Where There’s A Will

Where There’s A Will

I’m alive ‘long as I can believe it
And as good as my good friends say
You and I’ve been through love it and leave it
I believe that our friendship remained
In a place that they call Ever After
In a land not too far away
If it’s lost I know we can retrieve it
Where there’s a will there is always a way

I’ll be here’ long as breath’s on the mirror
Be around far as I can see
I’m not skilled at foretelling the future
But believe what I see can be

I see things far beyond the horizon
Just as clearly as night and day
Seems whatever I feast both my eyes on
In a moment will be that way
– Instrumental Bridge –
As I come face to face with illusions
Must remember to trust in one thing
That no matter how horrid the vision
There is only one way it can stay
I can choose how to use observation
Where some stare, others look away
When I focus I’m paying attention
To the will that will lead all the way

If we go separate ways from each other
I will not let my heart be sore
I’ll remember the love and the laughter
As I look to love someone some more

It may take me beyond the horizon
All the way to the Other Side
At this moment, of this I am certain
Within each wish is where I will abide

© 2011 David Brunoehler


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