February – Fourteenth Day

February – Fourteenth Day


Fourteenth Day

Glad I’m with you

Just wanted to say

The same old three words

I use every time

But in a new way

So you’ll know they’re mine


Spanish for

What I’m feeling

But I feel much more

Seems like the best words

Have been used before

I need new language

For one I adore

We could cruise the South Pacific

Through a thousand little isles

Where ever Tagalog is spoken,.

Mahal Kita” brings smiles

I’ll say, “Salamat po” for “Thank you”

And we’ll be off on our way

To celebrate this date:


Fourteenth Day

Kinda scary

In a way

To be carried

Away in this way

Not afraid to

Take any chance

So I will tell you

J’taime” That’s from France.


That’s the Greek

With a hand-sign,

No need to speak

“Ti-Amo ‘s” Italian

“Ik hou van jou” – Dutch

“Ich liebe dich” is German

I won’t use as much

Long ago cave people painted

Their feelings on the walls

And in some primitive places

They copied animal calls

“Mel in le” is the Elvish

From the Lord of the Rings

“Wo-eye nee” is how the Chinese

Wooed romantic things

Around the world expressions

A zillion different ways

On every February

Fourteenth Day

–Instrumental Bridge–

This could be the best solution

Simply put in foreign tongues

But before I settle on one
There’s a couple more to run

Like a nudge under the table

Like a wink I toss your way

Little things that say “I love you,”

There, I said it anyway.

Different words that share one meaning

I am trying to convey

For this very February

Fourteenth Day

© 2012 David Brunoehler


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