A Merry Ferry Boat Ride to Balboa

A Merry Ferry Boat Ride to Balboa

A sunny weekend day and we’re on our way
To go outside and play on Balboa
An isle across a moat, requires a ferry boat
And a captain sayin’, “I’ll tow ya.”

So my new friend, Ron drove his truck right on
And we hopped atop the keel
And then just for laughs we took photographs
Of the island’s Ferris wheel

Made a few new friends as our crossing ends
And in no time we’ve arrived
Buy an ice cream cone and then I’m shone
Why it’s good to be alive

It’s good to walk boardwalks and have long talks
With different points of view
And what’s really great is to celebrate
All the mes in me and the yous in you

And that’s just what we did like a couple kids
As we sang and laughed out loud
A simple holiday down Balboa way
On a day without a cloud.

© 2011 David Brunoehler

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