Hasn’t Anybody Seen Her

Hasn’t Anybody Seen Her

Got a card and letter

From another new address

Sounds a little better

Than the other place, I guess

Every note

Is more remote

She’s running for a reason

I feel she can’t express


Hasn’t anybody seen her
Will you please inform me if you do

Never leaves a number

Don’t try to call

If you do she’ll move
I really want to see her

She’s so beautiful and rare

Last time I was with her

Almost got to kiss her

Turned around and found she wasn’t there


When we were younger

Lived together for a year
She was full of laughter

Right before she disappeared

To this day

She won’t stay

You mention a commitment

She’ll blow your dreams away


Hasn’t anybody seen her

Never mind if my love is blind

I’m happy when I’m with her

That’s all I know

Just about all I can say

Where’s a better way to find her

Pretty blonde, about five ten
I could paint her picture

Put it in a poster

In a magazine for single men


Ones who saw her would remember

And give their all

For a chance to get to greet her

To meet her

In person

To see her back here again

Hasn’t anybody seen her
We have always been best friends

Even though we still are

I think we’re too far

Apart to do back-bends


Bet she still has golden long hair

Opal eyes that look through you

I’d make it my duty

To protect her beauty

Just to be around it again


No matter what the reason

She changes like the seasons

I make it my business

Just to be with her again.







© 2012 David Brunoehler

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