You’ll Feel Wichita

You’ll Feel Wichita
Take in a breath on a cool night in Kansas
Take it all in and then let it thaw
Let it out slow in the cup of your warm hands
And lo and behold, you’ll feel Wichita
Wake up and rise to a window in Kansas
Open your eyes, let the curtains undraw
Look out and stretch and your heart will do dances
And lo and behold, you’ll feel Wichita
Like a night holding hands on a star-lit veranda
Just like a wink you thought you saw
Like a cool breeze as a porch swing fans ya
Like a whisper of love that you recall
Take to the Plains to a river in Kansas
Break out and stride by the old Arkansas
Listen with pride to its power and gladness
And lo and behold, you’ll feel Wichita
It’s more than a town, much more than a city
A place on a map you can draw
It’s people with warm hearts
People who care
Wherever there’s love
You’ll feel Wichita
C 1985 David Brunoehler






















2 thoughts on “You’ll Feel Wichita

  1. Jonathan Workman

    Do you happen to have a recording of this song? My friend’s birthday is coming up and he loved this song. Being able to give him a copy of this recording would be devine. Thank you so much.

    • How I wish I had it.I lost all my recordings on a move to a nursing home. Iwonder if you could find David Norris,Who chaired the contest. TV stations, the Chamber of commerce and the university haven’t come up with it when I checked, but maybe norris,or Radio stations, or the public library…I haven’t tried them. Let’s both keep looking and if one of us finds it, then lets agree to get two copies and share one. My email is let me know how it goes annd how to reach you if I find it first.

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