Talking With My Father

Talking With My Father


This morning I woke up with questions

About what happens when I am dead

So I closed my eyes and asked my Father

I am amazed at what He said


He laughed and said, “Go ask your Mother.,

She’s the softer voice you often hear

As She mothers Earth and human nature

She’ll alleviate your fear


Don’t you worry ’bout your ever after

Or concern yourself with how I’m praised

I am grateful for your love of laughter

And how much hell you raised.


As One who wants for nothing

The thing I find most fun

Is to feel the surprise when you realize

You and I have become One!”


But what about me? And being free?

And my personal individuality?

I went through hell to develop my self”

He whispered,” While you’re Home you can be all three,”


Instead of asking “How?” I thought back one big “WOW!”

I knew The Man had a plan that is greater than

Any thing I could ever foresee.

Now that I’ve been touched, I don’t worry much

I’ll go home more peacefully



© 2012 D\Brunoehler

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