When I Am Free

When I Am Free

When I am free

I’ll no longer be weighed down with problems

All my doubts and indecision

Will be left behind

No more hurt or pain

Will I entertain

Nothing more will bother me

When I am


When I am free

I’ll no longer need to ask permission

All my thoughts and intuitions

Will be clear and right

I will understand

Who I really am

And begin to bathe in light

When I’mmm



Almost time to let go

Just when I don’t know
Nor should I

It will be

A release of some size

A familiar surprise

Awaits me

When my body and mind

Are both left behind

Once again I’ll arise

And see

Friends on white opal sands

Extending their hands

Singing songs with my family

A harmonious welcome

Awaits by the sea

When I am free

When I am free

I will loosen up my grip and let go

Sigh goodbye to frets and ego

To become renewed

All that will remain

Besides my name

Is the love I’ll still carry with me

When I am



When I am free

There is no such thing as foreign language

No more need for war and anguish

All that falls away

Every misery

Gives into gravity

As I blend with wind and the day

When –


It’s my turn to return

Oh how I burn

To get there


Like a Phoenix I’ll  rise

See without eyes

Old embers

Up from ashes of me

Until I am free

To begin to be


With my wings open wide

I lift up and glide

And then soar into

Forever more

All the love I’m aware of

Becomes part of me

When I am free

When I am free

I’ll return to a home I’ve longed for since birth

God‘s reward for living on Earth

Where no one grows old

Though I can’t explain

I  could make the rain

Turn to lacy white flakes when it’s cold

Or  place rainbows

When I am free

We will gather round and tell our stories

While we open Morning Glories

Singing hymns of praise

Lighting Fireflies

Helping paint the skies

Doing chores like this eternally

When  I am

Free                                                      –




© 2012 David Brunoehler

© 2012 David Brunoehler