Ms. Williams

Ms. Williams

We see you Ms. Williams,
A breeze in the halls
Of a place we call Al-Bel
While you’re making calls
You’re a dutiful daughter
You come to give care
For your beautiful mother
Who glows when you’re there

We see you Patricia
Your care never pales
Like clockwork on Tuesdays
You do hair and nails
Her quaff puffed and sprayed
A tight Autumn red,
We’re glad that you stayed
A snow white instead

While on the subject
Of beauty and such
Whoever does your hair
Has not lost his touch

Your dress is impeccable
Your quest here – respectable
We’re blessed by your grace and style
It’s truly remarkable
What you find embark-able
Most guests couldn’t face ‘
For a long long while

Don’t think me redundant
But I really must say
You’re the real Belle of Al-Bel
Always will be that way 2011 by David Brunoehler at Mario’s request

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