Country Club Tension

Country Club Tension

Here, have a Cuba Libra

To relieve ya

From your hot, hazy, humid


Country Club tension


How ’bout another Mai-Thai

You seem so dry

In this hot, hazy, humid


Country Club Tension


Tanning on the lawn – yawn

Millionaires in rattan chairs

Check each others’ swim wear

Shaded eyes hide jaded stares.

Another dry martini

In Bikini

Better yet make it dirty


Wet apprehension

Who’s drinking whiskey sours

Oh, they’re ours

One more round’s a tad risky


Chad has your room key

Cunning in the sun – fun

Shooting from replacement hips

Slick expensive lo – tions

In the palms with pool-boy tips

Am I the only one who feels out of place here?

Would it be better if I were a member?

I’m sure they all know best

Since I’m an ‘uninvited guest

I think I need a Gibson

For the onion

With a warm Bloody Mary


Good with White Russians

Now mix them in a blender

For this bender

I am starting today till

I’m far away

From this stinking


Social invention

Once I’m far from here

I might have a beer

And did I fail to mention

I will down one shot

Every day I’ve not

Set my booty in snooty

Country club tension

 ©  2012 David Brunoehler

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