothing Compares – Ever

Prudent Possibility Realized: Underestimation Denies Expansion & New Theories

Profound Protrusion Really Out Front Of Unnoticed Norm: Deep

Pundit Profess Understanding… Never Did It, Though

Partisan Partial, Ally, Real Trustworthy In Situations, Anti- Nemesis

Backer Bolster And Cash Kept Ever Ready

Muse My Unseen Spirit Enlightener

Guru God Undergoes Reincarnations. Understand?

Council Consider Outcomes Until No-one Can Imagine Losing

Cohort Companion Or Helper On Road Taken


Priorities Preferences Ranked In Order: Relative Importance:
Truthfulness Is Especially Significant

Shepherd Sheep Handler, Even People Handle Eagerly, Route Director
Spiritual Healer: Every Person He Encounters Reaches Destination
Self Help Editor Prepares How Each Reader Develops
See How Easily Praying Hands Earn Rewarding Deeds
Saints Help Earthlings Prepare Heaven’s Ever- Revolving Door
Sense How Every Person Has Encountered Right Directions

Sheep See How Everyone Else Plays
Some Have Entry/Exit Problems
Sheered Hair — Every Ewe’s Pride

Lamb Life’s Adorable Mammal Baby
Let’s Allow More Blessings
Look At Mankind’s Body
Leave All Missiles Below

Wolf With Out Love, Fear
Wants Own Life Fiercely
World Of Lost Fighters

Violence Vicious Ideas Outcome: Loud Emotional Needless Clashy Events

Volition Voice One Listens Intently To: Intend Ownership Now

Rocket Runs Over Clouds, Kills Every Thing
Reaches Orbit, Controls Keep Emission There

Grenade Gets Real Explosive Near A Deemed Enemy

Blasted Be Lost And Still There Enjoying Drinks
Blew Like A Sky-rocket Through Ensuing Destruction
Blew Loudly And Stood There Expecting Drums

Shot Something Hurled Out There
Sip? Hell! Ounces Tilt!
Squeeze Hand On Trigger
See How, One Try


Mind 2 “Meaningful” Images Now Dated

(dniM) Ditch Nagging: It’s Meaningless
Don’t Notice It Much

Ode One’s Day Expressed
One’s Delight Encoded
One Detail Expounded
One’s Deity Emoted

Poem Penchant Of Every Man
Purity Of Existence Mused

Poet Person Of Exceptional Talent
Perfectionist Of Expressive Terms

Poetry Personal Observation; Essential Truth Reaches You

Lyrics Leave Your Record In Chorus Sung

Lyric Lines You’ll Remember If Codified

Lyricist Lets You Realize Inspirations Created In Sung Thoughts.

Sonnet Sentimental Observation Noted, Neatly Expressed Throughout

Hymn Hear You in My Name

Chant Choirs Haven’t Always Notched Together

Gregorian Gentlemen Reside Exclusively, Godly Order Rather Involved Amid Nowhere

Order Obey Rigid Dogma, Expect Redemption
Only Recruits Do Errands… Rememberthat!
Only Requirement: Do Everything Required
One Rule: Do Everything Requested
Okay, Remember: Don’t Ever Regret
One Reason Determinism Enters Realm

Vespers Validative Evening Service, Prayers Evoke Renewed Spirit


Tithe Turn In Tenth: Holy Expense

Indulgences I Never Did Understand Loving God’s Exclusivity: Nobles Can Earn Salvation?

Penance Put Everything Negative Aside; Now, Cause Enjoyment

Repent Remove Evil Purpose, Entertain New Thoughts
Remember Error, Prepare Enjoyable Next Time
Really Envious Preachers Especially Need This

Preacher Person Requiring Extra Attention Commands His Enamored Rioters
Personable Regular Evangelist Attempts Community Help & Expands Religion

Pastor Plants A Strong Thought Over Region
Passion Against Sin, Turned On Religiously
Prepares Ailing Seniors Toward Own Reward

Parson Performs A Religious Service On Neighborhood

Proctor Protects Rules of Order, Contributes To Ordained Regimen

Jesuit Joins Exclusive Sect Utterly Into Theology

Priest 2 Person Religiously Invested – Especially Saintly Things
Performs Rites In Earnest: Spiritual Teacher
Pedophile Residing In Every Single Temple

Elder Esteemed Leader, Does Errands Religiously

Monk Master Of Noteworthy Knowledge
Monasteried One Notates Knowledge
Man Ordained Near Kids

Friar Frocked Religious Individual At Retreat
Fatherly Regarded Icon, Alter Regular

Convent Catholic Order, Nun Venue, Enables Nun Training
Camp Of Nuns, Very Earthly Not There


Nun 2 Nurse Under Napkins

Habit Hat And Body In Toga
Hides A Body In Toto

Rosary Reminds Our Sisters, actually Rewards You

Beads Blessed Egg-shaped Artifacts Dutifully Strung

Sisterhood She’s In Serious Ties, Ever Reclused, Has Only One Devotion

Brotherhood Bonded Roster Of Tightly Held Ethical Rogues, Humanity’s Organization Of Dudes.

Bishop Big-time Icon, Sets Heart On Pope-hood
Brother In Stranglehold Over Parish
Bet I See Him On Pulpit

Cardinal Catholic Advances Rank, Duty Is Now A Lark

Pope 2 Perhaps One Person’s Elvis
Performs Open Public Events
Prays Over Poor Everyday
Preys On Poor Economy
Possesses Oldest Porn, Ever
Person Offering Possible Encouragement
Proof One Prophet Exists
Pardons Our Past Errors
Puts On Papal Exhibition
Pleases Other People’s Expectations
Part Of Probable Elections
Presides Over Possible Excommunications
Priest Over Planet Earth

Saint Spiritually Ascends In No Time
Self-Aware, Infinitely Now There
Special Ability In Nurturing That

Stigmata Show The Incisions Guards Made Afore The Ascension

Thorns The Halo Our Redeemer Never Shunned


Crown Cap Royals Own, Worn Nobility
Christ Received One With Nettles

Crucifixion Come, Rise Up, Christ Is Forgiveness, I eXecuted In One Name

Crucify Christ Reigns Upon Cross: I Forgive You

Cross Christian Representation Of Souls’ Salvation

Trinity Three Realms Intrinsic Now & Infinitely – That’s You
Three Realities I Never Intend To Yank

Catechism Correct Answers Terminate Exam: Catholics Hope It Serves Man

Cataclysm Catastrophe: All’s Totally Awash: Could Lose Your Self Midway

Conception Creation Of New Creator Entering Perpetual Time In One’s Name

Conceive Create One’s Next Conscious Experience In Virtual Existence

Confess Cause One Never Finds Excuses Self-Sufficient
Come On Now, Face Everything… Say Something
Cause One Never Forgets Even Simple Sins
Clear One’s Name; Forgive Every Self Sacrifice

Confession Communicate One’s Negative Feelings & Experiences:
See Self, Improve Own Navigation

Confessional Corner Or Niche For Expressing Self Slights; It’s Only Necessary
After Lying

Compassion Comes Over Many People As Spiritual Sensation: It Obliterates Need

Immaculate I Made Mary Accept Christ Under Loving Attention Throughout Experience

Lent Let’s Eat. Not Today.

Eucharist Edible Union Christians Herald As Refreshment In Spiritual Thirst


Lenient Lax Enforcement: Not Into Executing Necessary Toughness

Permissive Performance Exceedingly Re-Miss In Set Standards: It Vacillates Every-time

Permit Please Enjoy Running My Inexpensive Time
Pass: Entry Requires My Issued Ticket

Let Leadership Ends This
Lose Expectations Totally
Love Expressed Tenderly
Life Experienced Together
Like Exceptions, Too
Look Ever Timid
Like Every Tactic
Likeable: Even-Tempered
Lost Effective Thought
Least Essential Thing
Left Everyone Thinking
Life Enjoys Trust

Allow A Little Love On Way
A Little Lenient On Will

Folly Fool Only Looks Like You
Figure One Life Left Yet
Fancy Old Lady Looks Younger
Feel Out Luck-Line Yourself
Find Others Less Like You

Frivolity Fling Rules Into Void, Obsessively Laughing, Invalidating The Years

Levity Let’s Enjoy Viewing Images Till Yesterday
Lighten Eventuality: Vitality Is Turning Youthful

Nonsense No One Noticed: Someone’s Either Nuts, Silly or Expendable

Silly Slips In Life Lend Yuks
Stand In Line Like Yard-ape


Brief Being-ness Removed If Everything Fails
Blaze Right Into Essential Facts
Bikini Rolled Into Excessive Flab

Short See How Others Resemble Tallness
Sometimes Happenstance Occurs Rather Tersely
Slacks Hemmed Over Rump & Thighs

Abridge Alright, Boil It Down, Generalize Essay

Abbreviate All Big Broad Removable Excessive Vowels Ignored And Taken Elsewhere

Long Live On, Never Go
Lasting: Once Never Gone
Lanky, Only No Girth
Look Obsessive – Needy Gaze

Length Line Extended; Name Given To Height

Wide With It, Dimension Expands

Width Way I Designed The Horizon

Depth Dimension Expanded Past The Horizon

Apt Appropriate, Possible & True

Decency Decide Early: Considerately Eliminate Negativity Concerning You

Decent Doesn’t Ever Consider Enmity…None There

Descent Downward Endless Spiral: Cause — Endless Negative Thoughts

Descend Determine Even Second Chances Earn No Degrees

Ascend Any Slope Climbed: Elevation’s New Degree
Approach Sky, Create Elevation, Near Daylight

Ascent A Sky Comes Ever Nearer Thee
A Spirit’s Course Exiting Nature & Time


Accent Audible Curve Concerning Elocution: Native Tongue

Drawl Drag Rings Around Words – Literally
Don’t Reckon Anybody Wo~od Like -it

Twang The Words Are Nasal & Goofy
‘Tain’t Whut Ain’t Nobuddy Guessed

Burr Better Understood ‘Round Relatives

Brogue Bend Regional Oration Gives Unfamiliar Ears

Diction Distinct Identity Concerning The Inflections, Orally Noticeable

Inflection It’s Neat Flavor Licking Each Communicator’s Tongue: It’s Orally Noteworthy

Enunciate Ever Notice Utter Nonsense Commences Immediately As T’s Evaporate

Articulate A Rule That Is Clearly Underscored Language-wise: Always Talk Eloquently

Tone Type Of Nuance Expressed

Shade Sound Has A Different Essence
Sunshine Hide-a-way: As Daylight Ends
Shadowed: Have A Darker Encounter

Utterance Up Through The Esophagus Rises A New Communicative Expression

Pronunciation Particulars Regarding Oral Nuances, Utter Neatness; Certain Inflection And Tone In Oral Narrative

Pigeon Pioneer Immigrants Generated English Of N’orleans
Prisoner Inevitably Gives Enemy One Name

Pigeons Park’s Inbred Gulls Encroach Our Neighborhood’s Sanitation

Creole Crawfish, Rice, Etouffee`, Okra… Let’s Eat


Slang Special Lingo Among Named Group

Jargon Jawbone Art – Reinvents Given, Original Names

Jive Jazz, If Verbally Expressed

Spontaneous Suddenly Produce Out of Nowhere This All New Expression Of Unusual Splendor

Sudden Something Un-Discovered Declares, “Eureka!” Now

Soon Superior Option Over Never

Opt One’s Preference Thought

Option Other Plans ‘Til It Occurs Now

Until Usually Not There – It’s Late
Universal Next Time Is Looming
Used Now, Term Is Lost

If Imagine Finding
Incomplete Focus
Intention Free
Idea Forming
It’s Followed
In Fantasyland
I Figure…

Induce I Now Decide: Unleash Cause & Effect
If Nothing’s Doing, Use Creativity, Encourage

Cajole Coax A Jumper On Ledge; Entice

Prompt “Pssssst… Remember!” (“Oh, My Play’s Terrible!”)
Pounce Right On Making Punctuality Thine

Volunteer Visit Our Lobby Until New Trainer Explains Everyone’s Responsibilities
Visiting Old Lady Useful: Needs To Exit & Enter Rear
Valuable Outflow: Lender Understands Need, Then Engages Employment… Rate-less


Nudge Nice Unspoken Deed Gives Encouragement

Urge Usual Response Gets Extended
Unusual Response Gets Entertained

Impulsive “I Made Plans… Uh, Let’s Skip It… Viva Excitement!”

Plans Plot Lines And New Schemes
People Look Ahead, Never Satisfied

Plot Personal Location Of Turf
Plan Lots Of Tricks

Scheme Show Copy, However, Enemy’s May-be Erroneous
Set Course, Hide Essentials, Maintain Exclusivity

Somber Serious Over Matter; Build Emotional Ridge
Solemn One May Be Even Resistant

Strict Some Tight Reins In Clenched Teeth
Serious Time Restrictions Include Controlled Thought
Some Tried Resisting; It Caused Trouble
Suppressive Tenacious Rules Instead of Creative Talent

Austere Authority Used Strictly To Enforce Rigid Evangelism

Evangelism Eager Vicar Assumes Needy God Expects Loyalty In Spiritual Matters

Discipline Dutiful Intention: Success Causatively Involves Planning Life Include No Excuses/Escapes

Fasting Food Avoidance Stimulates The Intestines; Nourishment Gleaned
Fat-Asses Say They’re Interested… Not Going-to
Forget About Starving; Try, Instead, Not Gorging
Feed Awareness; Stillness Takes In Nutrition of God

Chastity Can’t Have Any Sex ‘Til It Turns You (on)

Chaste Cancel Having A Sexual Thought Explored
Can Have Amorous Sensation — That’s Enough


Hermit He’s Eternally Relocating, Moving r In Transition
Hasn’t Ever Relished Much In Thee

Incumbent Is Nominated, Collects Up Majority Backing, Elected, Next Tyrant

Induct I Now Definitely Understand Cause Things
Initiate, Namely, Do Until Correct Turnout
Install, Now Direct, Using Controlled Thought

Install Inductees Never Seem To Advance; Let’s Lead

Initiate I Never Imagined ‘Til I Awakened The Eyes
Incoming Neophyte, Introduce Trainer, Induce All The Essentials

Introduce It’s Neat To Relate: Otherwise, Doubt Undermines Collective Experience

Inhabit I Now Have A Bed In There
It’s Nice Having A Berth In This
I’ve Not Had Any Bearings… It’s Time.

Occupy One Chooses… Can Ultimately Prolong Years
One’s Corner Claimed Until Place Yours

Occupation Obvious Career Choice, Until Pay And Time Involved Obscures Notion

Occupant Our Customer Called Up, Paid, Apartment Now Taken
Out Chasing Corners Until Place And Neighborhood Taken

Dwelling Domicile Where Eventually Life Lands In Natural Grace

Dwell Don’t Worry, Everything Looks Lovely
Dote Where Each Life Lives
Dawdle, Without Ever Leaving Likely
Denied Wishes Eventually Last & Last
Do Wait, Even a Little Longer
Dare With Envious Last Look
Determine Worth Enjoying… Live Life
Do With Extra Loving Looks


America All Men Equal, Regardless, In Common Accord
All May Enjoy Rights; Insured, Constitutionally Amended
A Majority Essentially Rules, If Congress Agrees
Any Minority, Ethnicity & Religion Is Cultural Asset
Allow Mankind Every Right Inherent. Come Ashore.
As More Emigrants Reach, It’s Correctly Assumed
Ancestors Masterminded Enlightened Reasoning In Constitution’s Articles

Maine Made American Indians Navigate Elsewhere

New Hampshire New England Was Habitat Amid Mountains, Pines & Sea: Hale Inspired Revolution Execution

Vermont Visitors Extol Remarkable Maple Of Native Trees

Massachusetts Made A Strong Stand Against Crown Here, Until Some Englishmen Took Tea Seriously

Connecticut Came Over Needing New England, Cut Through Indigenous Culture Until Theirs
New York New England; Where Yankees Originally Ruled Kingdom

New Jersey Now, England Wasn’t Just Revolutionized; Still Envies Yanks

Delaware Defeated English, Luckily, After Washington Accomplished River Excursion

Maryland Martha Admired Roses. Years Later, A National “District”

Washington D. C. Where All States Heard, In National Government, ‘Til One Nameless, Deliberate Coup

Rhode Island Rich Homes Outline Distinctive East-coast; It’s Smallest Land Area Near Delaware

Pennsylvania Puritan Emigrants Needed New State. Years Later, Victorious America Needed It Also

Virginia Victory In Revolution Garnered Its Name In America


North Carolina Near Ocean, Rise These Hills, Connecting Appalachian Range Over Lush, Inland Natural Acreage

South Carolina Seceded Once, Union Triumphed, However; Charleston
Attracted Rich, Others Liked Its Nice Accents

Georgia Greatest Epic: O’Hara & Rhett “Gone…” In Atlanta

Florida Fun Lovers Over Run It: December – April

Alabama America’s Last Area Below Appalachian Mountains A-bit

Tennessee There’s Enchantment Nestled Nearly Everywhere; Smell Sassafras, Enjoy Evergreens

West Virginia When English Suspended Tyranny, Virginians Inevitably Went Grazing Into Newer, Inland Areas

Ohio Once Had Indian Ownership

Michigan Made Indians Come Here, Instead… Gambling Allowed Now

Indiana It’s Now Developing Its Awareness – Not Agriculture

Kentucky Kept Everything Neat ‘Til Uncle Cornelius Kissed You

Illinois It Looks Like Indiana, Notwithstanding Obvious… Impressive “Shy-Town”

Iowa Indians Out West, Assimilated

Wisconsin Where It’s Still Considered Okay, Now to Ski In the Nude

Nebraska Not Everyone’s Behavior Resembles A Sky-Kissin’ Agrarian’s

Wyoming Where Young Outlaws Made In-laws Named “Gang”

Utah Used To Admit Heathens

Idaho Indians Dance Atop Hallowed Overlooks


Mississippi Might I Suggest Samplin’ Its Seafood & Sauces, Its Pies & Paellas… “I-do-declare!”

Maybe Immigrant Said Something In Steam Ship; Inspired Poor People’s Investments

Louisiana Land Of Unique Individuals & Saints, In & Around N’Orleans Area

Arkansas Any Razorback Keeps A Numbered Seat At School

Missouri Mississippians Insist State Should Own Up: River Inferiority

Minnesota Mostly Indians (Nudged North)… Even Some Outdoors-Types Around

North Dakota No One’s Really There; Had Declaration And Kicked Out Those Attending

South Dakota Some One Up There Had Dreams About Keeping Out Town-folk Altogether

Kansas Known As “No-place-like…” State And “Star”

Oklahoma Oilers Keep Looking Around Here, Overturned Many Acres

Texas Takes Everything eXxon Avows Seriously
Terrorists Escaped, eXecutives Assisted Secretly

New Mexico Now Every Westerner May Encounter eXtra-terrestrial Incidents & Cosmic Occurrences

Arizona Arid, Rugged, Intense Zone Of Navajo Ancestry/Affectations/Accessories

Colorado Climb On, Look Over Range And Discover Oneness

Montana Maybe Once, Nature Toyed Around North America

Nevada Not Even Vegas A Definitive Asset


California Claim A Life In Film, Or Reside Near Idols, Anyway
Come And Live: It’s Fun, Overcrowded Rad & Narley In Atmosphere

Oregon Only Reclusive Ecologists Granted Opportune Nods

Washington Wish All States Had Its Natural Grandeur; This One’s Noteworthy

Alaska A Land Above Snow: Klondike Arena

Hawaii Heaven Awaits With Abundant Idyllic Isles

Asia Ancients Saw It Again
Atlas’s Superior In Area

Africa Animals Free-Roam In Continental Abode
After Ferreting Race In Chains – Aids

Australia Around & Under South, There Rests A Large Island Asea

Europe Economies Under Royal, Or Papal Eyes
Early Union, Retained Original Populaces’ Ethnicities

South America Somewhere Out Under The Heavens, Amazon Mountains & Emerald Rainforests Inspire Commercial Annhaialation

China Controlling Hand In New Asia

Canada Considered As North America’s Dearest Ally

Mexico Many Escaped eX-patriots In Country, Occupied

Japan Joined America’s Pacific Alliance, Nevertheless

India In New Delhi Its Awe-full
I never Dreamed I’d Awaken
It’s No Dream. It’s Awareness.

Cuba Communists Underneath Brother America

Iraq Islam’s Rage Against Queers
It Reared Al Queda


Iran Iraq’s Rich, Angry Neighbor

Saudi Arabia Sizeable Authority Using Diversified Investments in America, Runs Around Bushes In Air

See American Union Done In And Rebuild A Bigger International Authority

Russia Reason United States Sent Its Astronauts
Remains United States’ Secret Sister In Arms

Pakistan Possesses A-bomb; Keeps India’s Stance Still And Nuclear

England Europe’s Noble Godmother, Luckily, America Never Dethroned

Ireland In Retrospect, English Left A Neighbor Dangling

Germany Gave Europe Reich’s; Many Are Nazis Yet

France For Romance, Almost Never Communicate English

Italy It’s Truly All Luscious, Year-round
It Tempts And Lures You

Spain Some People Are Inherently Nice

Holland Homosexuality Okay, Love Legal & Nationalized Dope

Israel Its Son Rose And Expounded Love
Its Sons Remember And Express Loathing
Its Shame, Remorse And Envy Lingers
It Shares Responsibility As Enmity Lasts
In Same Region, Arabs Experience Losses
If Some Reasoned Agreement, Earth Lives
If Still Raising Arms, Earth Loses
I Swear, Religions Are Evidently Lethal
I Shall Redeem All Earthly Life


Odd Once Divided – Decimals
Others’ Different Dimensions

Oddity One Degree of Difficulty In Theory, Yet

Anomaly Appearance Not On My Agenda… Looks Yucky
Actually, No Other Mind Acts Like Yours

Glitch Gear Loose In The Control Handle
God Lets Individuals Take Chances Here
Got Locked In The Closet: “Hello!”
God Love It… Tried Choosing Hell…
Go Look: Impossible To Completely Hide
Good Luck In The Craps Hall
Get Lost In Thought: Can’t Have

(hctilG) Help Control Things; Include Letting God

Lazy Lie Around – Zero Yearnings

(yzaL) “Yo! Zit-head…Act Lively!”

Loll Live One’s Life Lazily

(lloL) Let’s Leave Out Luck

Slouch Slept Long; Once Up, Conked Head
Seems Like One’s Under Covers Hibernating
Stop Looking Only Up… Change Head

(hcuolS) Heavens! Cancel Urges Of Looking Stupid.
Lounge Let Old Uncle Ned Get Everything
Let One’s Unfulfilled Needs Go Empty
Lights On Until Night Gets Erased

(egnuoL) Enjoy Graceful Nights Under Outdoors’ Lights
Every Granted Need Uses One’s Lead

Reclined Relaxed; Easy Chair Leaned Into; Nestled, Enjoying Daydream


Sluggish Still Lollygagging Until Given Good Impetus: Spanked Hiney

(hsiggulS) Heat Seat; It’ll Get Going, Use Lighter… See?

Torpid Tired Out, Really Pooped, Isn’t Doing

(diproT) Take On Responsibility, Power, Intention & Determination

Dormant Dead, Or Rather, Most Animation Not There

(tnamroD) Tease, Nudge And Make Rollover, Dummy.

Lethargic Less Energetic: Take Hike And Regret Its Conception

(cigrahteL) Can It Get Rolling After Having Taken Early Lunch?

Lifeless Look, I Fell, Eventually Lost Everything… Still Still

(sselefiL) See, Someone Else Looks Eager to Fill-In, Loser
Seek Self-Enlightenment, Life’s Easily Found In Love

Gloom General Look Out Of Madness

(moolG) Manage One’s Own Life Generously
Mete Out One Last Gift
Muse Over One’s own Goodness
Mindful Of Our Lord’s Grace
Measure Others’ Offered Love, Graciously
Make Ourselves Only Look Good

Hopeless Had Only Planned Escapes; Left Entries Still Shut

(sselepoH) Sense Something Else, Like, Explore Possibilities Over Head

Deserted Didn’t Everybody See Exit? Right There? Emergency! Damn-it!

(detreseD) Don’t Even Think Remainder Ever Stranded, End Doubt


Empty Every Matter Passes Through You

(ytpmE) You Think, Perhaps, More Enlightenment?
You Take Part, Merge, Exchange

Ruined Rang Up Investments, Neglected Every Dime
Ranted Until I Noticed Everyone’s Deaf
Run Until It’s Noticed, Event Delayed

(deniuR) Decide Early: Never Invite Unnecessary Rain
Don’t Ever Need; Instead, Understand Richness
Dear Everyone: Now Is Universal Redemption

Dreary Don’t Really Ever Admire Reflection, Yourself

(yraerD) You Recognize An Ever-Redeeming Dimple
You Remember An Earlier, Rainless Day

Barren Births Aren’t Reachable; Rather Empty Nursery
Bald Acres, Razed Ranges, Empty Nests

(nerraB) Now Exhale Resentful Ridges And Breathe
Never Ever Refuse Reality: Always Bless/All’s Blessed

Desolate Desire’s Endless Search, On, Longing, As Time Elapses
Doesn’t Enjoy Spice Of Life… Ain’t That Enough?

(etaloseD) Experience Teaches A Lot Of Senses—Even Denial

Aberration Askew Belief, Either Realized, Remembered, As Though Intended, Or Not
A Being Enters A Retro-Recall And Thinks It’s On Now

(noitarrebA) No One Is That Askew: Remember, Reality Exists, Because of Agreements

Strenuous Some Things Require Effort; Native Universe Only Uses Sentience

(suounertS) Spirit, Understand Own Universe, Now Ease Reach Through Source


Olympics Originally, Lean Young Men Participated In Competitive Sports
Our Liveliest Youth Make Points In Continental Showdown

Games God And Man Experience Simultaneously
Go And Make Enemy Surrender
Getting Active Makes Enjoyable Sports
Gaining Awareness Means Easier Survival

Gym Grow Your Muscles
Great Youth Market
Gains You Make (over)
Greasy Young Men
Guard Your Mat
Grunt, Yell, Moan
Gruel You Made
Grows Yes Men
“Go-on, Yawn… Mighty-mouse!”

Weights What Eager Instructors Give Heavy & Thin Students
Well Endowed Initiates Get Hernias This Size
What Envious Imagine: Guts Hard, Tight Stomachs
Who Ever Invented Gave Himself Tough Squats
Why Everyone In Gym Has T-Shirts

Mats Must Absorb The Sweat

Barbells Big Arms Require Bigger Exercises; Let’s Lift Steel

Aerobics Alternative Exercise Requires Only Bouncing In Cute Suits

Stretching Supposed To Relax & Elongate Tight Cartilage Holding Neck & Groin

Stretch Something Tells Reacher, “Essential To Change Hold”

Running Race Utterly Nowhere Now In New Gyms
Revolving Universe Nudges Nature Into Next Gear/Generation

Run Rev Up Now


Election Empowerment; Let Eligible Choose The Incumbent Or Nominee

Vote Voice Of The Electorate

Ballot Balance A Leader’s Life On Ticket

Debate Differences Expounded Between All The Entrants

Poll Public Opinion, Looks Likely…
Pundits’ Overview: Lots Lie

Party Political Army Requiring Trust – Yours

Ticket Takes Involved Candidates, Keeps Election Tidier

Platform Please Look At The Focus Of Ruling Majority
Public Looks At The Faces Of Running Mates
Politicians Lack All The Facts, Only Raise Money
Pay Less Attention To Fighting Or Regret Might
Pray Let’s Attempt To Figure Out Reasonable Methods
Perhaps Laudable Answers Taken From Our Recognized Minorities

Term Time Electorate Recognizes Management
To Enable Recognizable Mutterings

Articulates Assume Right Terminology In Communication; Use Lips And Tongue Effectively Speak

Inarticulate I’m Not Able, Really, To Induce Communication, Until Language And Translation’s Explained

Mute Might Unplug Those Ears…
Mouth Underwent Tonsil-Ectomy
Maybe, Used Tongue Enough

Speak Say Polite Euphemisms About King

Spoke Some Person’s Oration Kept Evolving


Say Simplify A Yell

Said Speech, As It’s Delivered

Spoken Since Pronounced, Old King’s Edict Noted

Unspoken Uttered Nothing, Silence Prevailed Over Kingdom, Elocution Needless

Unsaid Until Now, Someone’s Answer Isn’t Divulged

Inaudible I’m Noisy…As Usual, Dumby In Booth Left Early

Audible Alright, Up Decibel Increments; But Lose Echo

Loud Language Of Unprecedented Dynamic
Listened Only Until Deaf

Speech Said Persuasive Evidence… Effect: Caused Hearing
Saying Power: Endowment Exclusive: Considered Human

Disclosed Divulged Information: Someone Came Looking, Observed & Saw Everything: Discovered

Reveal Re-see; Enlighten; Viewer Experience Another Look

Divulge Direct Into View Under Light; Give Explanation

Uncover Until Now, Couldn’t Observe/Verify Enemy Records
Upset Nest; Concealment Over, View Exposure, Reveal

Discover Did I See Clearly? Or View Eerie Recollection…
Dimension In Space Creates One’s Viewpoint & Exterior Realizations
Does It Seem Certain? Or Vacillate? Enter Reality…
Dreams & Intentions Start Creation Of Views & Experiences… Remember?
Darkness Is Still Clouding Over Verification? Enlighten. Return.
Did I Ever Say, “Come On, Victims…Everybody Repent?”
Do I Secretly Condemn, Obsess, Vilify or Envy? Rot!


Accrue A Cumulative Count; Run Up Earnings

Cumulative Combined Units Measured Until Last Additive Totaled;
It’s Volume, Exponentially
Aggregate Assembly, Garnered Growth: Retained Every Gain, Added To Enlargement

Increase If Numbers Can Rise, Each Added Sum Enlarges
Addition A Digit Does Increase Taking In Other Numbers
A Dinky Domicile Is Turned Into Our Neighborhood

Add Accumulate Different Digits
Acquire Degrees & Decimals
Attention + Desire = Dynamic-Duo

Additives As Determination Divides, Its Totality In Various Equations Se-saws
A Different Deck/Dose/Degree Invites Tiny Inconsistencies, Variations End Sameness

Sum Size-Up Matter

Total Take One, Then Add Lots

Summation Size Up Matters, Make Additions Total Into One Number

Summary Shorten Until Many More Are Receptive: Yarns-man-ship

Totality Take Others’ Thoughts And Link Info To Yours

Tremendous The Responsibility Every Mind Encounters Now Days: One’s Universe’s Size

Size Simply Imagine: Zero – Eternity
Simple: Infinity – Zero Equation
Self-Imagined Zone Effect


Shape Space Held As Particular Entity
S—- Happens As People Exercise

Mold Make Objects Look Different
Mildew On Loaf – Disgusting

Form Figure Of Relative Mass
Figure Out: Render Model

Figure First, I Guess, Unless Reason’s Explained
Fashion Icons Give-Up Routine Eating
For Instance; Gather Up Resemblance, Example

Cube 2 Cornered Universe: Box-Esque

Ovoid One Voluminous Oval, Inter-Dimensional

Cone 2 Cup On Nub End

Sphere 2 Same Point Has Equal Radii Everywhere

Pyramid Pharaoh’s Youth Remains A Mystery In Desert
Prehistoric Yardstick, Read Above, Marks Inbound Directions
Point You Raise Above Maze Increases Dimension

Parallel Put A Ruler Above Line; Leave Equal Line

Unparalleled Until Now, Pretty Average: A Rank Above; Led Lot;
Everyone Left Eating Dust

Consummate Completely Outstanding; No Substitute; Unlikely Man Makes Anything This Excellent
Climax Of Newlyweds’ Sexual Union (Most Marry After They’ve Experimented)

Superlative Seemed Utterly Passé – Even Lousy – And Then I Viewed Excellence

Super Sensational! Unbeatable! Powerful! Exciting! Rad!
Senior Unemployed Person Earning Rent


Oneness Our Net Experience; Not Equal Seen Separately

All Add Life + Love

Nothing No One: This Hallucination Is Not God’s

Separate Spend Effort Pulling Away; Run Amuck Through Exit
Some Elitists Purport Another Route, Apart… They’re Egoists

Sine Entering Planet, All Residents Are Tried/Tempted/Treated/Terminated/Transferred/

Spiritual Experiment: Perceive Another Reality As That…

Rival Replacement In View And Leading

Foe Face One Enemy
Friend Of Envy
Fond Of Evil
Find Oneself Excluded
For Own Education
Foolish Other Entity
Fowl Odored Essence
Forge On, Embittered
Force Off Embrace
“Fork Over Everything.”

Match Meet Anyone That Challenges Holdings
Make A Twosome Come Here

Outdo Overwhelm Until Tedium Dies Out

Contender Candidate Others Nominated: Told, “Enter Next Debate.” Election Runner

Contend Carry On, Nice Try, Eventually Nail Dream


Adversary A Different Viewpoint Extends Rivalry; Shots At Ridge: Yours

Challenger Came Here After Last Loss, Entered New Game, Earned Respect

Perseverance Personal Endurance: Requires Survival Ethic, Valor, Encouragement, Resolve, Attitude, & No Complaints Ever

Persevere Postulate Early Result, Set Eyesight, View End Result Eventually

Tireless Tried Ice Rink Early Last Evening… Still Skating

Eager Enjoy All God’s Earthly Rewards
Enthusiast’s Alternate Gear: Euphoric Reverse

Diligent Doesn’t Invite Loss; Instead, Generates Effects, Never Tiring

Diligence Devotion, Inspired Lasting Interest; Guaranteed Excellence, Neatness; Correct Estimation

Patience Pray And Try Imagining Effect; Now, Close Eyes
Put Aside ‘Til It Eventually Nears Chosen Ending

Fortitude Fought Over Rough Terrain In Thunderstorm Until Day’s End
Fouled Out, Ran Twice, Injured The Umpire, Didn’t Err
Find Old Rival’s Teeth In The Underwear Drawer…Eating

Stamina Strength, Toughness & Might In Natural Ability
Stay There And Make It New Again
Since Thought Animates Matter, I’m Never Absent
Stand Tall Above Menial Incidents… Now Applaud
Some Times A Man Inspires Nearby Angels
Still Taking Ammo – Mentally In New Arena
Saying Thanks After Missing Items Normally Awarded
Stop Thinking About Mental Images… Now, Attend…
Start Typing And Meet Industry’s New Author


Harmony Heavenly Accord (A Chord): Relates Musically; Oneness Nears You

Harmonious Heaven’s Arrangement – Reunion — Merger Of Numerous Individuals Into One Universal Song

Harm Hole A Rifle Makes
Heart After Rejected Much
How A Renegade Manages

(mraH) Make Right And Help

Reconcile Redo Ending: Consideration Of Now Checking Its Loose Ends

Accommodate Act Courteously: Concentrate On Making Many Others
Delighted And Tastefully Entertained

Appease Amid Pugnacious People Envision A Shared Eventuality

Appall Appear Publicly, Pass Around Lewd Literature

(llappA) Like Less Attention… Perhaps, Pull Away

Lewd Likes Every Word “Dirty”

(dweL) Don’t Worry, Enjoy Life

Vulgar Very Ugly; Looks Gross, Acts Revolting

(ragluV) Respect And Grace Leave Unseen Validations

Manners Much Ado, Not Necessarily Equally Respected, Socially

Playfulness Prefer Levity And Your Friends Use Less Negativity…Enjoy Seeming Silly
Please Let All Your Feelings Unleash Love Now; Enough Stress & Sorrow
Put Light Around Your Friends Until Light Now Envelops Space & Stars


Predator Pant(r)y Raider: Enters Dormitory And Tastes Out Residents

(rotaderP) Rely On Truth And Discover Enemies Resemble Puppies

Juxtaposed Jumbled, Until eXpert Arranger Twinned And Placed On Shelf, Evenly Divided

Matched Made A Twosome; Coupled; Had Experienced Duet

Duo Divide Up One
Deuce United Once
Delivers Universe’s Offspring

Trio Three Rings In One
Triplets Residing In Ovum
The Revered In Oneness

Half How A Lover Feels
Here’s All Lovers’ Fear
Human And Lacks Faith
Has Atomic Life Figure

Third This Helps Images Realize Depth

Quarter Quantity Used As Restaurant Tip? Expect Resentment

Fourth Found Out Unconsciously Ripping Two Halves

Pentagon People Entertaining Nuclear Tactics At Governmental
Office… Nuthouse

Quintet Quantitative Understanding In Numbering The Earth Terrestrially

Fifth Found In Floozy’s Tipsy Hand
Finger, If Four + Thumb = Hand

Sextet Sever Evenly — eXactly Tear – Each Third

Sixth Speech Impediments eXploit Thixth’th Horribly


Septet Seven Equal Parts Together Equals Total

Seventh Sin Enumerated… Virtues Ever Numbered? Think Hard…

Octagon Orders Cars To Advance Gingerly; One-at-a -time… Next

Octet One Chord Takes Eight Tones

Eighth England’s Infamous Great Henry: Titled Heir

Nonet Numbered Orchestration: Nine Every Time

Ninth Numbered Inning – Not The Home-plate

Decade Divide Every Century? Add Decimal… Easy.

Decathlon Discus Event Can Advance Total; However, Lost Other Nine

Decimal Dot Effects Count; It’s More And Less

Tenth Take Earnings, Never Tithe Higher

Teens Time Every Earthling Needs Supervision

Twenties Time When Eager Nineteen-year-olds Turn Into Executive Secretaries
Time When Earnings Neared Top In Exchanged Stock

Thirties Thousands Hurt In Recession, Traded In Empty Securities
Though Hungry In Rough Times, Insouciant Entertainers Survived
The Happiest, In Relative Terms, Intentionally Enjoy Self

Forties Finally Over Regretting Thirty; Instead, Encounter Seniority
Found Our Relatives Tromping In European Soil

Fifties Fonz In Front; Tunes In Every Shop
Fun In Ford Thunderbirds…Is Everybody Swingin’?


Sixties Swingles Invited eXes To Intermingle Experimental Sexes
Space Inventions, X-ray Television, Insolent Electorate & Students

Seventies Students Ended Violence, Extended Night-life ‘Till In-coming Eighties Started
Self Esteem Is Very Essential, Now, To Insure Every Second

Eighties Entrepreneurs Invested, Got Houses, Then Exchange Slumped
Everything Imaginable Gets Heavier; That Is, Except Self

Nineties Now Is Not Exactly The Ideal Everyone Supposed
No, I Never End… Take It Easy, Soul-dear

Hundreds How Upper Numbers Divided: Right-side Established Decimal System

Hundred Here: Understand, Now Doesn’t Really Ever Die

Thousand Ten Hundred, Or Unit Separated After Notched Division

Million Most Investors Look Longingly Into One Number

Billion Bet International Landlords Invest On Net

Trillion Treasury Recently Investigated… Last Look Indebted Our Nation

Enough Equate None & One Until Good & Happy

Numerology Numbers Uncover Meanings; Each Reveals One’s Luck Or Good Yuck

Digress Drift Into Generalities, Run Elsewhere, Side-Step

Transgress Take Right Away, Negate Self, Give Reason to Experience Self-Separation
Term Re-worded As Non-Sense: God Regrets Expectant “Sinners” Suffered


Racers Run Around Courses; Ends Reached Sooner

Players Postulate Life Asks “Yes?” & Every Reply Scores

Movers Men Of Virtue, Ego, Riches or Servants

Shakers Strong Hands And Keen Eyes Run System

Pundits Panelists Using Name-Dropping In Their Speeches

Panelists Professionals (And Non) Exchange Logics & Ideas…
Sharing Their Seats

Populists Personnel Of Public Utilities Loudest Influence:
Socially, They Shout

Doers Deliver Orders, Even Return Stuff

Do-Gooders Divine Orderlies-God’s Obedient Ones Do Errands, Remain Smiling

Makers Manufacturers Are Key Economic Rate Sources

Bakers Bread: A Kneaded Edible Resource Supplied

Barkers Bravado Announcers Rant, Keep, & Exploit Rare Sideshows

Bouncers Bar’s Only Undefeated Nice-Guys Can Evict Rowdy Sots

Stalkers Secretive, Tenacious Admirers; Lose Keys And Expect Real Surprise

Trailers The Rest Are In Line, Eagerly Reading Signs

Tailors Taper An Inseam; Look Over Remaining Suit

Trappers Those Rugged Animal Purveyors; Poached Even Red-Skins

Troopers To Rule Over Others, Prove Everyone Requires Security
The Reason Others Oppose Public Enforcement & Return Shots


Bikers Boys Into Kickstand Envy Ridin’ Scared

Tumblers Talented Unbelievable Moving Bodies:
Let’s Enjoy Remarkable Show

Thinkers Those Held In Not-Know: Ego’s Reactive Spirits

Dabblers Dilettantes And Beginners Behaving Like Enlightened, Retarded Students

Hikers Have Injured Knees; Even Repaired Shoes

Fumblers Forever Upset, Mis-Balanced & Leave Every Room Sorry

Sailors Sea-men Are In Luck, Or Remain Seasick

Cobblers Can Offer Better Boots, Laces… Even Repair Shoes

Cleaners Clothes Like Experts And Never Ever Regret Service

Waiters While Actors Imagine Their Entrances, Restaurateurs Starve

Servers Some Errand Runners Voicelessly Emit Resentful Smiles

Farmers Food Angels; Respectfully Make Earth Redeem Seeds

Planters People, Like Acorns, Need The Earth, Rain & Sun

Pointers Perhaps Our Itinerary Needs Tuning: East Resembles South

Printers Publisher’s Rule: “I Notice Typed Errors; Readers Shouldn’t.”

Editors Either Deliver It Typed Or Rewrite Story

Writers Word Rangers; In Truth… Envious Readers, Still


Trucker ‘Til Rounded Up, Can Keep Enjoying Road-kill

Hacker Hired AS Consultant; Killed Employee Relations

Smoker Saw Mountain Of Krakatoa Erupt, Ringside

Giver Good Intention Verified Every Round

Takers They All Keep “Even” Records & Stash

Talker Tells All; Like Kid Enjoying Recess

Helper Heaven’s Emissary; Loves People, Enables Recipients

Shoppers Sale Hounds Or Poor People Entering Retailers’ Snares

Buyers Big Users; Yen Executives Regulate Supplies

Fighters Forceful Imps Go Headstrong To End Rough Situations
Forget It! God Has Taken Every Ring’s Side

Flyers Fling Lads Yonder, Expect Return Soon

Antlers Animals Named These, “Little Ears Really Sprouted.”

Banters Blabs About Nothing, Tells Endless “Recall” Stories

Canter Caroler Assembly Nominated To Entertain Rabbis

Dander Defenses Are Near Detonation: Extinguisher Ready

Embezzler Employee Made Bank Empty –Zillions-Zilch – Left Embossed Receipt

Follower Fond Of Lagging, Last One Watched Everyone’s Rears

Go-Getter Goal Oriented-Gives Energy & Thought To Effect Results

Hater Has A Thought – Enters Remission

Insider Insecure Nosey Securities Investor Desires Early Reports


Jester Joker Entertains Servants, Then Entertains Royalty

Keeper Keen Eyes Eventually Perceive Envisioned Reward

Looter Locks Owners Out – Takes Everything Remaining

Miser Money Is Self Empowerment… Right?

Name-Dropper No… Ali, Madonna & “E” Didn’t Ruin Oprah’s Prince Party… Elvis Returned.

Opener “One Paltry Eerie Night, Elves Ransacked…”

Pusher Peddles Unhealthy Substances… Hides Emotional Responsibility

Quitter Quest Unreachable; Impossible Task-Taker, Exit Runner

Ranger Real Average Nice Guy Everyone Respects

Settler Since Early Times, They Landed & Established Residence.

Traitor Tail Runner: An Infidel Turned On Rest-of-us

User Until Someone Else Requires

Victor Very Insouciant; Claims Title, Owns Rewards

Watcher Witnesses Activity, Then Claps Hands & Evaluates Reviews

Xeroxer eXecutive Errand Runner Over-eXposes Every Replica

Yeller “Your Ears Look Like Elephant’s… Ready?”

Zapper Zone Ahead Perilous…Point Electron Ray

Author Attempts Understanding Through His Own Renderings

Artist A Rare Talented Individual Shows Things


Artistic Achievement Rings True, Inspires Someone,
Thus, It Communicates

Autistic Alone, Until Thoughtful Individuals Sought To Improve Communication

Altruistic Always Loyal, Truly Reliable, Unselfish In Situations That Invoke Care

Acerbic A Cutting Essence Resembles Biting – Innuendo Coloring

Ballistic Bullets, Artillery, & Large Lodes Impact Science: Totally Insane Concern

Bassist “Bassoons And Saxophones Sounded Sophomoric; In-fact, So Did Trombones.”

Catalyst Causes Anything To Act; Like Yank, Stimulate or Trigger

Cellist Considered Easy Listener’s Loveliest In String Trio

Caustic Corrosive, Acerbic, Unkind & Sarcastic Terms In Criticism

Dramatic Desperate Romantic Assaults Mankind And Thinks It’s

Dramatist Dreamer Remembers A Masterpiece And Turns Into Script, Too

Dogmatic Demands Obedience; Gets Mad At Thinkers In Church

Didactic Dreadfully Inclined, Dictatorial And Can’t Teach In Classrooms

Dadaist Do Art – Don’t Art – It’s Same Thing

Duelist Decides Unhappy Ending, Locked In Some Trouble

Diabetic Depleted Insulin, Addict’s Been Eating Those Infernal


Elitist Exclusive Look Inside This Impenetrable Self-Tower

Eclectic Ever Consider Leaving Everything Collected There, In Clutter?

Fanatic Freak-Aholic; Nut Attached To Tree, In Concept

Finalist First In Nationals And Last In Seizing Trophy

Fatalist Funeral Aficionado; Tugs Away Life Boats In
Stormy Times

Flutist Finds Lofty, Unreachable Notes In Symphonic Triumph

Gymnasts Girls & Young Men: Nimble As Slinkies, Though Stronger

Generic Gives Entire Neighborhood Equal Rights In Consumerism

Harpists How Angels Record Pleasure: In Songs, Through Strings

Heretic Has Expressed Rebuttal, Enough Ti Incite Crowd

Hostess Helps Out Servers: The Entry’s Smiling Seater

Host House Owner — Stays There

Heroic Help Emergency Rescue; Offer Inimitable Courage

Hedonist Has Earthly Desires, Often; Not Into Spiritual Things

Idiotic Idea Devoid; Icon Of Thoughtlessness; It’s Crazy

Idealist I Dream Everyone Awakens Light In Self Transition

Idealistic In Determinism, Envision All Life Is Self Taking Its Chances

Jurist Judgmental Unit Roped Into Sitting There

Karmic Keep A Reactive Mind & It’ll Continue


Lyricist Lines You Read In Choir… I Started That

Mimic Make Imitation, Make Imitation…Cancel

Marxist Mass Against Rulers; Extremely Into Socializing Things

Maoist Manchurian Actively Orienting School Teachers

Nudist No Underwear: Definitely Into Showing Ta-tas

Nordic Not Only Relocated Danes; Icelandic Crossovers

Opportunist Over Pushy Person Often Runs To Use Next Idea In Sales Training

Optometrist Observant Professional; Trained On Many Eyes That Read
Infinitesimal Sight Tests

Optics Offers Possibilities To Improve Compromised Sight

Oboist Offered Bassoon…Opted, Instead: Snake Tunes

Populist Public Ownership: Particularly Utilities, Labor, Income & State Taxes

Publicist Performers Use Because Location In Columns Is Survival Tactic

Pedantic Preach Every Day And Not Touch Important Concept

Pianist Player Invented A New Instrument: Steinway Typewriter

Quadratic Quantity Upped Algebraically; Denomination Remains, As Total Isn’t Counted

Rapist Rogue Assaults People & Imposes Sexual Trauma

Relic Resembles Egyptian Loot Left In Crypts

Rustic Rural, Until Seen Trendy In City


Realist Regards Everything About Life In Survival Terms

Surrealist So Unusual; Renders Rather Eccentric Art…’Least It Says Something

Cynic Considers You, Not In Color

Sadist Suffering And Degradation Is Sole Trade

Masochist Menial And Submissive, Obedience Can Hurt; Into Suffering Torment

Stylist She Turns Your Look Into Something Terrific

Sophomoric So Opinionated; Purports Having Own Mind, Only, Really Isn’t Close

Septic Sewer Entry; Poop In Tank – Ca-ca

Sonic Sound Or Noise In Cosmos

Scenic Surveyors Consider Earth Nice In Comparison

Specialist Some Presumed Expert Can Identify All Likelihood In Short Time

Spastic Shift Positions All-at-once; Seismic Tic In Colon

Sporadic Send Pulse Out, Rest, Again; Do It Continuously

Tic Tremor, Involuntary Convulsion

Tactic Take A Chance; Try It, Champ

Toxic This Overwhelmed Experimenters In Class

Typist Turns Your Penmanship Into Something Tangible

Terrific Things Especially Rich, Rewarding, Inspiring & Fun,
If Chosen


Traffic Travelers Run Around Freeway Finding Individual Courses

Taoist Treks As One In Selfless Thought

Terrorist “They’re Everywhere…Really…Remember Our Reason In Sending Troops.”
‘Til Everyone Resumes Responsibility, Others Remain Invisible, Scary & Threatening
This Evil Renegade Relies On Reactive Impure Thoughts

Urologist Understands Renal Organs; “Lets One Go…” Increases Size, Too

Unrealistic Until Now Regular Experience Appeared Like It Seemed, Then It Changed

Violist Voice In Orchestra; Larger, Intermediate String Tuner

Volcanic Volumes Off Lava, Cave Ash, Not Ice Capped

Vino Vine In – Nectar Out

Wino “Wish I Never Opened…”

Workaholic When Offered Recreation… Kept Adding Hours, On Line, In Cube

Wormy Way Older Relatives Manipulate You

eXhibitionist eXposes Himself In Bathrooms, In Temples, & In Open…
Not In School, Though

eXtremist eXaggerator That Rarely Ever Mixes In Soft Touch

Yo-Yo You’re On — You’re Off

Yap You Asked… Pity

Yep Yes, Extra Please

Yelp Your Expression Lacks Pronunciation


Zipper Zone In Pants; Puts Everything Right

Zip Zero – Infinity… Presto!

Zap Zilch A Particle

Zilch Zero In Lingo; Count Hasn’t

Affection Affinity Flow; Fondness Emission;
Choice To Invite One Nearer

Affliction Assume Falsehood: Fear Locks In, Can’t Take It Out Now

Affectation Attention Feeler: Feathered Evening Coat & Tattoo, Added To Impress One’s Neighbor

Action A Communication: Time In Operation… Not-now

Abdication A Body Detaches Its Crown And Tips It, Once, Nevermore

Ascension As Sacrificial Cross Exemplified, No Spirit Is Omitted… None

Aerial Above Earth: Relates If Airborne, Lofty

Astral As Stars Twinkle, Researchers Analyze Lights

Abysmal Almost Bottomless: Your Sorrows May Appear Lower

Abominable Awful Beingness, Offensive, & Monstrous: In Nutshell…Aberration Beckons? Look Elsewhere

Audible Announcements Undergo Decipherability In Between Listener’s Ears

Affordable Apt Financially; Fuss Over Retail, Deal And Buy Less Expensively

Amiable Always Merry; Insouciant At Being Lightly Entertained


Amicable A Mingler In Crowds, Agreeable, Behaved…Looks Enjoyable

Alcoholic A Liquor Cabinet… Options: Hide, Or Lock In Closet

Antic Any Nifty Trick, If Comic

Afghanistan American Forces Got Hold And Now It Seems To Act Nice

Anchorman A News Correspondent Host; One Resilient Messenger, Announcing News

Bohemian Better Open His Entangled Mane; Inside’s A Nut

Bahamian Beings Are Happy And Mannered; Islanders Are Nice

Bremen Band Renowned; Especially Musicians: Each Not-human

Baltic Bothnia Ashore; Lithuanian/Latvian, Tried Independent Commonwealth

Bombastic Belt Open-Mouthed & Break A Sweat To Impinge Communiqué

Barbaric Bullish As Rhinos Breaking A Run Into Crowd

Bastion Basically A Stronghold That Invaders Only Nick

Brothel Body Rentals Offered; This Hotel Exploits Lust

Bordello Batch Of Retail Dames Ex-spritz Love Like Onions

Brackets Bends ‘Round A Category; Keep Enclosed Type, Sort-of

Baton Beats A Tempo Others Notice

Bacon Bellies And Cash & Oscar Nominee

Beau Boy: Efficacious, Attractive & Urbane

Bummer Blew Up Mom’s Maytag, Everyone Ratted


Bleachers Bench-Like; Each Attendee Can Have Elevated, Rowed Seat

Basement Bar Area, Some Eclectic Mementos…Environment ‘Neath Thee

Balcony Bring A Ladder, Climb Onto, Notice Yardage

Bathroom Best Area To Have Rest Or Other Movement

Bedrooms By Evening, Dreamers Roll Over Old Mattresses, Sleeping

Ballroom Ballet Area, Lords & Ladies Reel Over Minuets

Closet Clothe/Close Lots/Lack Of Self Esteem There

Cabinet Cupboard Affords Belongings, Inside, Extra Tidiness

Cupboard Cabinet Usually Put Beside Oven, Among Racked Dishes

Chest Crate Holds Earth-worn Stored Things

Columbian Cocaine Occupied Lord, Until Mob Barged In And Nabbed

Celt Combined English, Language & Tradition

Conk Crack On Noggin — Knot

Conch Considered Oceanic Novelty; Coquina-esque Horn

Congo Caravan Once Noticed Gorillas Overhead

Conger Comes Out o’ Nowhere – Gives Eels Reputation

Conjugate Courtship Over, Nuptials Just United, Groom Anticipates The Evening

Copulate Conjugal Opener: Pull Up Legs And Then… Enjoy

Coil Contraception’s Original Implant Line


Caustic Cutting, Acerbic, Unkind, & Scathing; This Is Corrosive

Curtail Cut, Upend, Reduce, Terminate, Abridge & “It’s Lights”

Compound Couple O’ More Problems Oughta Unravel Next Deal
Camp Of Mixed People; Our Unified New Dwelling

Campground Communal Area, Many People Go Rest Outside Until Next Day

Calm Cause A Lax Moment
Consider A Loving Moment

Directions Decide Intended Route, Examine Course To Insure Outcome; Necessary Signs/Signals/Supervision/Support

South Somewhere Out Under The Horizon

North No Other Route To Heaven

East Envision A Sunrise: There

West Where Every Sunset Tumbles

Star Shine, Tower And Remain
Something Twinkling And Radiant
Super Thespian Assumes Role

Comet Careens Overhead, Missile-like, Emblazes Trail
Cleanser Our Mom’s Enjoyed Testing

Dipper Dots In Planets’ Periphery Everyone Recognizes

Meteor Mass En-route Toward Earth…Optional Ruin

Hail Hard And Icy Lumps
Holler At Incoming Limo

Storm Send Torrents Of Rain / Marines

Savage Seems Animalistic; Virtually Antisocial Genetic Entity
Socially Attenuated Visitor: A Guestlist Error


Orion Occupied Region In Our Night
Others Reside In Our Network

Mars Marcabian, Arid Red Star
Maybe A Relay Station
“Mark All Returning Souls”

Mercury Mine Excavation; Razed Cinders Under Rated Yet
Massive Energy Reserve; Can’t Use, Risky Yet

Venus Various Entities Navigate Unseen Side
Visitors Enter Near United States

Neptune Not Ever Populated; Too Unstable, None Enter/Escape

Saturn Stay Away ‘Til Understand Ring Network
Several Aliens Transverse Universes; Recognize Network

Uranus Useful Resources Await Now; Under Stripes

Jupiter Just Under Planet Is Trans-orbital Earthly Relay

Pluto Past Line, Universes Thrive Otherwise

Earth Every Angel Returns To Heaven
Experience And Remember This Hold
Every Apparent Reality Trapped Here
Earn Angel Rewards: Try Humanity
Enter And Reenter ‘Til Happy
Even Aliens Respect The Humans
Envision And Realize Thought Happens
Endure A Relatively Tough Hardship
Enjoy And Remember To Help
End At Rainbow…That’s Here

Moon Man On, Our Neighbor
Marvelous Orb Over Nature
Monthly Observant Of Night

Sun Solar Unifying Nucleus
Shine Until Nevermore


Selfless Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s Entertain Shape-Shifts Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s Empathize: Soul Search
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s Each Start Smiling
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Lets Experience Several Survivals
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s Energize: Start Something
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s Enjoy Satisfying Several
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s Engage Soul Salvage
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s, Everyday, Savor Selfhood
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Lets Effortlessly Save Stressed
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s Eagerly Send Solutions
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s Effectively Solve Situations
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s End Suppressive Stops
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s Employ Simplified Systems
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s Express Some Style
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s Enlighten Spirits… Self
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Let’s Experiment:
Separate… See?

Selfish Since Everyone Lives Forever, Infest Same House
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Imagine Staying Home
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Individuate: See How
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Invent Sensational Hell
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Invite Self Honors
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Introvert Several Hours
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Ignore Someone’s Hardship
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Intrude, Scam, Hustle
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Invade Shared Happiness
Since Everyone Lives Forever, Invalidate & Seek Help


Size Spans Infinity-Zero, Evidently

Benevolent Benefit Endowment; Nice; Extend Valiant Offering;
Loving, Easy, Now, True
Bless Every Name – Even Vile Ones. Lift Exceptions?
No Thanks.
Befriend Each Neighbor, Each Visitor; Only, Leave Evidence Next Time

Charitable Care Has A Relative: It’s Truly A Blessing…Like… Everyone

Unstinting Use No Selfish Thoughts, Insist Not Taking, Intend Nothing Gratuitous

Tenable Theory, Evidence & Notion Acceptable; But Let’s Experiment

Grounded God’s Rod Of Understanding: Nailed Down Every Detail
Good Reason Omer Unwired New Doorbell: Electrocuted Deliveryman

Groundless Go Romping Out, Understand No Directions, Leave Everywhere Still Spinning
God’s Reason Our Unity Never Divides: Life Essences Shift Skyward

Pushy Proud Unless Someone Hurts You
Passive Until Someone Halts You
Put Up “Show Hands” & Yodel
Pull Up Some Hair & Yank
Pick Up Street Hustler: “Yes-sir?”
Pacify Universal Soldier… Haven’t, Yet

Meddlesome Menace Every Day; Dons Little Earphones, Someone On Mic, Exposed

Obtrusive Obnoxious Bully, Tromps ‘Round Until Someone Is Very Exasperated

Intrusive Impolite Nuisance Takes Room; Usually Such Instances Volatile — Explosive


Breach Break Rules; Extinguish Agreement: “Contract? Hogwash!”

Infract Invalidate, Not Follow Regulations; Act Counter To…

Renege Reverse Engines, Negate Establishments & Go Elsewhere

Violate Validity Is Often Lost At Treason’s Edge

Vigor Vim In Gear: Optimum Readiness

Vim Vitality In Motion

Rigor Rigidity Is Grounded On Ridge

Rim Run Into Mass

Dim Darkness In Motion

Him Helps Identify Man

Slim Somewhat Lean In Middle

Whim Whatever Happens, I Make
Wish Held In Mind
Will Happiness Into Matter

Hush Hold Until Silence Heard
Hurry-Up, Settle… Hear

Repose Rest, Enjoy Peaceful Occasion, Sit & Eat

Picnic People In Country, Nosh In Country
Plates In Country, Napkins In Country

Knapsack Ken Needed A Purse, So… Assembled Camp Keepsake

Tent To Ensure No-one’s Taken
Tried Enduring Night Topside
Tarp Enclosure; No Telephone


Skeptic Self Knows Everything: Pundits Think It Curious

Magnet Metal Attractor; Gets Nailed Every Time

Magnate Mines A Gold Nugget And Then, “Eureka!”

Genial Gracious, Endearing, Nice, Interested, Affable & Light

Breeze Breath Refreshment, Eases Every Zone Encountered

Wherewithal What’s Handed Every Returning Earthling: With It, The Help Angels Lend
What’s Handed Every Returning Earthling: Without It, Heaven Accepts Losers

Unity Unbound & Needless, I Trust You
Until Now I’ve Tested You

Unify Unbound & Needless, I Feel You
Until Now, I’ve Freed You
Until Never, I’ll Find You

Union Understand Now, I’m One… Namaste

Uniform Utter Nonsense, If Fashionable; Or Rather Macho

Macho Man, Awfully Charismatic, Has Odor
Make A Coward Help Out

Namaste Notice All Mankind As Sacred & Treat Equally

Attribute A Trait That Resembles Individuals: Being Unique Tests Equanimity
Assign Traits To Recognize Identities By Understanding Their Essences

Tribute Testimonial Ritual; It’s Beautiful, Unless, Too Effusive

Ritual Rite, In Theory, Usually Among Legionnaires
Respectful Incantations To Unseen Authorities… Lengthy
Rote Idolatry To Ultimately Appease Lords
Relay, In Togas, Under A Ladder


Rite Routine, In-Temple, Exercise

Rote Repetitive Oriental Teaching Ethic

Worship With Others, Request Some Help In Prayer
What Obsessed Rulers Seek: Homage, Idolization & Pay

Homage Honor Offered; Much Adulation; Grateful Expressions

Adulation Adoration: Deliver Up Laudable, Admiration To Idol. Opposite: Negation

Credit Considerable Recognition Earned/Extended… Deserved It, Too

Venerate Validate, Esteem, Note Excellence, Revere And Tell Everyone

Validate Value Authenticated & Legalized It Does Authorize The Endorsement

Assign Allocate; Send Someone In; Give Names/Numbers

Revere Respect, Esteem, Venerate: Evidence? Raised Eyes

Esteem Every Star-Treatment Earned Earlier, Maybe

Impute I Make People Understand Their Errors

Indict I Now Declare it Criminal & Taxable

Endorse Election Near…Dither Over Running Mate: Support Either

Impeach I Move, “President, Exit And Cancel Himself!”

Arraign Accuse Rogues & Rascals; Albeit, Innocence-Guilt Notwithstanding

Allot Almighty Lets Little Ones Try

Allocate Always Let Loved Ones Choose… And Tell Everyone-else


Messengers MY Emissaries: Spiritual Seekers Explain Newfound Godliness: Earth’s Redemption Symphony

ME Expanded: Soul Searchers Now Gathered: Earth’s Reason to Sing

MYSELF Empowers Some Spiritually Enlightened… Nurtures Garden… Eden Realizes Salvation

Mankind Evolved: Spirits Sent –Especially Now –
Give Earth Real Solutions

Messenger “Maybe Everyone Senses Something Exceptional: Next Generation’s Eternal Reward”

“My Experience Seemed Simple – Except – Now God’s Everywhere… Really!”

Makes Everyone See Self, Expands Notion, God Enters
& Remains

Merge “Else”& Self…Every-now-and-then, God Enjoys Reunions

I Individual/Infinite

Want Walk Around Needing Things
Wait Awhile – Now Think
What A Need Threatens
With Awareness, Name & Take
Will Awakens New Thought
When Any Notion Trembles
We All Noticed That!
Where Assumed Need Takes-you
What’s Apparent, Not There
Wish Away, Not Trusting
Worry About Nothing’s True
Why A Next Time…

Insatiable I’m Not Satisfied, Always Thirsty, & I’m A Bit Lean Elsewhere

Worship Way Other Religions Seek Heaven In Public

When One Really Seeks Help, I Provide

While Others Rant, Something Happens: I Pray

Wishes Of Reluctant Saints, Haven’t Improved Positions

Washing Out Repented Sins Hasn’t Improved Positions

Wearing Old Robes & Swearing Hasn’t Improved Positions

Walking On Rattlesnakes & Sweating Hasn’t Improved Positions

Wine Over Rye Snacks Hasn’t Improved Positions

Walking Over Red-hot Stones Hasn’t Improved Positions

Wanting Only Remorseful Souls Hasn’t Improved Positions

Wiping Out Real Selfhood Hasn’t Improved Positions

Whipping Our Rumps Still Hasn’t Improved Positions

Watching Our Redeemer Suffer Hasn’t Improved Positions

Wiping Out Religious Sects Hasn’t Improved Positions

Waiting On Redemption & Salvation Hasn’t Improved Positions

Worry Over Returning Savior Hasn’t Improved Positions

Working Overtime, Really Struggling Hasn’t Improved Positions

Working Out, Relaxing Stress Hasn’t Improved Positions

Waiting On Relief, Suffering, Hasn’t Improved Positions

Way Out: Reunite Self – Hold In Peace

Synchronized Encounter: Recent Event/New Discovery Is Patched Into Time-tract… You

Zone Elevated Northward: It’s The Highest

Not Above/Never Atop: Down, In Relation…

Consideration Of Space — Muse On Self

Creation Of Spirit – My Outer Space

Constellations, Orbs, Stars…ME, Operating Systems

Cause Over Space & Matter: One Self

Could One Single Man Own Same?

Consideration Of Something Missing (Omnipotent Spirit)

Complete Oneness: Separated, Merged, & Observed Since

“Come On, Space Man, Own Something.”

St Christmas Day
Say This: “Christ Has Risen. I Shall, Too. Mankind Also Shall.” Don’t Anybody Yell.

Could Heaven’s Rebirth In Some Tiny Manger Awaken Self?

Everyone Arises Similarly To Enjoy Rapture

Thou Hasn’t Always “Not Known.” See! Go Inside. Verify It Now! Gawd!!!

I’m Cool… You?

Need Oil Over Seas Everyday

Hang A Lantern, Look Ornery & Witchy, Enjoy Eerie Night

Sun Overhead Lights Summer, ‘Til Icy Celestial Event

Earth Quartered — Add Two Over Remainder

Fish Only On Land

Figure On One Life

Fond Of Obeying Lies

Fight Over Oil & Lie-about-it

Foster Only Ornery Looks

Feast On Others’ Lives

Pg 174

Become Evaluative; Reduce Anything That Exists










Can’t Render; Instead, Tears Into Commentary

Criticize Harshly; Instigate Destructive Evaluation

Scare Child Over Little Doing-ness
Scathing Criticism, Only Louder & Dictatorial/Diction-less
Some Children Obey… Lots Don’t

Consider All Singers Tongue-tied. Imagine Growling At Them Everyday.

May I Represent This Happiness
Merriment Is Running Through Here
Me? I’d Rather Think Happily
Man In Rain Twirling Hoops

Hepatitis Inoculation Veiled

Verify It’s Host
View It Healed
Vacate It’s Home
Validate I’m Here

An Intentionally Developed Syndrome

Sentence Developers In America
SELF Deliver Inspired Antidote
See Divinity In All
Songs Do Improve Ailments
Sound Does Include Answer

United Spirits
Universal Soul
Undivided Self
Unless Separate
Until Selfhood
Undo Separation
Underneath Solos
Utterly Safe
Unanimous Synchronicity
Understanding Simplified


Pale And Lack-Luster: Imagine Dust
Perhaps A Little Lipstick In Dimples?
Pass Away Looking Like Inert Doll

Powder Adorned Live Entity
Pass At Looking Energetic

Delightful Until Laughter Left
Doesn’t Understand Love/Life
Dilettante Using Lofty Lingo
Dance Under Limbo, Loaded
Deliver Unending Linguistics Lecture
Dirt, Unless Lot Landscaped
Drug Use: Legal & Lethal
Drink Until Lesson Learned
Drive-Up Lane, Lunchtime
A Singed Heap

All Smoked: Hasn’t Even Noticed
A Skin Hasn’t Experienced Nourishment

Sickly: Ain’t Lookin’ Lively, Off-White

Waxen: Apparently Nauseated

Faded, As If Not There
Fall, As In, “Nice Try.”
Feign An Infatuation…Now Topple

Fake Expression: It Gets Nauseating
Falsify: Emote… It’s Grinning Nastily
Formal Events Invite Gratuitous Nim-Wits
For Every Insincere Gesture Noticed
Adept Regarding Truth; Frankly, Utterly Libelous

A Fine Fellow, Except, Can’t Take Him Every Day
Act Fond, Fickle, Eager, & Concerned; Tease Eeverso Demurely

Doubt Undoes Beingness If One Understands Suspicion


ANother You

That: How I Notice God

To Have Attention “There”

I Summon

I Summon – No Takers

Certainly Able Now

Consider Any Negative Thought

Divine Order

Decide On “No Thanks”

What I Let Linger

Why Others Need Things

Awesome Realization, Eh?

A Real Easy Nullification Trick

Suppose Hereafter All Life Long

Suspect Has Almost No Time

Aware Moment
As Myself
Any Me
Assume Mass/Meaning/Mobility
All Molecules
Atomic Matters
Angelic Messengers…
…And Messages
Always Moving
Awake, Mostly
Awesome Mother


First, Awaken, Imagine, Then Have
Focus Again… Intend To Help
For Answers, I’d Try Heaven
…For Anyone Ill To Heal…
Final Answer: It’s Trust Happening
Frighten Away Insecurity — Think Happy
Forget Any Invalidation. There’s Hope
First Attain Individuality, Then Humanity
Forget About It…Things Happen

One Difference Does It Take… You.

Turn Opportunity Into Labor
Turned Off In Lovemaking
Turned On In Laundromat
Arouse Different Opinions

Attempt Doing Otherwise
Add Difficulty Once
Amass Diverse Options
All Do-Overs
Avoid Divine Order
A Dilettante’s Observation
All Day Outlook
Any Deliberate Omission
As Doubt Occurs
Allow Delayed Outcomes
Ask Dictators Over
Attach, Deny, Obfuscate
Attention Deficit Ordeal
Advise, Divide, Overlook
Remain Extra Still Today

The Helpful Energy Realized Amid Problematic Years
This Helps Express Recovery As Patients Yell
Truth Heals, Empathy Relieves… All Possibilities Yours

Muck Under Dirt

Did Art: Looked Idiotic

Fearful Look At Worsening
Find Lacking And Wrong


Create A Moment; Enjoy Reviewing Afterwards
Can A Mind Ever Replay Accurately?
Catch A Memorable Experience, Replay Again

For Images, Lasting Memories
Features In Lifelike Motion
Frames In Life Moments
Find Image, Leave Memento

Barely Enough Remaining Energy — Forget Trying

Despite Every Survival Tactic, It’s Too Useless To Envision

Relieved Of Beloved Belongings, Evicted & Dumped

Done, In Virtually Every Single Thing Ever Desired

Something Worth Awe Nicely Kept

Frivolous Rich Indulgent Little Luxury

Over Plentiful, Upwardly Loaded, Enough Nice Things

Luxuriously Adorned, Voluptuous Impressive Style, Haute

Rewards I Can Have

After Failure Fails, Look Up…Experience New Trend

New One: Very Inexperienced, Comically Eager

Takes Rules And Internship; Needs Employment Experience

New Employee On Post Has You Teaching Everything

A Master, At Times, Encounters Under Rating

Make A Single Task Extremely Remarkable
Make A Single Thing Extremely Remarkable
Make A Simple Thought Eternally Reverberate
Muse Amid Stillness The Exterior Reality


Verifiable Evidence: Single Trace Is Good Enough

That Remains And Can’t Erase

Required Extra Message: It Never Does Enlighten Receiver

Enables Very Important Deciphering – Especially Near Crime Environments

Incident Now Determined In Court Trial

Imply, Nod, Direct In Communication; Attention-Turning Expression

In Noticing Details I Can Assess Truth. I Overlook Nothing

Something I Generally Notice

Big Losses Always Mean Excuses

I Never Can Remember If My Imagined Nemesis Actually Tainted Evidence

I Now Hold Every Realm Extant Near Thee

I Never Trust Realities I’m Not Sure I Created

Being Aware Simply Is Cause
Because Anything Sophisticated Is Confusing
Breath And Sentience I Create
Behind All Stillness I Call
Big And Stupid Is Costly
Being A Saint/Sinner Is Contagious
Breathe A Sigh, I Come

Evidently, Something Seems Extra Necessary To Improve A Life
Element Separated Spirit Esteems Necessary To Incarnate And Last

EXternal Thing Requiring Attention


Voice Of The Electorate

Just Keep on Writing

Just Keep on Writing

You said to me just keep on writing
So I promised you truly I would
Who said what comes out from nothing
Has to be clever or good

And so I am putting together
Words that may never have met
Hoping it brings someone pleasure
What you see here’s all you get

Take it back, I’ve had more inspiration
So I’m giving you just one more verse
The more I put in this creation
The better I feel, not the worse

I have no idea where it’s going
I’ll just go with the flow so to speak
Until I find something worth knowing
Thinking this could go on for a week

You’re Aesthetically Challenged When…

You’re Aesthetically Challenge — Oh, Hell – You’re Butt Ugly When…
You gaze into a pond and fish die.
You go for a dip in the ocean and the sharks swim backwards.
Your first date offers you a bag.
A blind date actually puts his/her eyes out.
People compliment your motor skills and inner qualities.
Oprah won’t bring you out even after the makeover.
It’s weird how you always seem to hear screams in the distance… then footsteps running.
Michael Jackson wants to buy your remains.
Your cat hisses when you approach
Casting directors hire you for character roles… for horror films… then tell you to bypass
makeup and go straight to the set.
Insects won’t land on you.
When you were born, the nurse spanked your face.
That face-spanking thing happened a lot during childhood.
Your conscience tells you you had a hand in that ten-car pile up, that day you tried to
hitchhike to South Beach.
You’ve learned to apply your foundation with a putty knife and Spackle.
Every time you enter the salon, the receptionist holds up a cross.
Technically, your hairdresser would be called a farmer, skilled with sheers and a rake.
Zits would be an improvement.
Mom says, “God love it.”