Nuthouse Nursery Rhymes

Nuthouse Nursery Rhymes


So you panic when you fear

And worry when you hurt

The bravest souls have also, dear,

Now chill out – hit the dirt.

If You Want To Fight Depression

If you want to fight depression

You needn’t take a pill

Just find something to laugh about

Invent another thrill

If you want to fight depression

Go right ahead — feel sad

But bare in mind it’s over:

That once good thing you had

If you want to fight depression

Most people fret and stew

Why not try to find them

And something new to do

If you want to fight depression

It doesn’t help to yell

But go ahead and let it out

Raise a little hell

I Remember Who You Are

I remember who you are

You are a love I’ve known

And just to set the record straight

We never were alone

Throughout the years, I now know how,

Abandonment seemed real

Illusion I can see through now

And feel the way you feel

As I remember who I am

I’ll show you more of you

It’s just the way it’s always been

In truth, it’s what I do.


If you want to ask God for mercy now

You needn’t waste your breath

You’ve always been in His good grace

How so? You’ll learn at death

When Someone Stands You Up

Whenever someone stands you up

Don’t take it close to heart

But rather take their picture out

And tear it all apart

No, really, don’t mean to be mean

Accept their ill excuse

Because whatever else you do

You’ll wonder: “What’s the use?”

Is Nothing Sacred?

You fret you live as if nothing is sacred

I’d like to help you out

If nothing is, then all is not

See? What you worried about?

Perhaps the reverse, in fact, is true

All blessedness abound

Well I, for one, think that’s more fun

So now, I’m lost and found


Freeloading find you guilty?

Bad credit got you down?

No end in sight to hardship?

High hopes have hit the ground?


Remember what you’ve given

At times you could have charged

It may not be a lack of worth

But that your heart is large






When You Feel Lonely

You ask why you feel lonely

No wonder you’re so blue

The answer is this only:

You’ve been untrue to you.

You ask if you’re forgiven

The answer: always yes

So what, pray tell, will you do?

Tell the truth – or guess?

How Sorry Can You be?

So you confessed you told a lie

How sorry can you be?

It’s time you pick yourself up high

For one and all to see.


It’s not about the voices

That tell you you’re dis-eased

But rather, sticky choices

Now then, let go … release!

You Make Me Sick

You make me sick

Or so I thought

Until I learned

You’re well

Oh, what a trick

Um, I forgot

Sometimes it’s hard to tell

How to Find Heaven

If Heaven is a state of mind

Of peace, of love and joy

That should not be hard to find


Oh, boy!”

Oh, boy!”

Oh, boy!”

My God

I thought I couldn’t see you

And started to despair

Then I tried to be you

My God!

You’re everywhere!

© 2005, 2012 David Brunoehler

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