Let’s Go Play on the Roof

Let’s Go Play on the Roof

Let’s go play on the roof

Crawl inside the drier

Get out grandpa’s matches

And start a little fire


Let’s throw kitchen knives

How ’bout a round of mumble y-peg

Pull down hornet hives

And run with them between our legs


We could hide inside the fridge

Play in traffic

On a bridge

If we get too bored

There’s the Ouija Board

We could bring back

Grandma Midge

Or play Blind Man’s Bluff

On Dead Man’s Curve

If that’s not enough

Pop a paper bag

To wake up Merv

Let’s break glass in ice

Break dance naked

Breed some lice

Sniff a tube of glue

Make black Kool-Aid

Hide a shoe

We can always find a game

Like playing chicken

With a moving train

Awake a sleepy bear

Fling some monkey poo

Into a lions’ lair

Wash our hair in bleach

Microwave a leach

Spook the cat

Hunt for bats

Build a pumpkin bomb

And dress up Tom

Shoot Niagara Falls in barrels

Singing dirty Christmas carols

Play poker with dry camel chips

And Crazy Glue between our lips

Let’s go play on the roof

While every one else sleeps

Give each other purple Herbies

And definitely the creeps.

© 2012 David Brunoehler

One thought on “Let’s Go Play on the Roof

  1. hello there these were excellent – roofing materials
    cheers mate mick

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