Lizard Looks


Here’s to dudes who sport iguana cuts

Gelled and held up on their heads

A first impression might imply they’re nuts

Or that their barbers were misled.

It’s hard to say who first inspired the look

Could be Buckwheat before braids

Can you imagine how much time it took

To get that first hair stylist paid?

What more and more men wear

With their new Mohawk hair

Goes from pulled down jeans to suits

It always tickles me to see a wife beater T

Looking better than the guy in a tie

The little T shows abs where the suit hides flab

In this nebulous amphibious rivalry

So before I have to go

Look our lizard looker over head to toe

And if  he needs another lizard – look goodie

Nothing says lizard like a zippered hoodie.


© 2012  David Brunoehler

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