More AcronWhims

Here are a few gay acronym card ideas:  ( O=Outside, I=Inside )
O:   GAY   I:  Given A Yoke, Gender Attraction: Yours

O: LESBIAN: I: Lady Enjoys Sex But It’s Always Nookie
O:  HOMO  I: His Orientation: Men Only  or  Hands On Men Only
O:  QUEER  I: Quietly Ushers Everyone Entering Restroom
O:  BI  I:  Booby Indifferent, Born Indecisive, Both Interests
O:  SISSY   I:  Sashays In Sarong Singing “Yesterday”
O:  FAG   I:  Faints Around Gladiators  or  Found At Glory-holes   or  Forgot About Gender

O: DIKE I: Debutant In Klondike Earth-shoes

O:  BJ     I:  Bring Joy
O:  QUEEN   I:  Quiet Until Eugene Entered Naked
O:  BUTCH    I:  Beefed Up, Tough Crotch Holder
O:  FEM     I:  Forgets Everything Manly 
O:  TOP        I:   Turns Over Partner
O:   BOTTOM    I:   Butt Offer To The One Mounting
O:  PRIDE   I:  Personal Rightness, Integrity, Dignity, Ego
O:  HIV    I:    Hell In Veins/Vaccine
O: AIDS I:  Author Isn’t Divulging Secret 

O:  CAMP   I:   Crazy Acting Manic Personality

O: DRAG I: Dress Ricky As Girl

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