I Will Fall

I Will Fall

Took a few falls

On alcohol

Had a spill or two

On some pills

And my stride – it broke

That time we smoked

As a kid

I rolled down hills

Kinda liked the feelin’ of fallin’

What a thrill, as I recall

And I still am reelin’ Darlin’

Cause for you

I’ll always fall


Had a pile up

On roller skates

Parachuted once from a plane

Though I don’t do dope

A bungee rope

Offered falls that drove me insane

Cause I liked the feelin’ of fallin’

Never wanted it to stop

And when I’m around you, Darlin’

My head spins

And then I drop

I will fall like the river Niagara

Fall even with a Viagra

Fall in love when I’m near ya

Yes I will

And I’ll fall from Grace if I have to

Plop my face in a fondue

Fall in line just to see you

Yes I will

Did a jack-knife

From diving boards

Dove a Flying Swan

Off a cliff

Down the stairs

I fell

And lived to tell,

When I looked back

My neck felt stiff 

I’m so fond of the feelin’ of fallin’

Often chuckle going down

And when I’m around you Darlin’

My knees buckle

To the ground

Broken ribs, a hip,

Ankle bone and toe

That’s what’s grown from

Seeds that I’ve sewn

Now hospitalized

Where nothing’s more despised

Than a fall

The biggest no-no!.

Even if asleep is all that I’ve fallin’

I must lie on bed alarms

And  if you come visit,Darlin’

They will rig one

on my arms

I’ll go head over heels

For the way that it feels

Like the way I felt,

On the day I fell

For you


©  2012 David Brunoehler

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