For What It Is Worth

For What It Is Worth

For what it is worth

I’m not what you see

Behind this frail figure

Are volumes of me

Not a bed number

Without dignity

But lifetimes in chapters

Of real history

You see a bedpan

I’ve seen a war

To me you are children

And I’m so much more

I’ve probably been

What you long to be

So look once again

As you care for me

For what it is worth

I don’t envy you

You’ve no sense of value
Of what war vets do

We stand up and fight While you misbehave

For each wounded Vet

There are ten in the grave

When you laugh and joke

The thing you don’t see

Since I paid the price

Your freedom’s on me



You’ll see as I tremble

It’s hard to let go

I hardly resemble

The person we know

©  2012 DavidBrunoehlermm

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